Locating Kedarnath

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Chota Char Dham Yatra includes a visit to each of the four major Hindu pilgrimage sites in India, and Kedarnath is one of them. For Hindus, Kedarnath is the holiest pilgrimage site because it is dedicated to the god Shiva. Many people travel to visit it because it is one of the most important religious sites in the country. As a result, people from all over the country's major population centers can reach this location with relative ease.

After reaching Gaurikund, the last point that vehicles can access, pilgrims must either walk or hire a pony to travel the remaining 16 kilometers to the temple. Dehradun hosts the nearest airport. Rishikesh's station is the closest railhead, and it has frequent connections to major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, and Jammu.

The Uttarakhand government also keeps the road in good repair so that pilgrims can get there. Only in the summer is Kedarnath open to visitors; the rest of the year, it is buried under several feet of snow.

The closest airport to Kedarnath is Jolly Grant Airport, which is located 238 kilometers away. Airport passengers can easily reach cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Thiruvananthapuram. Shuttles and cabs can take you to Gaurikund. It is a 16-kilometer hike to Kedarnath from Gaurikund.

The closest station to Kedarnath is Rishikesh. From Rishikesh to Kedarnath is a total of 216 kilometers. The country's major cities and towns can be reached quickly and easily from this train station. This route connects Delhi and Kedarnath quickly and conveniently. Many trains travel this route every day, making it convenient for pilgrims to travel to Rishikesh. They can take a bus or a taxi from the train station to get to Gaurikund (from where they can start their trek to Kedarnath).

The closest place to Kedarnath where you can drive is called Gaurikund. It is served by interstate and intrastate bus routes. These buses travel to many different cities and towns in the surrounding area, including Chamoli, Srinagar, Tehri, Pauri, Rishikesh, Dehradun, Haryana, Chandigarh, Delhi, Uttarkashi, and Haridwar. Located on State Highway 109, Gaurikund is where you will find it.

When departing from Delhi, traveling by road to Kedarnath is your best option. About 440 kilometers separate Delhi and Kedarnath, both of which can be reached via well-maintained national and state highways. After reaching Gaurikund, the last point where vehicles are permitted, pilgrims must either walk the remaining distance or hire a pony or palki to carry them. Travelers will have a great time on the way from Delhi to Kedarnath, which is packed with must-see landmarks.

Traveling from Delhi to Kedarnath: The route from Delhi goes as follows: Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Ukhimath, Sonprayag, Kedarnath, and Haridwar. How Far is it From Delhi to Kedarnath? Around 450 kilometers ) Location and Travel Time Aproximately 13 hours )

Kedarnath's nearest major airport is Dehradun Airport. Flying from Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport to Dehradun is a convenient option for locals. Travelers can take a flight from Delhi to Kedarnath and then drive the remaining distance. From the Sahastradhara helipad, they can also fly to the sacred Kedarnath Temple.

Third, by Rail

Located 224 kilometers (147 miles) away from Kedarnath is the city of Rishikesh, which is home to the closest train station. Devotees taking the train from Delhi to Kedarnath must first stop in Rishikesh before continuing on to the holy mountain by vehicle.

Commute options 4: Private vehicle, taxi, or cab

Travel options for visitors include taking a taxi, a public bus, or their own vehicle. From Delhi, visitors can hop on a direct bus to Haridwar. These buses are operated by the government. A shared jeep or Tata Sumo can also get them to Gaurikund. Traveling there by car or bike is an option. When driving on the national highway, you can take pleasure in its excellent condition. Biking from Delhi to Kedarnath is a total of 437 kilometers, using mostly interstates and state roads.

Traffic and road conditions from Delhi to Kedarnath:

The road is in fine shape up until Haridwar, so you can expect a comfortable trip. From here on out, the journey to Gaurikund will take you along winding, hilly roads that may occasionally become rough and narrow. The 437 kilometers between Delhi and the temple at Kedarnath can be covered quickly during the summer, when the weather is warm and the roads are clear.

Heavy rain and landslides make the road dangerous to travel on during the monsoon season. Planning a trip during the monsoon? Allow extra time in case you get stuck due to road closures.

