January 31 - Vote for Bigg Boss 16: Online Poll and Results for Bigg Boss 16 (2023).

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The 18th week of Bigg Boss 16 is underway, and voting is now open! The official launch of this season on Colors TV occurred on October 1st, 2022, and fans are already buzzing with excitement. Bigg Boss is poised to make an even bigger splash this time around, so make sure you cast your vote to ensure that your favorite contestants stay in the game.

Bigg Boss 16 WEEK 18

To participate in the voting process, simply head to the Bigg Boss Vote website using the link provided below. Once you're there, you can easily add your vote to the poll, and even make your own predictions about who might get eliminated next.

Voting is a crucial part of the Bigg Boss experience, as each week one house member is eliminated from the show. During each episode, the nominated members are revealed on TV and other streaming platforms, so you can stay up to date on who's in danger of getting sent home.

In addition to voting details, we'll also be discussing everything related to Bigg Boss 16's contestants - including who's been nominated and who's been eliminated. So if you're looking for all the latest news about Bigg Boss and its contestants, you've come to the right place.

Don't forget to share this voting poll with your friends and family to ensure that everyone gets involved and votes for their favorite contestants. Let's make this season the biggest and best one yet!

Prediction of Bigg Boss 16 Winner

Disclaimer: Bigg-boss-vote.in is an independent website and is not associated with, or claiming to be associated with Viacom 18, Voot, Colors, EndemolShine India.

On this website, you can participate in the Bigg Boss 16 voting poll and get an idea of which members are likely to be evicted and which ones are more or less popular in the house. Bigg Boss is a popular reality TV show in India known for its controversies, drama, and fights. The show conducts a public voting poll every week for elimination, and there are two main methods of voting: online voting and missed call voting.

In this article, we will discuss the different methods of Bigg Boss voting, including online voting through Google, missed call voting, and SMS voting. We also provide a voting poll on our website where you can cast your vote for your favorite contestants weekly. Please note that this poll is not an official one, and we conduct it purely for entertainment purposes.

Bigg Boss 16 Voting Results

You can find the live results of weekly nominations on our website, which we update continuously with the latest nominated contestants. The results of the nominations are usually announced on Sundays, and you can predict the contestants who might get eliminated based on the results of this poll.

Please note that our voting poll is unofficial, and we conduct it purely for the audience's entertainment to predict the contestants who might get eliminated even before the host declares the results. However, you can also use the official methods of voting for Bigg Boss, which we will discuss below.

Bigg Boss Season 16 Overview

Show: Bigg Boss (Season 16)

Winner: To be announced

Contestants: Check them out on our website

Host: Salman Khan

Release Date: 1st October 2022

Timing: 10:00 PM Onwards on Weekdays

Channel: Colors

Prize Money: 50 Lakh INR

No. of Days: 105

Language: Hindi

Genre: Reality Show

Streaming Partners: Voot & Colors

Official Voting Method: Voot

Bigg Boss Season 16 Latest News

Official Bigg Boss 16 Voting Process

The official methods of voting for Bigg Boss Season 16 are mainly through the Voot app or website, which you can download or access via your browser. You need to create an account and sign in to Voot to vote for your favorite contestants.

There are three ways to vote on Voot: via the Voot app, website, or My Jio app. You can vote up to 100 times through each method, and the voting lines are usually open from Monday to Friday. However, the voting lines might close earlier or later, depending on the show's discretion.

In conclusion, you can use our voting poll to predict the contestants' popularity, but for the official voting results, you need to use the authorized methods provided by Bigg Boss.

Typically, there exists one official voting mechanism in Bigg Boss. However, we will provide insight into all of the historical and current methods of voting in order to provide comprehensive knowledge of every voting option available. Below is the complete breakdown of these methods.

Bigg Boss Online Voting Through Google

Bigg Boss Voting Online Google: Did you know that you can directly vote in Bigg Boss through Google? Bigg Boss has partnered with Google to conduct voting polls on their search page.

During the voting period, if you search on Google using keywords such as “Bigg Boss vote,” “Bigg Boss live voting,” or “Bigg Boss voting poll,” you will see a list of nominated contestants on the search page.

