Reading Your Kundli: A Guide

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Kundli, or the Vedic Astrological Horoscope, A birth chart, also known as a horoscope, is an astrological chart used for predicting a person's future. future and making forecasts The time, date, and location of one's birth is necessary in making a kundli An accomplished astrologer considers the specifics of the birth, the planetary positions and zodiac sign strengths predictions The angular and astrological positions of the planets are shown in this chart for the time of birth in the native's country, which is then used to determine and evaluate a number of life The kundli is a chart used in Vedic Astrology. has the potential to shed light on your past, present, and future. what you look like, how you feel, what you think, and what you believe are all factors in determining your personality. and predispositions, interests, and habits of mind It's not as complicated as it looks to read a kundali. because learning just a few key concepts is all it takes to navigate multiple dwellings and Locations of the Planets

Trying to figure out your kundli reading? We've got the solution right here. But before we get there, let's first recognize the significance and Creating a kundali has many advantages.

Kundli (Birth Chart) and Its Significance.

After a baby is born, the first thing their parents should do is make a kundli. It helps dealing with multiple problems and difficulties, and having access to tools and strategies for doing so confronting a wide range of difficulties Let's take a look at its significance and the unique role it plays in the world. position in the realm of futurology:

  1. Among the many things that a kundali is helpful for are marriage compatibility checks by comparing the natal charts of the bride and groom groom Nothing good happens in a Hindu marriage until the couple is matched. kundlis, and how to determine gunas The state of one's marriage is also revealed. spouse, the mutual understanding you two have, and any difficulties that may arise which may occur
  2. One's kundali, or birth chart, outlines the favorable and unfavorable circumstances, for the rest of their lives It reveals the nature of the upcoming difficulties. in their own unique manner, and how to persevere through adversity
  3. It walks you through your individual strengths and weaknesses, which sums up who you are and shows the world who you really are
  4. If you're interested in knowing what the future holds for your career and business endeavors, you can do so by analyzing your kundli. one's financial situation, amount of wealth, and level of investment success or failure the future when making financial plans.
  5. One's kundali can reveal the best paths to financial success. with a bright and fruitful future It reveals the type of work best suited to your skills and interests. knowledge and brains
  6. The academic success, creativity, enemies, and health issues can all be predicted with a birth chart. and young people How far you will go in school, what kind of career you can expect, etc. for the likes of health, number of foes, and more

Your Vedic Kundalini: How to Interpret It

  • Find Your Ascendant or Rising Sign: The kundli provided below can help you determine your rising sign. Find the ascendant sign first. What is the significance of the first number mentioned? house is symbolic of a person's rising sign; natal ascendant One's personal planetary configurations, or kundali, are represented by Arabic numerals (1-12) and Roman numerals (I-XII) for the twelve houses. Hereby,
  1. The number one represents the sign of Aries.
  2. The number 2 is the symbol for Taurus.
  3. The number 3 represents Gemini.
  4. Number 4 represents the cancer sign.
  5. In numerology, the 5 represents Leo.
  6. There are six planets in Virgo's constellation.
  7. The number seven is symbolic of Libra.
  8. The numeral 8 symbolizes Scorpio.
  9. The number nine represents the sign of Sagittarius.
  10. The number 10 represents Capricorn.
  11. The 11th sign of the zodiac is Aquarius.
  12. The sign of Pisces is represented by the number 12.

The Ascendant, also known as the Rising Sign, in this kundli is Aries. 1st house

  • The Meaning of the Houses A kundali consists of 12 houses, each of which has a specific function. which represent not only physical characteristics but also various aspects of native life features, and interests As a result, the effects of planetary or sign placement in a house are felt factors into account and provides outcomes that make sense Roman numerals, as already mentioned, symbolize the address, and its constituent parts are as follows:

