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This page is meant to serve as a guide as you complete the RTI application online and send it to the appropriate Public Information Officer. Before beginning to fill out the online form, please read the following instructions and field descriptions.

Which Users Are Eligible to Participate in This System

In accordance with Section-6 (1) of the RTI Act, 2005 and Rule 4 (1) of the Odisha Right to Information Rules, any Indian citizen residing anywhere in the world who wishes to obtain any information under this Act may do so by submitting an application for said information in the manner specified therein. Users in 2005 can access this hub to learn more about

Inquiry: What Is It?

Requests for information from any governmental agency must be made in writing and can be made by any citizen. records, files, memoranda, emails, advice, press releases, circulars, orders, logbooks, contracts, reports, papers, samples, models of Odisha in any form Under the RTI Act of 2005, any citizen can submit a FORM-A request to the PIO of the relevant public authority for access to government records, including electronic ones, and information about private bodies that is accessible to the government under any other law currently in force.

To submit an information request to the Government's PIO in Odisha online, you'll need to follow these steps;

  • Visit and sign in.
  • The RTI CMM welcome page will load.
  • Here, click the link that says "Submit RTI Application / Appeal."
  • The electronic request screen will load. To submit an RTI application, please visit the link provided.
  • When you click on "Form-A," the application form and instructions will load on your screen.
  • Before filling out the form, please read the instructions thoroughly.
  • Follow the instructions on the form to fill out the necessary fields.
Sl No The Official Title of the Study Area Description In Case It's Necessary 1 Label for Division From a drop-down menu, choose the name of the relevant Department for which you're providing information. Mandatory 2 Title of Government Agency The name of the government agency within the relevant ministry that is responsible for Mandatory 3 Authorized Applicant Surname The applicant's or inquirer's name must be listed. Mandatory 4 Patriarch/Husband's Given Name It is required that the applicant or person seeking information list his or her father or husband. Mandatory 5 Housing Situation The applicant must provide his current mailing address. Mandatory A City The applicant/person seeking information must provide the city name. Mandatory B State This responsibility falls to Orissa by default. A different option from the list must be chosen. Mandatory C District Choose the appropriate District Name from the drop-down menu. Mandatory D Block The name of the district block in question must be chosen from a menu. Mandatory E Panchayat This space is for entering the name of the panchayat. Mandatory f Country To India, by default If "other" is to be selected from the list of options, then Mandatory g PIN One must include the area's zip code. Mandatory H Email An applicant or one seeking information must provide their email address. Mandatory I Mobile No If you want to get in touch with someone, you can give them any number. Mandatory J Gender It's a radio button choice between male and female. Mandatory K Category Select BPL/Other from the drop-down menu. To indicate their position on BPL, applicants can select the appropriate radio button. When that's the case: Mandatory l Send in the soft copy The applicant is required to provide a scanned copy of his or her identification in favor of BPL by using the upload text box and browse button on the right. You should submit the pdf. of the order to conserve bandwidth and storage space Mandatory 6 Applicants' Personal Information Driving License, Passport, Voter Registration Card, Food Stamp Card, or Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card Mandatory 7 Send Verification of Your Identity When the applicant chooses an acceptable form of identification from the aforementioned options, he or she will be prompted to upload a scan of that document from his or her local computer using the browse button located in the upload text box on the right. Please submit the pdf. , GIF, JPG copy of the order to reduce uploading time and data storage requirements Mandatory 8 Information Request Specifics Information subject What the applicant needs to do is specify what it is they want to know. Mandatory 9 Time frame this data pertains to To and From data periods must be selected from the calendar. Mandatory 10 Required Specifics What specifics need to be included are to be specified. Mandatory 11 When deciding whether mail or in-person delivery is preferred, the following options should be considered:

When Hand Delivered

Select from the options of "Sent by Post," "Received in Person," and "Received by Email," and "Ordinary," "Registers," and "Speed."

Please specify in the following text box where and in what format you would like to receive this information. The recipient's mailing address and the preferred format for the correspondence must be specified. e The information will be provided in hard copy, floppy disk, or CD, which should be mentioned. Check the box if the mailing address matches the one provided above. In the blank space provided, the address will be shown.

Mandatory 12 Has this data already been shared You can select "yes" or "no" from a radio button to indicate whether or not this data has already been provided. Mandatory 13 Is the Public Authority withholding this data? Select "yes" or "no" from the radio button to indicate whether or not the relevant Public Authority was unable to provide the requested information. Mandatory 14 If you haven't already, please submit your application and fee. Using the Yes/No radio button. If so, please specify in the box provided the specifics of the transaction, such as the date and method of payment. Mandatory 15 Will you pay the specified sum? The applicant can select yes/no from a radio button to indicate whether or not he or she is willing to pay for access to information during the application process. Mandatory

Fill out the form completely, and then either click "Submit Application" when you're done or "Reset" to start over.

When you click "Reset," all of your previously entered information will be deleted. If the applicant clicks "Submit Application," their information will be permanently stored.

The application must be submitted electronically to the relevant PIO by the applicant. No paper copies or hand-delivered applications should be sent to the Public Information Officer. Below is a separate Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for reference by Citizens, PIOs, and FAAs.

Email-rti-ori@nic if you have any questions or concerns. during business hours (Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) at or by calling (923) 810-44446 or (674) 239-1356 30 A M to 5 30 P M

BPL applicants are not required to submit an application deposit.

In addition to the usual credit card or bank transfer, RTI applicants also have the option of depositing their application fees via cash, IPO, Treasury Challan, bank draft, money order, or any of a number of other methods. and a digitally-generated receipt they can access online.

Time limits set forth in the Act shall apply once the PIO has received the application fee, and in the case of a BPL applicant, once the PIO has accepted all of the relevant documents, including a photocopy of the applicant's BPL card.

Automatic email and text message alerts are sent to PIO and RTI requesters using the provided email addresses and phone numbers.

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