Instructions for modifying one's Aadhaar card's birth date

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The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) provides every citizen and permanent resident of India with a unique 12-digit identification number called an Aadhaar. One can get an Aadhaar number at any age, from birth onwards. Most banks now consider it a critical piece of paperwork. Maintaining accurate and up-to-date information in your Aadhaar card is essential. Aadhaar-registered mobile numbers are required for access to the following services.

According to a tweet from UIDAI, "DoB (Date of Birth) Proof is the document that has your date of birth," Any one of these can be used to change your birth date in Aadhaar. Here are all the acceptable forms of Proof of Birth accepted by UIDAI.”

The proof of your date of birth that Aadhaar requires is the document listed in the hashtag. Consider using any of these instead: https://t co/Zfd5KpkxSG

For more information, please visit — Aadhaar (@UIDAI) 1658976187000

Follow these steps to change your Aadhaar card's birth date. First, go to uidai gov in/ Method 2: Enter Your Login Information

In Step 3, you'll need to supply your Aadhaar number, enter the captcha code, and then hit the "Send OTP" button. Your mobile device will receive a one-time password (OTP) via text message.

Four, key in the OTP, and hit "Login." A reminder that the OTP has a 10-minute time limit:

When logged in, the homepage serves as a portal to the site's many features. To modify your birth date in Aadhaar, click the "Update Aadhaar online" button.

You will be taken to the new page once you click the link. In this section, you will learn how the updating procedure operates. Changes to your name, date of birth, gender, language, and address can all be made quickly and easily through the portal. If you follow all the instructions, After that, go ahead and select "Proceed to update Aadhaar." Method 6: Pick "Date of Birth" from the drop-down menu.
You must submit a scanned copy of the original supporting document in order to change your date of birth. Verify that the document is legitimately in your name. Step 7: Submit Required Documents and Pay Online Update Fee Note: The online update fee is Rs 50. You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or internet banking. The payment made here is final and cannot be refunded. If the payment fails the first time, you can try again. The data you enter will be cross-referenced with the paperwork you provided. If you submit incorrect information, your request will likely be denied. Once the quality assurance checks are complete, you will receive an SMS notification with your Enrollment ID and the results. UIDAI promises that "normally update requests are completed within 30 days with 90% service standards." Visit myaadhaar to see where your request is in the queue. uidai gov in ” At this time, you can only make one change to your date of birth when doing so online. If it must be modified more than the allowed number of times, the exception handling mechanism can be put into place. However, you can update your information by going to an Aadhaar Kendra, but you'll need to bring the following documents with you. A birth certificate issued by the proper agency in accordance with the Births and Deaths Registration Act of 1969. After using the DOB update service once, the individual must sign a declaration stating that they want to update their date of birth.

Dear Resident, @Faizan_Kgn_Wala, your Date of Birth can only be changed once. In the event that it requires more updates than the previous... https://t co/8KHY6J3Wd4

Support for Aadhaar cards is available from the Aadhaar Help Centre (@Aadhaar_Care), which can be reached at 1658986165000.

Useful Frequently Asked Questions sourced from the UIDAI website

Where can I find the Update Aadhaar online Service and what information can I change there? Using the Update Aadhaar online Service, you can make changes to your personal information like name, gender, date of birth (DoB), address, and language. Before using this service, you must first verify that your mobile phone number is linked to your Aadhaar account.

2. How frequently can Aadhaar information be updated

The following restrictions apply to changes made to an individual's Aadhaar profile: Two Times in a Lifetime Infrequently Occurring Gender Characteristics One time in a lifetime, with the proviso that the current DoB status be declared or approximately estimated

3. Where do I send in my proof of identity for the Update Aadhaar online Service?

In order to use the Update Aadhaar online Service, you will need to have a scan or image of the necessary supporting document in pdf or jpeg format. For your request to be processed, please submit the appropriate paperwork. To properly authenticate legal documents such as a passport, lease, or property agreement, it is necessary to scan all pages.

4. Can I use the Update Aadhaar online Service to change my birth date?
Your Aadhaar birth date can be updated if you have a legal document to verify your new birth year. For a complete list of acceptable proofs of age, please visit the UIDAI website. Verify that your name on the Aadhaar database matches the name on the document proving your date of birth.

5. My Aadhaar card's date of birth has been updated once. Can I make changes to it later?

No If your birth date is incorrect, you can change it once through the Aadhaar website, the mobile app, or by visiting your local Aadhaar Seva Kendra.

Is there a cost to updating demographic information online?

A fee of Rs. CAD $0.50 (GST included) 1 Evidence of Second Birth: Passport 3 ID Card/e-ID 4 Government-issued photo ID for service personnel /State Government /UT Govt /PSU/Banks 5 Valid photo identification issued by an accredited educational institution that includes the student's date of birth 6 Transgender Persons (Protection of Right) Act, 2019 ID card/certificate 7 Report card from an accredited school or government agency 8 Name and DOB on a school-issued document 9 School Leaving Certificate (SLC), School Transfer Certificate (TC), Extract of School Records (issued by Head of School), Senior School Leaving Certificate (SSLC), or Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Payroll Instructions for Federal/State Pensions 10 Valid Centre-State-Union Territory (CT) Government-issued CGHS/ECHS/Medi-Claim Card Public Service Organizations Requiring a Photo ID and Birth Date 11 To enter Afghanistan, Bangladesh, or Pakistan as a member of a religious minority, you'll need a valid Long Term Visa (LTV) and a foreign passport (active or expired) from your home country. 12 Obtain a Certificate of Identity with Name and Date of Birth issued in the UIDAI Standard Certificate Format by: i Group A Gazetted Officer/Level 2 EPFO Official Officially Recognized College/University with a Signature from the Dean/President/Director/Ow In the rare event that a resident needs to change their date of birth, they must submit a self-declaration in the format specified by the government.

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