SBI Mini Statement: Access Through Missed Call, SMS, Toll-Free, and Online Enquiry

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In order to obtain their SBI Mini Statement, account holders must first register their mobile number. Once this is complete, they can easily access this service online or offline, anytime and anywhere.

After successfully registering their mobile number with the bank, there are several options available to obtain the SBI Mini Statement:

Obtain SBI Mini Statement via Missed Call:

Getting the SBI Mini Statement through a missed call is considered one of the simplest methods using the SBI Quick missed call service. Users just need to give a missed call to 09223488888 from their registered mobile number, and the call will automatically disconnect.

Afterward, an SMS will be received containing the last five transactions made from the savings account. Please note that the missed call must be made from the registered mobile number, otherwise no reply will be received.

Obtain SBI Mini Statement via SMS Banking:

SBI users can obtain their mini statement through the SMS Banking service, with SMS charges applicable based on their mobile network.

  • First, register for SMS Banking services by visiting SBI Bank, ATM, or through Internet Banking.
  • After registration, send an SMS with the keyword "MSTMT" to 09223866666 from the registered mobile number.
  • Following this, the SBI Mini Statement will be sent to the registered mobile number, containing the last five transactions from the savings account.

If an account holder maintains multiple accounts with SBI, they should register SBI Quick for only one account at a time. If they wish to change the registered account number, they can do so by de-registering SBI Quick from the first account and then registering the new account.

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Obtain SBI Mini Statement via Mobile Banking/ YONO APP:

  • Android users can download the YONO App from the Google Play Store, while IOS users can download it from the Apple Play Store.
  • After downloading, install the app and log in using the Mobile Banking ID and password, or the created MPIN.
  • Go to the "Accounts" tab, select the desired savings account number, and view the Mini Statement to see the latest transactions.

Obtain SBI Mini Statement via SBI Net Banking:

  • Login to the official SBI website on a laptop, PC, or mobile device.
  • Select the Personal Banking option and click on the login tab.
  • Enter your Username, Password, and the displayed Captcha code to successfully log in.
  • After logging in, you will see your Account Number and branch name.
  • Go to the Account Details Tab to view all recent transactions.

Obtain SBI Mini Statement via SBI ATM:

This is the most convenient method, as you can easily obtain the mini statement by visiting the nearest SBI or any other ATM.

  • Go to the nearest ATM and insert your debit card.
  • Follow the step-by-step instructions and select the "View Mini Statement" option after entering your 4-digit ATM PIN.
  • You will receive a printout of the Mini Statement, displaying the 10 most recent transactions.

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To avail the SBI Mini Statement service on your phone, it is crucial to register your mobile number. While typically the mobile number is registered when opening an account, it can also be done at a later time. The following is the process to register a mobile number for the SBI Mini Statement.

SBI Quick is a complimentary service provided to SBI account holders, offering missed call banking and SMS banking services. In order to register a mobile number for receiving a mini statement, the account holder must send an SMS to the bank. The SMS should be in the following format:

REGAccount Number



Once the message is sent, the mobile number will be registered with SBI.

To register for SBI mobile banking services, the account holder needs to send a message in the following format:



To obtain a mini statement on the registered mobile number, one must first register their mobile number with SBI. After that, follow the steps below to obtain an SBI Mini Statement through the Missed Call service:

  • Give a missed call to SBI Mini Statement Number, which is 09223866666, to receive recent transaction details.
  • Once the call is made, it will automatically disconnect after two rings.
  • The account holder will receive an SMS containing the SBI Mini Statement, which includes the last 5 transactions made from the respective account.

Note: Learn about the SBI Bank Balance Check Number service.

Here are the advantages that SBI account holders can enjoy through the SBI Mini Statement service:

  • The SBI Mini Statement service is available 24*7 and can be accessed from anywhere and at any time through SBI Mobile banking and SBI Internet Banking services.
  • Even without an internet connection, one can obtain details of recent bank transactions through the Missed Call service by simply giving a missed call.
  • Getting the SBI Mini Statement through the YONO App is free of charge.
  • With the help of SBI Mobile banking and Internet Banking, account holders can obtain an SBI Mini Statement without visiting the bank, saving time and effort.
  • It is possible to obtain a mini statement through SMS service as well, without the need of a smartphone, as the SMS service can be accessed from any device.

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No, there is no specified limit on the number of times one can obtain a mini statement using the YONO App. Account holders can access it anytime and from anywhere, as there are no restrictions.

No, this service is completely free of charge. One can obtain the Mini Statement, along with details of the last 5 transactions and the account balance, simply by giving a missed call.

It is possible to register multiple bank accounts with the same mobile number. It is easier to access the details of recent transactions for any of the registered accounts through the YONO App or SBI Missed Call service.

Here are the steps to obtain a full bank statement online:

- Access the official website of SBI bank or login through the YONO App.

- Navigate to the "Services" tab and then proceed to "Bank Statements".

- Choose the desired time frame for your account statement and proceed with the download in PDF format.

- Safely save the document and logout from the app.

Here are the notable advantages of utilizing the YONO SBI App:

- Exclusive discounts are offered on over 80 E-Commerce websites.

- Conveniently transfer funds using the UPI Payment method, anytime and from anywhere.

- Easily analyze your expenses with the assistance of the YONO App.

- Obtain a hassle-free pre-approved loan of up to Rs 5 lakh without burdensome paperwork.

- Book a new car, an OYO Room, or shop for merchandise effortlessly through the YONO App.

Introducing a newly added feature that allows banking through missed calls or SMS sent from the registered mobile number with SBI, enabling the retrieval of the SBI Mini Statement.

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