Route from Haridwar to Kedarnath

1. By Road

To get to Kedarnath from Haridwar, you can take any number of buses or cars. The road trip from Haridwar to Kedarnath is about 125 kilometers long. From Haridwar to Kedarnath, you can take any number of government buses, private buses, or shared jeeps. Transportation is available all the way to Gaurikund, the end of the road that can be driven on on the way to Kedarnath.

Then they can either walk or ride a palki (a type of pony) to the temple. From Haridwar, the traditional starting point of the Char Dham Yatra, pilgrims can drive to Kedarnath.

The Second Way: Take the Train

Delhi, Dehradun, Jammu, Ambala, Pune, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Ahmedabad are just some of the major cities that are easily accessible from the Haridwar train station. From Haridwar to Kedarnath, you can take a direct bus on the regular and with little fuss during the Yatra season. Those making the trip can take the bus, a shared taxi, or their own vehicle.

Haridwar's Road Conditions:

From Haridwar to Kedarnath, the terrain is flat until you reach Rishikesh, and then it gradually becomes more mountainous. From Haridwar, you can take National Highway 34 to Rishikesh, and from there, you can take National Highway 7 to reach Kedarnath. In the summer, the road from Haridwar to Kedarnath is in excellent condition. The route, however, includes some twists and turns and rough terrain.

Road conditions worsened during the wetter months, making travel more hazardous. Snowfall accumulations during winter months cause road closures.

Driving Directions from Rishikesh to Kedarnath

1. By Road

Roads lead directly from Rishikesh to Kedarnath. Going from Rishikesh to Kedarnath is easy thanks to the abundance of buses and shared jeeps that make the journey regularly. However, the last motorable road to Kedarnath ends at Gaurikund, and from there, pilgrims must either walk or hire a pony/palki.

The road from Rishikesh to Kedarnath is only 221 kilometers long and is part of a major national highway. From Rishikesh, visitors can drive to Gaurikund on their own.

Two, by Rail

Rishikesh is served by its own train station, which provides access to most of the country's major urban centers. Rishikesh to Kedarnath is a short three-hour bus ride during the Yatra season. Tourists have the option of taking a bus, taking a shared taxi, or driving themselves.

The Way from Rishikesh to Kedarnath A journey from Rishikesh to Srinagar to Rudraprayag to Agastmuni to Guptkashi to Gaurikund to Kedarnath How Far It Is and How Long It Takes to Get There Approximately 211 Kilometers

The state of the roads leaving Rishikesh:

The road from Rishikesh to Kedarnath is dotted with sharp turns and bumpy sections. Rainy seasons bring worsened road conditions and increased danger for drivers. Heavy rain and landslides can sometimes cause road closures, so it's wise to plan for delays.

Transportation options from Dehradun to the holy site of Kedarnath Temple via helicopter and by road

One, using a helicopter

The trek to Kedarnath Dham is the most scenic route. Access to Kedarnath is convenient from the Sahastradhara Helipad in Dehradun. It is possible for visitors to take a helicopter from Dehradun to the holy sites of Sirsi, Phata, and Guptkashi. From the designated helipads, devotees can board a helicopter to Kedarnath, where they will arrive within the hour.

  • The helicopter ride from Sirsi to Kedarnath takes only 7 minutes.
  • It takes 9 minutes to get from Phata to Kedarnath.
  • It is a short 15-minute journey from Guptkashi to Kedarnath.

2. By Road

Highways 7 and 107 provide convenient access from Dehradun to Kedarnath for religious tourists. There is a train station and an airport in this city. Visitors can get there and continue on to Kedarnath. From Dehradun they can take a bus or a shared taxi. There are buses that go straight between the Dehradun bus station and Gaurikund. Tourists can either drive themselves or take a taxi to Kedarnath.

Route: Starting in Dehradun, you'll travel to Rishikesh, then Devprayag, Srinagar, Rudraprayag, Agastmuni, Guptkashi, Gaurikund, and finally Kedarnath. Distance In the vicinity of 249 kilometers ) Distance and Time Required for Travel 8 hours (roughly) )

Aspects of the Road

The road from Dehradun to Kedarnath winds through the hills and features many blind curves, narrow lanes, and rough spots. When the monsoons hit, the roads can be dangerous because of the constant downpour.