No website or app is required to cast your vote. This method is extremely simple and straightforward for viewers.

In this method, sometimes only one vote is allotted, while at other times, a vote value is given which can be divided among the nominated contestants.

Complete Process:

  • Search on Google for “Bigg Boss vote
  • Select your preferred contestant
  • Cast your vote and you’re done!
  • This new and unique mode of voting simplifies the voting process for audiences and represents Bigg Boss’s efforts to create new voting methods.

    Now, let’s delve into the next mode of voting.

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    Bigg Boss Missed Call Voting

    This method is both popular and longstanding. Many people are familiar with it. Bigg Boss missed call voting process: Each nominated contestant is assigned a unique call number for which the audience can vote by giving a missed call.

    After the nominees are announced each week, Bigg Boss displays the assigned missed call number for each contestant. You can find the assigned phone number for all contestants on Bigg Boss vote.

    Below is the list of Bigg Boss contestants and their assigned missed call numbers.


  • Note the number assigned to your preferred contestant
  • Open your dialer app
  • Dial the assigned missed call number for your choice of contestant
  • Disconnect the call after a single ring
  • Your vote is now recorded!
  • Voot Bigg Boss Voting

    Are you a fan of Bigg Boss (Hindi) and want to contribute to the show's success? Then use Voot platform to cast your vote exclusively for the Hindi version of this reality show's voting poll. The Colors channel uses their Voot platform to conduct this poll.

    To vote, simply visit the Voot website or the link voot.com/biggboss. During the voting period, click on the “vote” option.

    If you have an Android or iOS smartphone, you can also vote through the Voot app. Install it from the play store or the app store. On the app, click on the massive banner of Bigg Boss voting and cast your votes.

    You have around 50 votes to distribute among the nominated contestants of the week as you like. You can give all 50 votes to one contestant or distribute them among two or more contestants.


  • To vote, either download Voot app or visit the website: voot.com/biggboss
  • Click on the bigg boss contestant banner.
  • Select your favorite contestant.
  • Click on “vote
  • Bigg Boss 16 Contestants

    Curious about the participants of Bigg Boss season 16? Here is the complete list of the contestants of Bigg Boss 2020. You can find all the necessary details about them, including their professions. We will also cover each contestant in a dedicated article.

    Learn More about Bigg Boss 16 Contestants in Detail

    Contestant| Profession


    Sajid Khan| Film Director

    Tina Datta| Actress

    Shalin Bhanot| Television Actor

    Manya Singh| Miss India

    Soundarya Sharma| Bollywood Actress

    Nimrit Kaur| Actress

    Ankit Gupta| Model

    Priyanka Chaudhary| Actress

    Sumbul Touqeer Khan| Actress

    Sreejita De| Actress

    Gautam Vig| Actor

    Gori Nagori| Rajasthani Dancer

    Shiv Thakare| Actor

    Abdu Rozik| Tazakistan performer

    Archana Gautam| Actress

    MC Stan| Rapper & Singer

    Vikas Manaktala (Wild Card)| Actor

    Bigg Boss 16 Contestants’ Entry

    Bigg Boss 16 Nominated Contestants This Week

    Bookmark this page to see the list of nominated Bigg Boss contestants from the current week and keep track of the weekly progress of the show.

    For those who may have missed the nomination episode where contestants are selected for elimination, this is a list of nominated contestants for each week of the competition.

    During Week 1, the following contestants were nominated: Shiv, Archana, MC Stan, Sajid, Gori, and Gautam. Fortunately, no one was eliminated that week.

    During Week 2, Gori, Stan, Shalin, Sreejita, and Tina were nominated, and unfortunately, Sreejita was eliminated.

    Week 3 saw Manya, Shalin, and Sumbul as the nominated contestants, and Manya was eliminated.

    During Week 4, the competition was tough with Abdu, Tina, Soundarya, Shiv, Gori, Nimrit, and Gautam all receiving nominations, but fortunately, no one was eliminated.

    Week 5 saw the nominations of Archana, Sumbul, and Soundarya, but no eliminations.

    During Week 6, Gori, Nimrit, and Shiv were nominated, leading to the elimination of Gori Nagori.

