"Mastering the 90-Day Notice Period: Strategies for Managing the No-Call Dilemma"

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This article is directed towards Indian readers struggling with the daunting task of switching companies. One major obstacle in this process is the infamous and lengthy 90-day notice period. However, this article seeks to provide a unique strategy for landing a job without relying on external help.

Firstly, it is important to recognize that having a 90-day notice period significantly reduces the chances of being recruited by 90% of technology domain recruiters. Only about 10% of recruiters prefer such a long notice period, typically for projects starting much later or for additional team resources. Therefore, it is advisable to have a shorter notice period, ranging from 30 to 45 days or even immediate notice, as this fits the convenience of most recruiters.

One of the most widely used job search sites in India is Naukri. To make yourself more visible to recruiters, it is essential to update your profile regularly and ensure its completion percentage is at 100%. Additionally, updating your profile on a daily basis, even if it means making minor changes or deleting and re-uploading your resume, ensures that your profile appears on the recruiter’s search result feed, increasing the probability of receiving interview calls.

The process of job switching can be divided into two phases: the interview practice period and the actual notice period. The following strategies are intended to help candidates navigate both phases smoothly.

The first strategy involves changing your notice period to 30 days and updating your profile accordingly. This helps attract desperate recruiters hoping to fill their positions and increases the chances of receiving interview calls. During interviews, it is mandatory to lie about your notice period and keep your lie simple and short. Avoid weaving additional tales, as this only complicates matters. If the recruiter questions you about your company policies, simply dismiss it with confidence.

The next strategy is to learn how to deliver a convincing lie about your job status. It is wise to practice telling a story convincingly over the phone so that you are prepared for any interview calls. Use language such as, “I am currently not in any project, so I am not reporting to any manager. However, my previous project manager suggested that I could request early release if I resign since I am not entitled to any project at the moment. Therefore, I am looking for a job change to ensure my growth.”

The third strategy involves preparing for interviews. The best approach is not to prepare excessively but instead focus on remembering all the complex scenarios you have faced in your professional career. A personal journal or platform such as Microsoft One Note, Google Drive, One Drive or draft emails can be handy for quick reference in case of lapses in memory.

Lastly, it is important to remember the unsettling questions that stump you in interviews. Failures are opportunities for growth, and there is no reason to worry constantly. Instead, remembering the questions and scenarios that led to your failure is an effective way of learning and ensuring that you don't make the same mistakes again in the future. Make time to practice these scenarios to improve your chances of getting the job you want.

There are times when usual answers are inadequate, so it's important to improve how we answer questions.

Strategy 5: Emphasize Attending Interviews

Focus on attending as many interviews as possible and learn from the questions asked. Don't expect everything to go smoothly, and don't worry about interview progress. The key is to attend as many interviews as you can and to focus on what you learn from the questions.

Strategy 6: Boost Your Confidence and Choose the Right Companies

If you receive an offer within the 30-day notice period but cannot join the company, make sure to attend interviews with small companies and third-party payroll companies, as they usually look for less than 30 days' notice. If you interview with MNC companies but cannot join them, you will be under a 6-month cool-down period. So, unless you have many connections on LinkedIn who can arrange multiple interviews, do not choose MNC companies during your practice period.

Strategy 7: Resign at the Right Time and with the Right Message

If you follow the previously mentioned strategies, you will likely secure 4-5 offers. When you feel confident, resign and update your profile on Naukri. If you resigned with an offer, mention that you are holding an offer and looking for better opportunities. This will help recruiters notice your profile without a conversation.

Strategy 8: Perform Better at Actual Interviews and Gradually Increase Offers

Try attending as many interviews as possible. The more you attend, the better you become, and the more you learn. Don't decline small offers and try to utilize their value to get a better offer with another organization. When you receive a better offer, make sure to update the recruiter who previously offered you an inferior one. Be ethical and helpful, as this will leave a positive impression and help you in the future. If you don't give closure, your LinkedIn netwoking could defame you.

To avoid these negative effects, give your previous recruiter a proper closure.

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