The Drive and the Fly: Directions from Badrinath to Kedarnath

Going From Badrinath to Kedarnath By Vehicle, Part 1

Since there are no direct buses between Badrinath and Kedarnath, taking a taxi or jeep is the most time-efficient option. With only a 242 km road distance between the two holy sites, Kedarnath and Badrinath are within easy reach. From Badrinath, one can take a shared jeep or a private taxi. Alternately, one can take a bus to Joshimath, where they can transfer to a bus bound for Kedarnath.

When driving your own car, you must stop in Sonprayag. To get to Gaurikund, where the Kedarnath Yatra officially begins, devotees must then take a government-run shared jeep.

Pilgrims can cover the nearly 16 kilometers between Gaurikund and the temple at Kedarnath. They can take a helicopter to Kedarnath, or they can hire a pony, palki, or pithu. The Kedarnath-bound helicopter takes off from Sersi and Phata. 700 meters separate the helipad and the temple.

Directions from Badrinath to Kedarnath: This route goes from Badrinath to Joshimath to Chamoli to Uktimath to Sonprayag to Gaurikund to Kedarnath. Distance The distance is roughly 218 kilometers. ) Commute Time Time Required: Approximately 8 hours and 30 minutes )

To get from Badrinath to Kedarnath, you can take a helicopter.

From Badrinath, pilgrims can take a chopper to Phata or Sersi, where they can switch to a chopper bound for Kedarnath. Close to the helipad is where you'll find the temple.

How Far Is Kedarnath From the Nearest Big Cities?

  • From Delhi to Kedarnath is 450 kilometers.
  • Badrinath to Kedarnath is 218 kilometers.
  • Rishikesh to Kedarnath is 211 kilometers.
  • A 16-kilometer hike from Gaurikund to Kedarnath
  • The distance from Sonprayag to Kedarnath is 20 kilometers.
  • The distance between Phata and Kedarnath is 31 kilometers.
  • Guptkashi to Kedarnath is 45 kilometers.
  • Ukhimath to Kedarnath is 74 kilometers.
  • Chamoli to Kedarnath is 135 kilometers.
  • From Tungnath to Kedarnath is 88 kilometers.
  • 88 kilometers separate Rudraprayag and Kedarnath.
  • From Govindghat to Kedarnath, you'll travel 202 kilometers.
  • Distance from Dehradun to Kedarnath is 270 kilometers.
  • From Srinagar to Kedarnath is 119 km.

Getting to Kedarnath Yatra from Gaurikund.

The Kedarnath Yatra can begin either by traveling by land or by taking to the skies. See below for specifics on how to get from Gaurikund to the Kedarnath Temple:

1. By Road

Those wishing to visit the temple can either walk there or hire a pony (or palki). From Gaurikund, the Yatra's starting point, they can begin their journey. Those making the journey from Gaurikund to the temple will have to walk 18 kilometers.

Gaurikund as the starting point for a trek to Kedarnath

Route to Kedarnath: Gaurikund > Rambara Bridge > Jungle Chatti > Bheembali > Lincholi > Kedarnath Base Camp > Kedarnath Temple

#2: Via Helicopter

There are a number of places from which you can take a helicopter to reach the Kedarnath Temple. A helicopter service is available for those who do not have the time or physical ability to make the trek to the temple. The temple of Kedarnath can be reached in under a minute by helicopter from the Kedarnath helipad. Kedarnath can be reached by chopper from Sahastradhara (Dehradun), Phata, Sersi, and Guptkashi.

Advice for Your Kedarnath Pilgrimage

  • It's best to take breaks because it's exhausting to drive continuously on the hill roads.
  • Pack warm clothing, sturdy shoes, a hat, and gloves for the trek. Put together a first aid kit and medicine bag.
  • Bring along an umbrella and an extra raincoat just in case. To avoid road closures caused by landslides, the monsoon season should be avoided if possible.
  • The right amount of sunscreen and moisturizer must be brought along. Make sure you have copies of your identification and other crucial paperwork on you at all times.
  • Before beginning the Yatra, participants are required to register and present an e-pass.
  • Bring along a flashlight and plenty of fresh batteries Verify the vehicle's condition and ground clearance.
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