    Week 7 saw Gautam, Shalin, Soundarya, and Tina nominated, and Gautam Vig was eliminated.

    During Week 8, Ankit, Archana, MC Stan, Soundarya, and Sumbul were nominated, but no one was eliminated.

    Week 9 received nominations for MC Stan, Priyanka, Sajid, Shiv, Shalin, Tina, and Sumbul, but fortunately, no one was eliminated.

    During Week 10, MC Stan, Nimrit, Tina, and Sumbul received nominations, leading to the elimination of Tina.

    Week 11 saw the nominations of Sajid, Shalin, Tina, and Shiv, but no eliminations that week.

    During Week 12, Ankit, Tina, Sreejita, and Vikkas were nominated, and Ankit was eliminated.

    Week 13 saw Priyanka, Sreejita, Soundarya, Shalin, Tina, Sumbul, Vikkas, and Nimrit nominated, leading to the elimination of Vikkas.

    Week 14 received nominations for Sajid, Shalin, Sumbul, Tina, Sreejita, Soundarya, and Archana, but no one was eliminated.

    There were no nominations or eliminations during Week 15.

    During Week 16, Tina, Shalin, Soundarya, and Sumbul were nominated, and Soundarya was eliminated.

    Week 17 saw Tina, Shalin, Priyanka, and Shiv nominated, leading to the elimination of Tina.

    Week 18 and Week 19 bring exciting news for Bigg Boss enthusiasts! Variants of the reality show are live and viewers can vote for their favourite contestants on Google. Bigg Boss Telugu is already creating a buzz with its new season and you can show support by casting your vote starting from July 21st. Asianet is hosting the second season of Bigg Boss Malayalam which promises to be as eventful as the first one. Bigg Boss Tamil Season 6 will premiere in August 2020, so make sure you stay tuned for updates.

    If you're curious about the past winners of all the Bigg Boss seasons, we've got you covered! Our list of champions is sourced from official sources and is therefore authentic.

    The complete list of winners of every Bigg Boss season is given below:

    Bigg Boss Season Winner Name

    Season 1 Rahul Roy

    Season 2 Ashutosh Kaushik

    bigg boss winner

    Season 3 Vindu Singh

    Season 4 Shweta Tiwari

    Season 5 Juhi Parmar

    Season 6 Urvashi Dholakia

    Season 7 Gauhar Khan

    Season 8 Gautam Gulati

    Season 9 Prince Narula

    Season 10 Manveer Gurjar

    Season 11 Shilpa Shinde

    Season 12 Dipika Kakar

    Season 13 Siddharth Shukla

    Season 14 Rubina Dilaik

    Season 15 Tejasswi Prakash

    Season 16 TBD

    The nomination process of Bigg Boss is thrilling. Contestants are given a task on Mondays, which they must complete to avoid being nominated. Once the task is done, Bigg Boss declares the list of nominees for the week. The housemates may be asked to anonymously name a contestant they want to nominate, too. The contestants whose names are mentioned the most are nominated for eviction and voting for the same begins soon after.

    The Elimination Procedure on Bigg Boss 16

    Once the list of selected contestants is announced, viewers can exercise their voting rights to rescue their favorite housemate from eviction.

    At the end of each week, the contestant with the lowest number of votes will be asked to leave the show.

    How to Audition for Bigg Boss 16

    Bigg Boss has extended its invitation to regular Indian citizens who meet specific criteria to apply for entrance to their reality TV series.

    To learn more about auditions for Bigg Boss 16, visit Bigg Boss 16 Auditions.

    To gain a better understanding of the audition process, watch the video below:

    We appreciate that you took the time to visit Bigg-Boss-Vote.in. Please share our voting page with your friends and family!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Bigg Boss Season 16

    Currently, MC Stan and Abdu Rozik are the two most popular candidates, according to polling data.

    Individuals with the least votes in a given week will leave the house.

    We cannot predict the winner of Bigg Boss Season 16 while the show is still ongoing. Once the grand finale concludes, we will provide updates in this portion of the page.

    Click here to view the up-to-date polling results for Bigg Boss Season 16.

    The income and salary of each contestant varies. Contestants who had greater popularity and brand value prior to their appearance on the show will earn more than those who were less known.

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