Mastering UPI Transactions: Maximizing Your SBI Transaction Limit

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The use of UPI for fund transfers has seen a significant surge owing to the ease of transaction, which eliminates the requirement of a username and password. However, UPI users need to remain vigilant as the platform has become a popular target for fraudsters. To prevent loss from fraudulent transactions, it is advisable to set a minimum daily transaction limit.

Different banks have varying per-day limits, with State Bank allowing up to Rs 1,00,000 per day and ICICI Bank permitting between Rs 10,000 and Rs 25,000. Users can set their transaction limit to a specific value or lower. In case they wish to raise their daily transaction limit, it is possible to do so.

Unfortunately, setting transaction limits through PhonePe, Google Pay, and other third-party payment applications is not possible. Users will require their linked bank account's mobile or internet banking to set the limits, following which they can transact up to the specified limit through any third-party payment app.

For instance, those with a State Bank account should install the Yono app and log in with their Internet Banking credentials to set their daily limit. Conversely, those with a Union Bank of India account must use the U-Mobile app. This tutorial offers guidance on how to fix the State Bank UPI transaction limit.

The process of setting the daily transaction limit is quite simple. After downloading and installing Yono Lite, log in using your Internet Banking credentials and set an M-pin to sign in later.

Follow the steps below to set your SBI UPI transaction limit:

  • Step 1: Upon logging in, locate the UPI Transfer option at the top of the homepage.
  • Step 2: Tap on UPI Transfer, which will lead you to the Set UPI Transaction Limit option on the next screen.
  • Step 3: Click on Set UPI Transaction Limit and enter your Profile Password before submitting.
  • Step 4: Enter your preferred daily transaction limit, re-enter it and click on Submit.
  • Step 5: Upon reaching the confirmation screen, select Confirm and enter the OTP sent to your registered phone number before submitting.
  • Step 6: After completing these steps successfully, you'll receive a message informing you that your UPI transaction limit request has been successfully set.
How to set the UPI transaction limit in SBI

Once set, you can add your State Bank account to any UPI payment app. But if you prefer following these steps through SBI Internet banking, the guide below will offer further details.

Check out our article on how to generate an SBI debit card pin via SMS for more helpful tips.

By leveraging UPI-supported apps, you can easily add multiple bank accounts within a single app. For instance, with the YONO SBI app, you can augment your daily transaction limit by adding one more bank account. Similarly, in any third-party payment app, you can multiply your daily limit by adding multiple bank accounts.

How to set the UPI transaction limit in SBI

If you prefer video format, we invite you to watch our Youtube video available on our channel.

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To get started, visit the official website of SBI Online, and punch in your login credentials.

Related -  How To Set Union Bank Current Transfer Limit?1: On the homepage, click the “My Accounts & Profile” tab.

2: On the ensuing page, select the “Profile” tab.

3: By next hitting the “Define Limit” option, you will be prompted to enter your profile password and then click on “Submit“.

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4: Now, look for the link to the general categories.

5: Select the desired limit and set the amount. Click on “Submit“.

6: An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on “Confirm“.

Hurray! Your transaction limit has been successfully reset in SBI.

If you wish to disable your UPI services in SBI and not the transaction limit, you can do it effortlessly through the mobile app or net banking.

Set up Transaction Limit through SBI Net Banking

To disable the UPI services via the mobile app option, download the “Bhim SBI Pay” app.

However, when the need arises to enable the UPI services again, you can do so anytime, anywhere by clicking on this link here.

Set Transaction Limit in SBI

Check also – A Definitive Guide to Setting Up Union Bank UPI Transaction Limit.

Unified Payment Interface (UPI) supports various payment methods, such as QR codes, mobile numbers, UPI IDs, and bank accounts. By simply installing the payment app on your mobile, you can finalize the registration process and dive right into using it.

To set your transaction limits, you can use the Yono Lite app for your State Bank accounts. Keep in mind, the limit for UPI transactions will depend on how many transactions you initiate on a daily basis through the Unified Payment Interface. So, configure your limit and integrate it into any UPI app.

Related - 5 Different Types of Money Transfer in Bank 2022Q: How can I increase my UPI transaction limit in SBI?A: The maximum transaction limit for UPI stands at Rs 100000, and the transaction limit can be configured up to or less than the maximum limit of Rs 100000 in SBI. Therefore, it is possible to set a limit of less than or equal to Rs 100000.

Managing UPI Transaction Limit in SBI

Q: Is it possible to set UPI transaction limit in SBI?

A: Yes, you can easily set your preferred UPI transaction limit in SBI through the YONO Lite app. After finding the option to ‘Set UPI Transaction Limit’, simply enter your desired amount and submit. You will then receive a one-time password (OTP) on your mobile device for confirmation.

Q: How can I increase my UPI transaction limit per day?

A: By adding multiple bank accounts, you can easily increase your UPI transaction limit in any payment app.

Q: What is the per-day limit for UPI transactions in SBI?

A: The per-day limit for UPI transactions in SBI is 1 lakh, with a per-transaction limit of Rs 25000.

Q: Can I use UPI in SBI for international money transfers?

A: No, UPI cannot be used for international money transfers in SBI.

A Comprehensive Guide to UPI Transactions and Safety

The Unified Payments Interface (UPI) is among the most frequently used platforms for fund transfer today, offering a secure and hassle-free mode of transaction. Best of all, it eliminates the need for a user ID and password. Not surprisingly, the use of UPI has rapidly grown over recent years given its simplicity and accessibility.

However, just like any other digital platform, UPI transactions attract fraudsters. Thus, it is important to set a minimum transaction limit that can help you save yourself from any kind of online fraud. Always remember to enter your UPI Pin for fund transfers to ensure maximum security.

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