Step-by-Step Guide on Setting up a Caller Tune on Jio

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If you are a Jio subscriber, you may have wondered how to set your caller tune. Jio is currently one of the most popular network operators, thanks to their reliable network and data plans which have attracted numerous users all over the country. They offer prepaid, postpaid, broadband, and other services.

Jio provides different options to set your caller tune for free. In this article, we will discuss three ways to achieve this:

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    How to set caller tunes in Jio?

    Here are the three methods to set your Jio caller tune:

    • Set caller tune using Jio Saavn App

    First, download the Jio Saavn app onto your phone or open it if you already have it. Then, log in with your username and password. Search for your preferred song and select the "Set as Jio Tune" option beside it. You can listen to a preview before you proceed. Once you're satisfied, select the option and await an activation confirmation message from Jio.

    Set caller tune with SMS

    Another way to set your Jio caller tune is via SMS. Simply send an SMS to 56789 with the movie, album, or singer name as requested. Once you receive a confirmation message, respond with "Y" and await another confirmation message from Jio.

    Set caller tune using My Jio App

    To utilize this method, download and install the MyJio app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Log in to the app, click on the Hamburger menu at the top-left corner, then select JioTunes option and tap the Songs tab. Browse for your favorite JioTune or select one from the offered songs. You can listen to a preview by hitting the play button underneath the album art.

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    Activate Caller Tune with Star Button

    Jio offers a unique feature to copy your friend's caller tune. By pressing the star (*) button during your next call with your friend, Jio will send you a message asking for confirmation. Reply with "Y" to activate the caller tune on your number.

    How to Disable Caller Tune on Jio?

    You can deactivate the caller tune on either the My Jio app or through SMS by following these steps:

      Using My Jio App

      Open the My Jio app and select the JioTunes option from the menu. Tap on "Deactivate JioTune" at the bottom of the My Subscriptions page. Confirm the deactivation by tapping "Yes" for the selected JioTunes.

      Using SMS

      Send an SMS with "STOP" to 56789 using your smartphone messaging app. Reply with "1" to confirm the deactivation. Once done, you will receive a confirmation message stating that the JioTunes have been disabled.Related: Online and Offline Ways to Link Aadhar With PAN

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