Percentage of Grade Point Average

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An SGPA to percentage converter is provided for your convenience. Simply fill out the SGPA field and you'll be given the corresponding percentage.  

Universities all over the world are adopting a standard grading system as a result of educational progress. SGPA, CGPA, GP, and percentage calculations are typically the same across universities, with some minor variations. If you want to know how well you're doing in school, you need to know how to convert your SGPA to a percentage.  

As a service to their students, many schools have implemented their own SGPA-to-percentage calculators. Here, we'll go over the steps required to convert SGPA to percentage, including the formula, the terms used, the CGPA calculation, the SGPA calculation for various universities, and more.  


What is the SGPA

A student's performance throughout the academic year or semester is measured by their Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA). An individual's semester GPA (SGPA) is calculated by adding up the grade points earned in all of the courses for which the student was enrolled during that semester and dividing by the total number Range of SGPA is 0 - 4 00 and 10 based on student performance, with the value determined by using an SGPA calculator  

Most schools in India and elsewhere around the world use the Standard Grade Point Average (SGPA). To express a student's proficiency in percentage form, these schools also employ SGPA to percentage calculators or converters. Exam performance is crucial for maintaining a high grade point average (GPA).  

SGPA: How to Figure It Out


You'll need to know how many subjects you've attempted, how many points each subject is worth in credit, and your overall grade point average (GPA) before you can figure it out. You can quickly determine your SGPA with the help of the SGPA calculator. Understanding how to determine your semester or annual grade point average is crucial. The SGPA can be computed in a few different ways, but let's talk about the quickest and easiest one.  

  • Clearly list each subject's credit value.  
  • Keep track of your final marks in each course.  
  • Finally, multiply each subject's credit hours by their grade point average.  
  • All the numbers from the previous step should be added together.  
  • The final score is then divided by the total number of credit points earned.  
  • Your final grade point average will be in the range of 0 to 10.  

The following sample of a semester's worth of SGPA calculations for a 4-subject load should help clarify the process.  

Grades in the four courses will be broken down as follows:

  • Topics 1–3
  • Questions 2–4
  • Topics 3 and 3
  • Issues 4 and 5

The final marks in these classes are as follows:

  • One-As a Topic to Begin
  • Occupant 2
  • Relating to: B, Subject No. 3
  • Topic Four A

Here is a table detailing how each grade is scored.  

Scale of Scores (From 0-100) Description Grade Evaluations Based on Points 90-100 Outstanding O 10 80-89 Excellent A 9 70-79 Very Good A 8 60-69 Good B 7 50-59 More than average B 6 40-49 average C 5 35-39 Pass  P 4 0-34 Fail F Otherwise Absent - -

Add the final marks and the credit scores up.

  • One Subject - Eight Times Three Subjects Equals Twenty-Four
  • 20 minus (10 * 4) two = 40
  • 3 - (3 * 6) = 18
  • Question 45 = 4 - 5*9

Then, add up all the credit scores and their multiplicative values.

Three Four Three Five Equals Fifteen
Final tally: - 24 + 40 + 18 + 45 = 127

SGPA = 127/15 = 8 44

The calculation is simplified in the table below.


Average Grade Points = Total Credits Taken
             = 127/15 = 8 44

Explaining the Percentage Grade Point Average Conversion

The procedure for transformation Standardized Grade Point Average Percentage include the ones below:

  • Use either the manual method or the SGPA calculator to determine your grade point average.  
  • Then, from the SGPA, take away 0. 75 
  • Ten times the result  
  • Your percentage is the result of this calculation.  
  • A student's cumulative percentage is determined by adding their semester GPAs and dividing by the total number of semesters enrolled in. The final tally will be your grade point average.  

How to Turn Your Grade Point Average into a Percentage

The straightforward formula for transforming SGPA into a percentage is as follows:

Average Grade Point Average minus 100 75)*10 
(SGPA *10)-7 5 

For example, if your SGPA is 8, If your score is 5, your percentage is: Subtract 0 75 from 8 5 To count this as number 7 75 Multiplying by 7 75 with 10 That works out to a percentage of 77. 5  

Mathematical Formula: % = (Student's General Average - 75)*10 
                  = (8 5-0 75)*10 = 77 5%

Exactly what does a CGPA measure

Internationally recognized educational institutions use the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) grading scale when making admissions decisions. The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) is a grading scale used in education. Depending on the country, a student's academic performance may be represented by letters, a percentage, a number, or a range.  

Calculating the CGPA is as simple as dividing the average grade points by the total number of semesters. For a specific time frame or academic year, such as freshman or sophomore year, the CGPA can be determined.  

To help you figure out how your CGPA is calculated based on percentages, we've included a table below.


Formula for Changing Grade Point Average to Cumulative Grade Point Average

The SGPA is the semester's cumulative grade point, so it's simple to convert to the CGPA. The CGPA is calculated by averaging the SGPAs earned throughout a given time span.  

