Planning Your Trip To Kedarnath From Delhi? Here's The Road Map You'll Need.

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How to get to Kedarnath from Delhi is a topic we cover in this article. From Delhi, you must first travel to Haridwar if you intend to visit Kedarnath. It is possible to begin your journey to Kedarnath from Haridwar via a variety of different modes of transportation. Stay with us, and we'll fill you in on all the specifics of getting to Kedarnath from Delhi. The Helicopter Trip to the Temple of Kedarnath How far is Kedarnath from Delhi? directions from Haridwar to Kedarnath

The Trip From Delhi To Kedarnath

Keep in mind that this is the precise distance from the Gaurikund in Rudraprayag to the Kedarnath Temple and back again via the Kedarnath Trek.

Planning a Trip to Kedarnath from Delhi

delhi-to-kedarnath-route-map To Kedarnath From Delhi

Traveling from Delhi to Kedarnath is an option. Then, the first step is to choose a means of transportation. The reason being that you currently hold a total of three potential actions

Kedarnath by air comes first, Kedarnath by train comes second, and Kedarnath by road comes third.

From New Delhi to the holy city of Kedarnath

Haridwar and Rishikesh are the primary departure points for excursions into the hills, whether by train, plane, or automobile.

Delhi-to-kedarnath-distance Travel time from Delhi to Kedarnath

Here are a few must-sees on your Sacred Journey:

Travel from Delhi to Haridwar or Rishikesh, then to Devprayag, Srinagar, Rudraprayag, Tilwara, Agastamuni, and finally Kund.

The journey from Kund to the Kedarnath Temple entails going to Guptkashi, then Phata, then Rampur, then Sonprayag, then Gaurikund, and finally trekking.

delhi-to-kedarnath-flights When flying from Delhi to Kedarnath, both cities are in the Himalayas.

The closest airport to Kedarnath is Jollygrant Airport in Dehradun (on the Rishikesh road).

Flights from Delhi to Kedarnath

About 239 kilometers separate Jolly Grant Airport and Kedarnath. You can take a taxi from Haridwar or Rishikesh to Gaurikund after landing at Jollygrant Airport from Delhi Airport.

From the nearest major highway, it is 225 kilometers, and from there, it is 14 kilometers by foot.

Jollygrant Airport is served by flights from major cities across the country.

Rishikesh and Kedarnath both offer helicopter and chopper services.

delhi-to-kedarnath-by-train How to Get from Delhi to Kedarnath on the Train

At all times of the year, you can take a train from Delhi to either Haridwar or Dehradun. At that point, you can either hail a cab or catch a bus from the terminal.

When and where to catch the train from Delhi to Kedarnath

The closest train station to the Kedarnath Temple is in Rishikesh, which is located about 227 kilometers away. Taxis and bus stops are conveniently located near the train station.

Therefore, getting to the Kedarnath Temple is not a problem.

Learn the driving directions from Delhi to Kedarnath.

delhi-to-kedarnath-by-road Traveling by road from Delhi to Kedarnath

There are many ways to get around once you've arrived in one of the holy cities of Dehradun, Haridwar, or Rishikesh. You can travel to Rishikesh, which is only 20 kilometers from Jollygrant Airport, directly from Dehradun.

The road trip from Delhi to Kedarnath is 466 kilometers.

You can take a taxi or a local bus to Sonprayag and enjoy the scenery of the Himalayas and the holy rivers Ganga and Mandakini as you make your way there.

On average, the trip from Dehradun Airport to Sonprayag takes around five to six hours.

When you get to Sonprayag, your final stop before returning home is Gaurikund, which is only five kilometers away.

Getting to Kedarnath from Gaurikund is a breeze thanks to the short 16-kilometer Kedarnath trek.

You can easily travel to other major cities such as Chandigarh (524 kilometers away), Delhi (466 kilometers), Mumbai (1912 kilometers), Kolkata (1699 kilometers), Lucknow (730 kilometers), Rishikesh (227 kilometers away), Dehradun (267 kilometers away), and Haridwar (252 kilometers away). Roads suitable for cars lead to Gaurikund. It's also simple to get from major cities like Rishikesh, Dehradun, and Uttarkashi to Gaurikund, as well as Tehri, Pauri, and Chamoli, via bus or taxi.

Information About Traveling From Gaurikund To Kedarnath, Including Distance And Driving Directions


The roads leading to the Kedarnath Temple only go as far as Gauri Kund, but they are easily accessible from many of Uttarakhand's major cities. Then there is a 14-kilometer hike to the holy site of Kedarnath Mandir. Also readily available are palkies and ponies. During the Yatra's busiest times, a helicopter service can be hired if one has enough money.

The region's serene beauty and spiritual vibe make the long trek to Shiva's great abode more than worthwhile.
The holy land of the supreme deity (Mahadev) is set in a picturesque landscape, with the magnificent Kedarnath peak (6,940 meters) standing behind the temple with other peaks.

One of Lord Shiva's 12 jyotirlingas, the Shiva lingam (hump) in Kedarnath is notable for its conical shape.

Kedarnath Helicopter Services

helicopter serivices in kedarnath

Daily helicopter service from the helipad in Phata village, Kedarnath, makes the difficult journey much more manageable. From the city of Agustmuni in the district of Rudraprayag, some companies provide a helicopter service.

The heliports at Phata and Agustmuni provide frequent flights to and from the Kedarnath shrine, allowing devotees to make the trip and return in a single day. Several tour agencies offer rides in helicopters that seat five people.

Flight Schedules for Helicopters to Kedarnath

Tourists and pilgrims who wish to spend the night in this holy land dedicated to Lord Shiva have the option of taking the 11:10 a.m. flight back to Phata. Devotees can get a return flight the same day and still have time to spend in the temple for darshan (seeing the deity). The towns of Phata and Kedarnath both offer short-term lodging options.

Directions to and costs for using a helicopter to reach Kedarnath

The cost will change based on which helicopter service you use.

Online booking fee for Pawan Hans Limited Helicopter Services is displayed here.

Cost of a Trip to Kedarnath and Back to Phata Equals Rupees $4798 CAD / Person (Two-Way)

Approximately Rs. Price Per Person (One-Way): 2399

Approximately Rs. Price Per Person (One-Way): 2399.-

Price per person for a round trip from Phata to Kedarnath and back is INR 4790 (plus taxes). Helicopters can be chartered for round trips in either direction, and one-way trips are also an option. With taxes included, a one-way ticket costs between INR 2,300 and INR 3,550.

The Kedarnath Temple, on the banks of the Mandakini River, can be reached after a 14-kilometer hike from Gaurikund.

Transportation on Kedarnath's Palkis and Ponies

Both Palkis and Ponies have different pricing structures based on factors like the total distance traveled, whether it is a one-way or round trip, whether the travel is uphill or downhill, whether the return is the same day or the following day, and how much weight the passenger has.

This arduous trail can be ascended on the backs of horses, ponies, or palkies. Kedarnath was devastated by flash floods in 2013, but efforts are underway to restore it to its former glory. Kedarnath's trekking route deviates slightly from the norm. During this steep ascent, the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering has constructed rest huts every few kilometers. Since the temple is closed from 3 to 5 in the afternoon, going there in the morning is preferable.

Chorabari Tal, a stunning lake located three kilometers beyond the main temple, is also worth a visit. The stunning Himalayas are reflected in the placid waters of Vasuki Tal, 4 kilometers further on the trek.

If you click on a link below, you'll be taken to a comprehensive Guide for that specific route.

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