Prepare for CAT Quantitative Aptitude like a Pro: CAT 2023 Preparation Tips

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1. What is the educational approach of 2IIM? Visit 2IIM Philosophy to learn more. Our teaching philosophy is inspired by the words of Abraham Lincoln: "If I had nine hours to chop a tree, I’d spend the first six sharpening the axe." We start from the basics and emphasize the fundamentals, allowing students to learn through the discovery of ideas. Our goal is to create a framework for tackling challenging problems.

We break down every concept into small and easily digestible chunks, grouped into theory, exercises, and CAT-level questions. The idea is to provide students with a structured approach to answering straightforward questions while developing critical thinking skills needed for more complex ones. We strive to make CAT exam preparation enjoyable for our students.

2. What are the best blogs for CAT preparation? For the best blogs and websites to prepare for the Common Admission Test (CAT), check out 2IIM's CAT Blog.

3. What is the best YouTube channel for CAT preparation? At 2IIM CAT Preparation, we have a vibrant community of 55,000 subscribers, 20 live sessions, 400 videos, and 20 playlists. Several other channels such as Takshzila Shikshak, Khan Academy, and Cracku also offer free content for CAT preparation on YouTube. You may refer to this Quora link for more information: Quora Answer. Watch our channel at this YouTube link.

4. Which is better: online or classroom coaching? The answer to "Why focus only on quant when both quant and verbal are crucial for a high GMAT score?" consists of three parts. (i) Consistency in teaching is a significant plus point in online courses, where a small group of teachers handles all the instruction. Teachers and pedagogy are the most important factors. (ii) Unlike in a classroom, where the teaching may differ between cities and even weeks, the quality of teaching in online courses remains consistent. (iii) Classroom courses are not suitable for everyone as they require travel and specific schedules, whereas online courses offer the convenience of studying wherever and whenever you want. (iv) The material, pedagogy, and teacher are the three components of effective teaching. In a good online course, the same individual or group designs and teaches the content, while in a classroom course, the question creation and transmission of ideas are done by separate groups, with the teacher delivering them from a script. However, not all online courses are created equal, so you must thoroughly research online courses to find one that meets the following criteria: (1) Modularization that allows you to learn at your pace, (2) Use of a robust LMS (Learning Management System) that provides sound analytics to facilitate learning and assessment, and (3) Access to significant portions of the course on the course UI, not only on YouTube channels. More information about this topic is available at this Quora link. Watch the following YouTube videos for more information: Video 1 and Video 2.

5. Can I crack the CAT starting in August? Absolutely! You can crack the CAT by starting in August or even September 15th. Quality is more important than quantity, so it's possible to dedicate 400 high-quality study hours to achieving a decent percentile. Stay focused and avoid distractions like Quora and Facebook for four months, and you'll find enough time to prepare. Best of luck!

For more information, please refer to this Quora post: Quora Answer

6. How can I derive enjoyment from preparing for the CAT exam, and what connections exist between the test and management studies? To tackle this question, consider the following two aspects:

Enhancing the Pleasure of CAT Preparation:

• Remember that the CAT exam primarily assesses fundamental reasoning abilities akin to those of students in grades eight, nine, and ten, through a standardized format.

• It is a myth that engineers inherently possess an advantage in the CAT exam, as the test does not afford preferential treatment to this group; in fact, discrimination against engineers often surfaces at every stage of the test. The notion that non-engineers, females, and those with commerce backgrounds are inherently disadvantaged in preparing for the test is unfounded.

• Learn math with enthusiasm and marvel over its intricacies. Just as Archimedes did years ago, you can prove that, “when math is learned with care, it is an endlessly fascinating subject”.

• Math, known as the queen of the sciences, presents an incredible brain exercise toolkit that forever captivates the mind.

• Reading is perhaps one of the most pleasant pastimes to indulge in; with the right assortment of books, one can become lost in the activity for days. Books have the power to revive and stimulate the senses, and similarly, they furnish an ideal solution to combat depression or prevent summertime blues, as well as engender inspiration in thinking and ignite self-improvement. Visit Reading List for CAT for a comprehensive list of great reading materials.

