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Are you casting sidelong glances at the Glance feature on your MI phone, pondering how to deactivate it? Hold your horses, my dear cowboy! We are here to inform you that it may not be the wisest decision. Before you bid it farewell, let us delve deeper into what Glance truly offers.


To begin with, let us tackle the technical aspects. Disabling Glance in your MI phone is a piece of cake. Simply access your device's settings, navigate to the "Lock screen & password" option, and flip the switch. However, before taking this step, lend us your ears.

Glance surpasses mere aesthetic wallpaper carousels. It is akin to a personal attendant, serving you with a smorgasbord of information and entertainment right from your lock screen. With Glance, you can stay up to date with the latest news, sports, and entertainment without even unlocking your phone. And if you desire a touch of whimsy, you can even personalize the content to your liking.

Important news about governement apps and policies with Glance on MISports news with Glance on MI

But hold on, there's more! Glance also boasts interactive features that are cooler than the flip side of a pillow. You can partake in live entertainment shows alongside celebrities, creators, and fellow Glance users. It's akin to securing a front-row seat at a concert without stepping foot outside your home (or changing out of your pajamas). And if sports tickle your fancy, Glance has you covered with real-time updates on your beloved teams and players.

Live entertainment shows with celebrities and creators with Glance on MI

Let us not overlook the enthralling gaming feature. With a vast selection of over 500 free games at your disposal, boredom shall never plague you again. It is akin to having a portable gaming console in your pocket, devoid of cumbersome controllers and entangled wires. And for the avid competitors, you can even witness live streams of esteemed gaming tournaments, gleaning innovative strategies and tips.

Gaming World updates with Glance on MI

Furthermore, if you hold the title of shopaholic, fret not. Glance has you covered too. You can directly indulge in shopping from acclaimed creators like EK by Ekta Kapoor and Dcraf by Rana Daggubati. It is akin to having a personal stylist at your fingertips (sans the judgmental gazes).

Beauty and Personal care updates with Glance on MI

Now, we understand your thoughts. "However, won't Glance deplete my battery at a quicker pace than a dehydrated camel?" Hold your horses, my friend. Glance has been designed as a smart lock screen that consumes minimal battery power on your phone. And just in case you still have concerns, Glance offers a battery-saving functionality that you can activate to minimize battery usage. It's akin to indulging in a low-calorie version of your beloved indulgence.

Battery saver with Glance on MI

Now, what about the misconception that anyone who gets hold of your phone can access Glance and enjoy games without your consent? That's pure balderdash. Glance boasts a child-lock feature, which prevents unauthorized entry into your smart lock screen. It's comparable to having a bouncer stationed at the entrance of your preferred club.

Child and Privacy Details with Glance on MI

To conclude, before you hit the panic button and choose to disable Glance on your MI phone, give it a fair chance. Glance is an immensely versatile and beneficial feature that has the potential to greatly enhance your smartphone experience. It's like having a magical genie residing in your pocket (minus the three-wish restriction). So remain composed and carry on with Glance!

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