Instagram Gift-Sending 101 (2022)

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Want to think of a unique way to impress your friends on Instagram?  

Sure, that's doable.  

Instagram is a wonderful social media platform for keeping tabs on loved ones and maintaining regular communication with them. Furthermore, if you're the imaginative type, you may find that sending standard Dms becomes tedious after a while.

There is no better way to spice up your interactions on Instagram than with a gift message. You can strengthen your online relationships and keep the passion alive with their assistance.

The feature is underutilized because few people know about it. Not to mention the few people who aren't proficient with it.  

Because of this, we've compiled this comprehensive guide on how to easily send a gift message on Instagram so that you can keep up with your direct messages.  

The most frequently asked questions have been addressed. Thus, you'll be able to fortify your bonds with your family.

We won't waste any time, so let's dive in.

Where Can I Find Instagram's Gift Box Function?  

instagram gift message

Image by Jess Baily from the photo sharing site Unsplash

Instagram now has a feature called "gift messages," which allows users to send messages in the form of a virtual gift box to their recipients.  

A gift box that only reveals its hidden message when touched by the intended recipient.  

Use this function whenever you feel the need to communicate congratulations or a pleasant surprise.  

For those special occasions like a birthday or anniversary that are coming up, this function is ideal.

Apart from that, the present box can be used to:

    1. Create more entertaining Dms.
    2. Create an entertaining exchange between you and your companions.
    3. Add a touch of personality to your conversation and make your messages more engaging.
    4. Amaze your loved ones on special occasions.
    5. Boost the number of people who interact with your posts and the number of people who view your Instagram profile.
    6. Boost your relationships with heartfelt cybergift messages.

To communicate via message is simple. However, complications can arise on occasion. So, how can you guarantee success the next time you attempt an Instagram gift message?

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Insta-Gifts: How Do I Send a Message?

The newest versions of the Instagram app have this capability built right into the in-app chat window. Therefore, you shouldn't worry about installing any kind of add-on or plugin.  

How to add the Instagram "gift box" effect to any post  

    1. Get the most recent version of Instagram and install it.
    2. Check your private message inbox.
    3. Turn on the conversation.
    4. Simply enter your message in the box.
    5. Select the magnifying glass symbol
    6. Choose the present box modality  

Step #1 Get the latest version of Instagram and install it on your device.

No reasonable person could disagree with this. You need the Instagram app if you want to use the presents option.  

Thankfully, both Android and iOS devices can use the app. Then setting it up won't be a problem at all

Go to your device's app store. You should then look for the Instagram app and download the most recent version.

Please Read: In case you already have this app, check to see if it is the most recent version. For this function to be available, you must be using the most recent version of the Instagram app.  

update instagram app

Step #2 Please check your private messages.  

Launch Instagram once it has downloaded. The app is designed to direct you to the page where you can view the feed posts of the people you follow immediately after logging in.

In the upper right corner of your screen, you'll see a kite-shaped messenger icon.  

open direct messages

If you click that, you'll be taken to a page where you can read your private messages. As an alternate option, you can swipe left to access the private messaging section.

Step #3 Let's Get This Conversation Started

Find the Dm of the recipient you want to send the gift message to now.

If their username isn't already displayed, you can find it by searching at the top of the page.

instagram dm

Step #4 Just tap out your note

The sentiment expressed here should be the same one used for the gift's wrapping.

To wish someone a happy birthday, for instance, just type "happy birthday." The same could be said of "Happy Anniversary" or "Congratulations on Your Marriage. ”

To begin, select the chat window by touching it. A keyboard would pop up if you did that. Then, compose your message but hold off on sending it for now.

Tip You are not restricted to verbal means of communication. It's possible to communicate with both words and emojis.  

typing the message

Step #5 Find What You're Looking For by Using the Search Button

This is located on the left side of the text box. Clicking on this button will show you how to add some flair to your present message.  

tap search icon

Step #6 Pick the Present Box Affect

You should see the present box effect, along with any others, at the very top of your screen. Invoke the surprise-presentation effect by tapping on it.

Note That: Once you click the button, your greeting will be sent as a present. Sending a message is followed by the option to tap on a gift box to read the message.  

instagram gift box effect

And that's all there is to it when it comes to Instagram's gift-box message feature.

Always keep in mind The impact of even the smallest of Obtain a Plethora of official Instagram endorsements to tally up to your credit which will facilitate more rapid development

Ways to Fix Instagram Gift Box Not Sending Messages

There have been numerous reports of Instagram users being unable to access the "send gift message" option when logged into their own accounts.  

A number of factors could prevent it from occurring. There are several approaches to fixing those problems. Some solutions to the problem are listed below.  

If you're having trouble sending a gift message on Instagram, it's likely because you're using an older version of the app.

If this is the case, go to your phone's app store (Apple or Google Play) and download the latest version of the app. Play Store compatible with Android and Macintosh Application Store on iOS)  

If updating your Instagram app has had no effect, you can try a different account.  

In some Instagram business profiles, this option may not be available. If yours is a business account, you may want to convert it to a personal one. These are some suggestions for how to go about it.  

(a) Navigate to your profile and click the menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the upper right corner of the screen.  

switch instagram accounts

Select "Settings" and then "Accounts Center" (b)  

select settings accounts

(c) Go to "Add or Switch Account" and make the account your own.  

settings instagram

Using the steps outlined above, you can send the gift message after switching to your personal account.  

Direct message delivery may be impeded by a malfunctioning internet connection on your mobile device.  

Fix your internet and give it another shot.

When all else fails, it may be time to switch devices and give the feature a go there. To resend the message, simply follow the instructions above and log in to your account.

FAQs Concerning Instagram Present Notes

When it comes to Instagram's Gift box function, most users have two primary concerns. Here, we address these concerns.

You only need to tap on it. To put it simply, it's not hard. When you select the gift icon, a box will open and display the message inside.  

do not forget As soon as you close the chat and reopen it, the message will be back in the gift box.  

The message's contents can only be viewed by tapping on the notification repeatedly. That's why people like it so much: you can't see the messages unless you actively seek them out.

A sent gift message can be withdrawn at any time.

This is accomplished in the same way that regular Dm messages are erased. All you have to do is press and hold the message Then, at the bottom, click the "Undo" link.  

Once you delete a message on Instagram, the recipient will receive a notification that reads " The sender canceled the delivery of this message before it could be read. ” 

Though, it's possible that the recipient caught the message when it first showed up in their direct message inbox.

Supplemental Outcomes of Instagram DMs

In addition to the new chat feature, Instagram has also introduced a few special effects that can give your direct messages a personal touch. Such supplementary features consist of:

You can use this message to express your congratulations to another person. When the intended recipient opens your message, it goes off like a bomb.  

As with the other effects, the celebration effect is displayed upon tapping the search icon.

celebration congratulations effect instagram

With this effect, flames will encircle the text area.  

Use this effect when having a heated discussion. Also or

This extra effect can be added to your message if you're the dramatic type. More so than when using the standard "fire" emoji, this will set your message apart.

the fire flame effect

Using this effect, your message will be adorned with hearts. The recipient's heart will be warmed as the hearts float like balloons across the screen for the first time.  

Use this effect to convey your deepest feelings to close companions.  

flying heart effect

Now What

You should try your hand at sending an Instagram gift message now that you know how.  

You should keep this manual close by while you're  

Be sure to pay close attention to each step. It won't be long before you're effortlessly sending presents to your sweetie.

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