The CGPA is determined by adding the semester grades, so if the SGPAs for the three semesters are 7, 8, and 5, the CGPA is  

GPA = (Total SGPA) / (Number of Semesters) = (7.85) / (3 semesters)

         = 6 66

GPA vs SGPA vs CGPA: What's the Difference?

The semester grade point average (SGPA) differs from the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) in that it is the average of the semester grades earned, while the yearly CGPA is the average of all the grades earned throughout the academic year. CGPA is calculated by adding up SGPAs. You need perfect semester grades (SGPA) to have a good cumulative grade point average. Both of these measures are used to reveal how well a student is doing in school.  

Formulas and definitions commonly used in SGPA percent calculations

Percentages can be calculated using SGPA, but only if you are familiar with the terms used in the SGPA calculation. Even after using the SGPA to percentage calculator, knowing these terms will help you verify the accuracy of your results. The Agreement shall have the following terms,


Semesters are the measurable units of time used in most educational programs. Two semesters will be spread out over the course of a school year. For instance, engineering programs typically span four years and eight semesters.  

For the record, I'll give you credit for

Credit hours represent a subject's required study time. Universities will determine how many points students receive for a given course based on how much time they spend on it throughout the semester. The credit points you earn in a course are how the educational system evaluates your performance and whether or not you have successfully completed the course.  

Marks assigned

As a result of your performance in that course, you will be given a letter grade. Students' overall performance in a given subject will be measured using the grade points assigned to that grade.  

Methods for determining the Grade Point Average

  • If there are grades assigned, jot them down on paper.  
  • Find out the grade points based on the results.  
  • Multiply the final letter grades by the credit values for each course taken.  
  • The final grade is calculated by adding up all the values.  
  • You can determine your weighted grade point average (SGPA) by dividing your total number of grade points by the total number of credits you have earned.  
  • The percentage can be calculated from SGPA using the following formula: (SGPA-0). 75)*10

Engineering grade point average (GPA) formula

When determining an engineering student's overall SGPA, both credit hours and letter grades are considered. The engineering results are typically shown in standard deviations, grade point averages, and percentages. The semester grade point average (SGPA) and cumulative grade point average (CGPA) will be determined independently. When converting from SGPA to a percentage, the student's performance can be easily determined.  

GPA Estimator for Indian Colleges

In an effort to improve their students' academic performance, universities in India have adopted the semester grade point average (SGPA) as their primary metric. Different methods exist to determine the SGPA and convert it to a percentage. For this reason, we have provided a list of the SGPA used by some of the best universities when determining percentages.  

Converting SGPAs to SPPUs as a Percentage

The grading scale at Savitribai Phule Pune University is from 0 to 10. The SGPA and CGPA will be used to symbolize the SPPU outcomes. The formula for converting SGPA into a percentage of SPPU is as follows:

An overall SGPA is calculated as follows: SGPA = (Total Grade Point Average * Total Credit Hours).

A cumulative grade point average is calculated as follows: CGPA = (Total number of semesters) / (Sum of semester grade point averages).

An individual's percentage based on their SGPA = (SGPA * 10) - 7 5

How to Convert a CGPA to a Percentage: (CGPA * 8) 8)

AKTU's Grade Point Average Percentage Calculator

SGPA, YGPA, and CGPA are all measures of academic performance at Abdul Kalam Technical University. Each student's grade point average and semester grade point average will be calculated using the standard grade point average and grade point average, respectively. The cumulative grade point average (CGPA) will be determined following the conclusion of the final academic semester, when both the semester grade point average (SGPA) and the year grade point average (YGPA) will be known.  

SI Mean Squared Performance Average = (Ci x Gi) / Ci

Here Ci - stands for the number of points awarded.

Gi - will be the letter grade.

Grade Point Average at VTU

Students' academic progress is evaluated using a choice-based credit system at Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi. The VTU will use the abbreviations SGPA, GPA, and CGPA on transcripts and report cards. The weighted grade point average (SGPA) to value added percentage (VTU) formula will tell you what proportion of possible points you earned.  

Here's how to figure out your SGPA:

Grade Point Average (GPA) = (Ci1*Gi1 Ci2*Gi2 Ci3*Gi3)/(Ci1 Ci2 Ci3) Where Ci1, Ci2, and Ci3 are the total number of credit points earned in Subjects 1, 2, and 3.  

The grades for Topics 1, 2, and 3 are denoted by Gi1, Gi2, and Gi3, respectively.  

Methods for determining a Student's Overall Grade Point Average at JNTUH

The students at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in Hyderabad were graded on an absolute scale from 1 to 10 for their coursework, projects, exams, and other assessments. In order to pass a class, students must earn a passing Grade Point Average (GPA). The table below displays the percentage of marks earned, the grades earned, and their UGC-required GP.  