The Relevance of CAT Entrance with Management:

A simple correlation equation demonstrates the connection between the two. Although some students are highly intelligent, many, unfortunately, do not gain admittance to the CAT exam. Thus, we may conclude that someone who scores a 99th percentile in the CAT test is certainly intelligent. This finding is especially relevant for those interested in pursuing studies at the IIMs, as the correlation between CAT scores and general intelligence tends to be strong. The following Quora post provides a more in-depth analysis: Quora Answer

7. What quick tips can assist me in the CAT exam? There is an old saying which states “there are no shortcuts to success”. Therefore, do your utmost to avoid shortcuts, as they often provide a deceptive sense of preparedness.

More on Quora: Quora Answer

8. Even though I am scheduling to take the CAT exam, I have a deep-seated loathing of quantitative aptitude, how can I overcome this sentiment and foster a love of mathematical concepts? • Mathematics, without a doubt, is a subject that ought not to provoke fear. If certain individuals harbor a phobia of math, it is most likely because they have not been taught the subject well enough.

• Learning math can be an enjoyable adventure. With enthusiasm and an appreciation for the finer points of math, one can unveil the subject’s mystique, as Archimedes himself did who famously noted, “when math is learned with care, it is an endlessly fascinating subject”.

• It is widely acknowledged that mathematics reigns as the “queen of the sciences,” owing to its remarkable ability to stimulate the mind and provide an exceptional brain workout. By mastering the language and principles of math, one can tackle advanced theories with ease and unlock the secrets of the universe. To learn from the basics and imbue a sense of fascination with mathematics, visit the following Quora link: Quora Answer and watch the YouTube video here.

9. How can I go about preparing for the CAT exam without incurring exorbitant costs? Many CAT preparation books are available at low cost. For instance, the NCERT books for grades VI to X and the works of RD Sharma/RS Agarwal have proven highly useful in laying the groundwork for CAT preparation.

The excellent CAT Question bank 2IIM CAT Questions offers a plethora of tough, relevant questions to practice from, terrifically innovative solutions, and helpful video explanations.

Furthermore, follow the 2IIM CAT Preparation YouTube channel for no shortage of quality, free preparatory videos.

If researching a variety of articles tailored to fit your unique needs sounds appealing, then connect with our Facebook group by visiting the following link: CAT Prep online - 2IIM. To discover a curated selection of invaluable reading resources, go to: CAT Verbal Reading List.

10. Where can we find previous year's CAT papers? It is important to exercise caution while looking for these papers online since there are many unreliable sources. CAT has not released the actual papers from 2009 to 2016, and any website claiming to have these papers is likely generating them without credible source material. However, the CAT papers from 2000 to 2008 can be accessed for free, including solutions, through the 2IIM Online Course. The CAT exams from 2017 and 2018 had two sessions each, making these four papers the best indicators for preparing for the exam. They can be found on the 2IIM CAT Question Paper webpage, which includes linked video solutions.

11. What is the best way to start preparing for CAT 2020? The key to success in the CAT exam is to understand that it only tests high school-level math, common sense, and reading comprehension skill. Begin your preparation by first laying a strong foundation in these basic areas. Avoid rote learning tactics and instead learn through methodical first principles. Persistence is key, as this is a marathon and not a sprint. Don't just plan, but put your plan into action. Cultivate a reading habit and read a wide range of material constantly.

For more information, check out this YouTube video on how to prepare for CAT 2020.

12. What is the best strategy for achieving a 100th percentile score in the VARC section? Exam scores are heavily influenced by accuracy, rather than the number of questions attempted. A common mistake is falling for "The last two choices problem," where the test taker narrows down their options to two choices, then chooses the one that seems right. Invariably, this approach is ineffective because examiners strategically embed traps in both choices that make it easy to eliminate one. Instead, aggressively work to improve accuracy and eliminate guesswork on practice exams. Also, don't be deceived into thinking that reading speed and vocabulary are significant determinants of VARC performance, as this is not the case. Check out this Quora link for more information.

To watch a video on this topic, visit this YouTube link.

13. What are the best CAT preparation apps? The 2IIM Android app is an excellent resource for preparing for the CAT exam. It includes lessons, videos, slides, and tests created by a team of instructors who have firsthand experience taking the exam.

Discover further information about the application by delving into the depths of Quora. Uncover more details by clicking on the following link: Quora Answer.

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