  1. To begin with, the First House represents outward appearances and characteristics, the individual, and defining qualities.
  2. The realm of the second house represents material success, foundational knowledge, resources, and the family.
  3. The third house rules over expression, capability, interest, work, and younger siblings.
  4. House of the Mother, Secondary Education, Real Estate, Automobiles, and Material Possessions
  5. Higher learning, imagination, wit, marriage, and offspring all fall under the Fifth House's aegis. life histories
  6. House of the Sixth: Obligations, Career, Illness, Advocacy, and Foes
  7. Marriage and other long-term committed relationships are governed by the Seventh House. exchange rates, public perception
  8. Longevity, misfortune, and study fall under the Eighth House's sphere
  9. Beliefs, a guiding figure, a father figure, a religious affiliation, and a long-term outlook all fall under the ninth house. Getting There
  10. Career, karma, actions, place of employment, and so on all fall under the tenth house's purview.
  11. The Eleventh House: Goals, Prosperity, and Your Older Brothers and Sisters
  12. Budgeting in the Twelveth House
  • Find Your Nine Planets in the Kundali: The nine planets were present at your birth, and their positions can tell you a lot about your life. In kundali, one can see a visual representation of where various heavenly bodies are supposed to be at any given moment. Universe, Stars, and Planets To read a kundli successfully, one must first understand learn the meaning of the shortened names of the planets in the horoscope.


Here's a kundali for you to peruse: Cancer (number 1) occupies the first house. 4) Also, the Sun (Su), Mercury (Me), and Rahu (Ra). So, it will make a diagram appropriate outcomes The planets and their short names are listed below. meaning according to vedic texts:

  1. The Sun (Su) is the king of the planets, the source of all life on Earth, and the ultimate authority. in nature
  2. The Moon (Mo) symbolizes the internal workings of one's mind, the feminine, intelligence, pregnancy, and good fortune. memory
  3. Mercury (Me) — Words, Talking, Numbers, Cleverness, Brains,
  4. The characteristics associated with Mars (Ma) are boldness, ardor, physical strength, impatience, and contention. bold, represents younger siblings
  5. Venus (Ve): The goddess of love, beauty, music, marriage, and all things sensual. Culture, Creativity
  6. Spirituality, higher learning, and investigation are all governed by Jupiter (Ju).
  7. Land, property, secrets, misfortune, toil, sadness, and honor are all associated with Saturn (Sa). respectable notoriety
  8. Rahu (Ra): Abroad adventures, Grandparents, Larceny, Gambling, and Travel to Other Countries Intoxication, Excessive Ambition, Illnesses Untreated, Financial and Reputational Fallout
  9. Grandparents, spirituality, superstitions, gadgets, and technology all fall under the purview of Ketu (Ke).
  • The next step is to determine which planet is in its exalted or debilitated position. either in a state of elation or dejection When a planet is exalted in astrology, it is at the pinnacle of its power. a planet's energy when it's in a certain sign increases e natural compatibility between them aligns, and the result is usually positive So, in the kundali given below, the Sun is assigned the sign of Aries (the first) and elevated to its highest position

In contrast, the planet's agitation when coupled with impairment of any kind is referred to as debilitation. At this distance, the planet's pull is considerably less strong, and negative results are possible Insight of this kind gives the locals a fighting chance to catch on. position of the planets in the sky, and how that affects their kundli Below is a chart detailing the signs ruled by, exalted in, and afflicted by each planet According The Moon is in Scorpio according to the kundali shown below. 8th sign of the zodiac, weak


Planet As the Dominant Sign, Sacred Symbol An Indicator of Impending Doom Sun Leo Aries Libra Moon Cancer Taurus Scorpio Venus Bull and Scales, Libra and Taurus Pisces Virgo Mars Gemini and Scorpio Capricorn Cancer Saturn Gemini, Capricorn Libra Aries Jupiter Gemini and Sagittarius Cancer Capricorn Mercury Libra, Gemini Virgo Pisces Rahu - - - Ketu - - -

If you follow these guidelines, reading a kundli will be a breeze. Despite the are many factors to consider when analyzing a kundali, but by To quickly and broadly understand what is involved in your life

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