How to calculate SGPA in JNTUH

Where can I find the formula for figuring out my grade point average at Mumbai University?

The University of Mumbai uses two different grading scales: a 7-point scale and a 10-point scale. The percentage for the 7-point grading scale (CBGS) will be determined by the students' actual performance in each course. The following equation will be used to determine the percentage using a scale from 1-10:

(7/100) = 7% 1* CGPA 11

So, here is how you can convert your Mumbai University SGPA into a percentage: Each semester's SGPA is determined first, then the CGPA is derived from the SGPA, and finally the CGPA is converted to a percentage using the formula.  

A Guide to Converting Grade Point Average to Cumulative Grade Point Average and Percentage

The following example illustrates how to convert a student's grade point average (SGPA) to a percentage.  

First Semester:

Subject Grade Grade Point Average Reward points GP*CP 1 A 9 3 27 2 B 7 3 21 3 O 10 4 40 4 C 5 3 15 Total     13 103

1.Semester GPA = (Grade Point Average * Course Credits) / (Total Course Credits)
    = 103/13 = 7 92

Using the formula: (Semester GPA * 10) - 7, we can convert SGPA to a percentage for the first semester. 5
                    = (7 92*10)-7 5 = 71 7%

Second Term:

Subject Grade Marks Allowed for Graduation Worth of Points GP*CP 1 A 8 4 32 2 A 9 4 36 3 B 6 2 12 4 B 7 2 14 Total     12 94

2. Semester GPA = (GP*CP) / (Total CP)

    = 94/12 = 7 83

The formula for converting semester grades to a percentage is: (semester GPA * 10) - 7 5
                    = (7 83*10)-7 5 = 70 83 %

The formula for the cumulative grade point average is: CGPA = (First Semester Grade Point Average + Second Semester Grade Point Average) / 2 = 7 92 7 83) / 2

    = 7 875

Percentage breakdown of the SGPA

SGPA PERCENTAGE 10 92.5% 9.9 91.5% 9.8 90.5% 9.7 89.5% 9.6 88.5% 9.5 87.5% 9.4 86.5% 9.3 85.5% 9.2 84.5% 9.1 83.5% SGPA PERCENTAGE 9.0 82.5% 8.9 81.5% 8.8 80.5% 8.7 79.5% 8.6 78.5% 8.5 77.5% 8.4 76.5% 8.3 75.5% 8.2 74.5% 8.1 73.5% SGPA PERCENTAGE 8.0 72.5% 7.9 71.5% 7.8 70.5% 7.7 69.5% 7.6 68.5% 7.5 67.5% 7.4 66.5% 7.3 65.5% 7.2 64.5% 7.1 63.5% SGPA PERCENTAGE 7.0 62.5% 6.9 61.5% 6.8 60.5% 6.7 59.5% 6.6 58.5% 6.5 57.5% 6.4 56.5% 6.3 55.5% 6.2 54.5% 6.1 53.5%


SGPA PERCENTAGE 6.0 52.5% 5.9 51.5% 5.8 50.5% 5.7 49.5% 5.6 48.5% 5.5 47.5% 5.4 46.5% 5.3 45.5% 5.2 44.5% 5.1 43.5% SGPA PERCENTAGE 5.0 42.5% 4.9 41.5% 4.8 40.5% 4.7 39.5% 4.6 38.5% 4.5 37.5% 4.4 36.5% 4.3 35.5% 4.2 34.5% 4.1 33.5%

Alternative calculators

  • Conversion of Grade Point Average to Percentage Tool

Frequently Asked Questions about GPA Percentage

To begin: 1. how much is 7? Average Points Per Course: 5

The formula for calculating the SGPA as a percentage is as follows:
Grade Point Average minus 0) 75)*10

     = (7 5-0 75)*10
    = 67 5 %

For the semester GPA, how is it determined?

First, multiply each subject's grade point average by its associated credit value to arrive at the SGPA. To get the final grade, just add up all the individual numbers. The SGPA is calculated by dividing the total number of grade points by the total number of credit hours.  
Traditional methods for converting SGPA to percentage involve multiplying the SGPA by 10, then subtracting 7. 5  

Thirdly, what does a good SGPA look like?

Generally speaking, a grade point average (GPA) of 8 or higher is A score of 0 indicates perfect performance. Keeping a high semester grade point average (SGPA) across all semesters is necessary for a good cumulative grade point average (CGPA), and thus a good percentage.  

Are SGPA and CGPA the Same Thing?

There is no equivalence between the SGPA and CGPA. Despite their superficial similarity, the calculation periods for these two terms are very different. The semester grade point average (SGPA) and cumulative grade point average (CGPA) are both measures of academic performance.  

5. What is the highest possible grade point average?  

A student's performance during a semester is quantified by their semester grade point average. Between zero and one thousand, the SGPA can be found. 00 to 10 00 with 10 Maximum possible SGPA = 0 Two decimal places will be used to denote the value.  

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