Obtaining SBI Mini Statement via SMS, Missed Call, Net Banking, and Yono App

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Are you interested in knowing your SBI mini statement number? This comprehensive article will guide you through various methods to check your SBI mini statement. Everyone desires to keep a close eye on their savings account transactions in order to maintain a clear understanding of their financial status. However, for a quick review, individuals often prefer a mini statement where they can easily view their recent debit and credit transactions. This article will explore different techniques to access and download your SBI mini statement. Below, we will discuss each method in detail.

Different Approaches to Access the SBI Mini Statement:

1. Obtain the Mini Statement through a Missed Call:

To receive a mini statement of your SBI savings account, simply give a missed call to 09223866666 from your registered mobile number. After two rings, the call will automatically disconnect and you will receive the SBI statement via message, including the details of your last five transactions. Please ensure that you use the registered mobile number associated with your bank account. If your number is not registered, send an SMS "REGAccount Number" to 09223488888. You can also activate mobile banking by sending an SMS "MBSREGAccount Number" to the same number.

2. Utilize SMS Banking for the SBI Mini Statement:

By using the SMS service provided by SBI, you can easily access your mini statement. Simply send an SMS "MSTMT" to 09223866666 from your registered mobile number. Within a few minutes, you will receive the SBI mini statement on your mobile device, containing information about your last five transactions.

3. Download the YONO App to View the SBI Statement:

Follow these steps to download and install the YONO mobile application on your smartphone:

- Locate and install the YONO Mobile Application on your device.

- Tap on the Login option displayed on your screen.

- Enter your User ID and Password to log in or use the MPIN created by you.

- Tap the Accounts button on the screen.

- Under the Savings A/c section, select your Account Number to view the Mini Statement.

4. Access the Mini Statement through SBI Net Banking:

To view your SBI statement using internet banking, follow these steps:

- Visit the official website of SBI, Online SBI, on your PC, laptop, or mobile device.

- Click on the Login button under the Personal Banking section.

- Proceed by clicking on the Continue to Login button.

- Enter your Username and Password in the provided boxes.

- Complete the captcha verification and log in to your SBI account.

- After logging in, you will see your bank account number and branch name.

- Navigate to the Account Details section to access your SBI statement.

5. Visit the Nearest SBI ATM:

To obtain your mini statement, visit the nearest SBI ATM and follow these steps:

- Insert your Debit Card and follow the instructions to access banking services.

- Select the Mini Statement option in the banking menu.

- The ATM machine will provide a printout of your mini statement, including the details of your last 10 transactions.

In conclusion, there are multiple methods available for accessing your SBI mini statement. You can choose the approach that suits your convenience. By utilizing these methods, you can easily monitor and manage your savings account transactions.

To summarize the preceding details, it can be stated that there exist diverse approaches for accessing the SBI Statement. You possess the liberty to opt for any technique that suits you best, and by initiating the process of SBI Credit Card Login, you will be able to obtain a concise overview of your credit card's transactions. In the event that you desire a physical manifestation of the abridged statement or if you undertake an SBI Balance Check, it can exclusively be acquired through the SBI ATMs in the form of a printed document. Nevertheless, if your preference lies in obtaining a digital counterpart of the abbreviated statement, then as previously mentioned, you may avail the services of SMS, Missed Call, Internet Banking, or the SBI YONO App, in accordance with your convenience.

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