Methods to Practice Logic Games for the CAT

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A Comprehensive Guide to the CAT Logical Reasoning Section: Covering the Section's Syllabus, Fundamentals, and Example Problems

As a subset of DILR (Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning), logical reasoning is an important skill to have. Twenty-four questions were on the table for CAT 2020's DILR section; ten of these were based on logical reasoning. The number of questions on the CAT 2021 exam was also cut. Twenty questions were asked in the DILR section, with twelve focusing on logical reasoning.

Numerous CAT hopefuls will attest to the fact that the logical reasoning portion of the test is their favorite because of the significant score boost it provides. Candidates, however, often make insignificant errors that cause them to lose points if they are not careful. One way to lessen the likelihood of making a mistake is to get plenty of practice with Logical Reasoning questions of varying types. If you're familiar with them, you can avoid making the same blunders on the CAT.

Within the scope of this piece,

Logical reasoning is the ability to recognize and infer the significance of patterns from given data. It's a mix of reasoning and analysis useful in all fields, not just math. Candidates have and regularly put these abilities to use, often without even realizing it.

In DILR's Logical Reasoning section, you can expect a mix of simple and difficult questions. Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) questions on the CAT are resolved after the Verbal, Analytical, Reading Comprehension (VARC) section. The CAT 2021 exam has 24 fewer DILR questions than the CAT 2020 exam did. In CAT 2022, that figure dropped to just 20. The CAT test is a hybrid between logical reasoning and data interpretation.

Qualities of Rational Thought


Number of Questions on the CAT's Data Interpretation and Logic Test


Allotment of Time for DILR Part

40 minutes

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning Difficulty


Every correct response is worth a mark.

The correct answer rate is 3 out of 4.

Question Format

Mixture of Multiple Choice and Other Question Types

DILR Multiple Choice Questions


Quantity of DILR Questions That Aren't Multiple Choice


Punitive evaluation of wrong answers

For every Wrong Answer, subtract 1.

Neither missed nor unanswered questions will result in a penalty.

Here is a breakdown of all the logical reasoning questions that will be on the CAT 2021, organized by time slot:


The Quantity of Questions

Journal Publication Position 1


People You Know in the City (Including Neighbors) Slot 1


Delivery of Food, Time Slot 2


In the second time slot, we'll be talking about tournaments and games.


Puzzle No. 3 is a Conditional One


Time Slot #3: Competitions and Games


Questions in the Logical Reasoning section are used to evaluate an applicant's ability to comprehend a network of interconnected ideas and to draw reasonable conclusions from that network. However, the IIMs have not made public a comprehensive syllabus for CAT Logical Reasoning. Series and sequences, alphanumeric sequences, cubes and cuboids, reasoning/statement analysis, following directions, and so on are just some of the topics on which questions may be based. The following table provides a summary of some of the more important topics covered in the CAT Syllabus for Logical Reasoning, which students will need to know in order to do well on this section of the exam.

Test Outline for the CAT's Logical Reasoning Section

The Seating Arrangements



Conformity to reason

Family ties

Binary System


Reasonable progression




Connecting the dots with Venn diagrams

Explore these videos to learn from the best how to succeed on the CAT Exam's Logical Reasoning section.

  • Improve your capacity for time management. Both the multiple-choice and TITA questions must be answered within 40 minutes. Start by identifying the questions you know you can answer correctly. Then decide how long you have to answer each question thoroughly and correctly.
  • Create a method that works for you to solve the logical reasoning puzzles. You'll find your own preferred approach as you work through more and more practice problems.
  • Study for the test as if it were the real thing by taking practice tests and going over old exam papers from previous years. If you do this, you'll have less to worry about on exam day.

Some CAT aspirants may benefit from the following suggestions as they prepare for the exam and take practice tests in the area of Logical Reasoning:

Take the time to jot down your LR questions instead of trying to memorize them.

The bulk of questions in the logical reasoning section are arrangement questions in which the student must meet a set of criteria. They can be quickly and easily resolved thanks to the meticulous attention to detail displayed by the author. To better understand the situation, inferences should be drawn from the statements. As the question progresses, a few secondary implications become clear.

Solving Logical Reasoning Questions Requires the Application of Critical Thinking.

Now, think about this:

Four men pose for a photo on a bench.

They're arranged as follows, in their chairs:

1. Vijay is seated to Ravi's left.

Next to Ravi, on his right, is Ram.

In the middle of Ravi and Ram is Sonu.

Who is the person in the photo, standing second from the left?

Sonu is the Correct Response Don't forget to reread the question and identify the person who would be second from the left in the photograph.

A 180-degree rotation of the chairs will take place when the corresponding sentence in the photograph is read. If you look closely at the photo, you'll see Sonu is the second from the left.

If the query had been, "Who is the person seated two seats to the left of the speaker? " The subsequent configuration would be as follows: Ram, Sonu, Ravi, and Vijay

Consequently, it is clear how these details can have a big impact on a candidate's final CAT exam answers and marks. It has been emphasized repeatedly that these sorts of questions always have three or four subquestions that are worth more marks. A negative impact on grades is possible if even a single detail is overlooked during the planning stage.

To answer the questions, please fill in the blanks with the corresponding

If the question specifies a certain number of people, you must first draw the corresponding figure. If the question specifies five people seated in a circle with their backs to the center, then the sequence with five blank spaces should be drawn quickly. Reading the question's conditions is the first step toward solving the CAT Logical Reasoning questions.

Although logical reasoning is notoriously difficult, it is possible to do well on the CAT exam if you put in the time and effort necessary to master the material. Follow BYJU'S to get tips and advice from India's top CAT tutors.

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