Maximize Your Success with IGNOU Assignments: The Ultimate Guide to Submission

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In the light of current events and restrictions, IGNOU has made some adjustments to its assignment submission process for the year 2023. Students can now submit their assignments online in addition to the traditional offline method. As usual, the deadline for Term-end examination June 2023 is May 15, 2023. This deadline, however, is subject to change or extension, so students should not treat it as the final date for submission.

Students have the option to submit their assignments in one of three ways: offline, Google Form, or email. The offline method involves personally submitting the assignment to the study center, while the Google Form method requires filling out a form found on the respective regional center's IGNOU website. The email method necessitates sending the assignment as a soft copy to the center's designated email address. Students must ensure that the first page of the assignment contains all relevant information, such as their name, enrollment number, program and code, study center details (name, code, and address), and contact information (mobile number and email address).

If choosing the offline method, remember to keep the receipt issued by the study center as proof of submission until the results are released. When selecting the Google Form method, follow these six steps: 1) visit the RC website from the IGNOU official portal; 2) go to the News and Events section on the homepage; 3) click on Assignment Guidelines or Assignment Submission; 4) complete the Google form; 5) upload the scanned assignment files and fill in personal details; and 6) submit the form. Remember to fill out a separate form for each subject and ensure that the uploaded files are correct.

Uploading your handwritten assignments by scanning them is necessary. The size of the scanned copy must not exceed 100MB. The format you submit should only be in PDF. While completing the Google Form with basic details is a compulsory step, it is a good practice to also include the same details in your assignment copies.

Using Google Forms to submit assignments will only be an option once the email submission quota has been met. Even though IGNOU has introduced Google Forms, not all the regional centers will be implementing it. If the email quota has been reached and Google Forms is not available, here are the steps to submit assignments via email.

The first step involves filling in essential details on the assignment's front page including the name, subject name and code, program and course code, study center name and code, contact details, and others. Scanning the handwritten assignment copy and converting it to PDF format should be done for each subject assignment.

Locating your regional center’s email address is the next step and can be done by searching Google for the regional center portal link. Once you have found the email address, create an email with a list of all the details you have mentioned on the front page of your assignments. Attach the PDF files you have created and send the email to the relevant regional center email address.

You should receive an acknowledgement confirming the receipt of your email. It may take some time to receive the acknowledgement email. If you have not received the acknowledgment, check whether the regional portal has provided a Google Forms link and upload your assignments there.

It is important to note that not all the regional centers of IGNOU send confirmation or acknowledgment after the submission of the assignments. Instead of worrying about it, you should keep checking the status of your assignments to get the result.

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