Online and Offline Processes for Cancelling Your PAN Card: Don't Wait, Check Now!

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The government has implemented strict regulations against holding multiple PAN cards, as this may lead to hefty fines and imprisonment. To comply with this rule, both individuals and corporate organizations with multiple PAN cards under their name are required to surrender their surplus cards as the government mandates Aadhaar linkage with PAN cards. An online and offline PAN card cancellation form is available to help individuals with the cancellation process.

To nullify excess PAN cards, individuals must obtain the cancellation form that is also used for application and correction purposes. The form may be accessed through both online and offline modes. Once the form is obtained, the applicant must fill it out with accurate information and select the 'Apply for PAN Online' option. With the desired data entered and submitted, the cancellation process continues.

To proceed with cancelling PAN cards online, the following steps need to be followed. First, visit the official website of the income tax department and fill out the PAN Change Request application form. Second, enter the data of the currently used PAN and the additional PAN cards in item no.11, and ensure that the PAN card being cancelled is submitted along with the form.

A PAN Card Cancellation Offline Process is also available. For method one, individuals must acquire Form 49A from any NSDL PAN card cancellation facility, fill it out accurately, and submit it to any NSDL Tin facilitation center requesting modifications to their PAN card data. For method two, a letter should be written providing accurate information about the applicant, including their name as stated in legal documents and residence address, and submitted to the immediate assessing officer in charge of the region.

Lastly, applicants need to determine the status of their PAN card cancellation request. To check the progress of their request, individuals are advised to visit the government website after completing and submitting the form. By following these procedures, individuals can comply with the government mandate and avoid fines and imprisonment for holding multiple PAN cards.

Step 2: Navigate to the Quick Links menu and select 'Know Your PAN/TAN/AO'.

Step 3: Input your personal details such as name, date of birth, gender, and phone number in the form provided. Then click 'Submit'.

Step 4: An OTP will be sent to the phone number you provided.

Step 5: Enter the OTP and click 'Validate'.

Step 6: The status of your PAN card will be displayed on the following page. Note that if you have multiple PAN cards, additional information may be required to identify your status.

Causes of PAN Cancellation

Issuance of Multiple PAN Numbers

Mistakes made by the IT department can sometimes result in the issuance of multiple PAN numbers to a single taxpayer. This can occur when the assessee applies for a PAN multiple times and is assigned more than one number.

Errors on the PAN Card

Often, PAN cards are printed with incorrect information such as misspelled names or inaccurate dates of birth. In such cases, the card must be cancelled and a new one requested.

Penalties for Failure to Cancel Additional PANs

The Indian government imposes penalties on those who possess more than one PAN card. According to Section 139A of the Income Tax Act of 1961, only one PAN card may be issued per individual. Therefore, under Section 272B of the same Act, an Income Tax Officer can impose a penalty of INR 10,000 on those with multiple cards.

To avoid such penalties, individuals can surrender their additional PAN card(s) by completing the PAN Correction Form on the NSDL website. Once processed and the payment is confirmed, notification will be sent to the individual. Alternatively, the Form can be submitted to the relevant Assessing Officer at their local NSDL Collection Centre.

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