Ten Elegant and Easy Onam Pookalam Patterns

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In honor of King Mahabali and Vamana, the people of Kerala celebrate the harvest with the Onam. Pookalam, the art of floral rangoli, is just one of many cultural events and activities featured.

In India, the state of Kerala, Onam is among the most widely celebrated festivals. The celebrations begin two weeks before the actual date, which is typically in August or September.  

Boat races, cultural programs, sports competitions, dancing competitions, martial arts displays, and the art of flower rangoli, known as Pookalam, are just some of the many events and activities that take place during the Onam celebrations.  

Pookalam is a beautiful form of decoration that can be used around the house during the Onam festival. Here are some beautiful Pookalam patterns that you can use to easily decorate your home for the Onam festival.  

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Just what is pookalam, and why is it so crucial?   

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Learn the basics of simple easy pookalam patterns

AthaPookalam, also known as Onam Pookalam, is the name given to the flower bed or flower arrangements made in Kerala for the Onam festival. King Mahabali, a descendant of the Brahmin guru Kashyapa and the grandson of Prahlada, is also greeted with this floral rangoli.

Ten days before Thiruvonam, on the Atham day, the customary preparations for the Pookalam begin. Originally, there were only 10 small, circular steps in the Pookalam. It is believed that the 10 steps or rings represent the 10 main deities in Hinduism. It is also believed that the flowery carpet represents the struggle between the Asuras and the Devas.   

Each day of the 10-day Onam festival is traditionally represented on a separate Pookalam. The Atham day will have one ring, the Chithira day will have two rings, and the Thiruvonam day will have ten rings. One flower color is used on day one, then two colors on day two, and ten colors on day three.

Onam pookalam patterns for beginners: the fundamentals

The Pookalam goes beyond the simple art of flower arrangement. There are some steps you should take to approach this methodically.

First, decide on the pookalam's dimensions and design.

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Before starting to make a Pookalam, it's best to sketch out a plan that includes the design and the desired dimensions. This makes it simple for you to select the flower type, color, and size you prefer. The color scheme of your Pookalam is entirely up to you.

Second, with chalk and thread, sketch the layout of the room.

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Due to its unstable base, the Pookalam will undoubtedly have an awkward appearance. You should sketch out a rough Pookalam on the ground before arranging the flowers. If you want to draw a plan on the ground, you need to wet the chalk first. This will ensure that the outline remains intact throughout the entire process. A quick sketch on paper is all that's needed for the truly talented to recreate the finished design exactly. A thread and some chalk can be used instead to make circles of varying sizes. The outline of the design can also be drawn onto the floor using Rangoli powder.

Third, get ready to arrange the flowers.

If you plan ahead, you can cut down on the time it takes to set up the Pookalam. Some members of your team can start picking flowers apart while others are busy sketching the design. Put them in piles based on their dimensions, hues, and shapes. If desired, whole flowers can be used in the Pookalam. But don't prepare the night before, either. The freshness and vibrancy of the flowers may diminish over time.

Fourth, decorate the design with flowers.

After the Pookalam design has been sketched, it can be completed with flower petals. Start at the center of the Pookalam and work your way outward. Flowers might not fit in the center if you don't. Moreover, fixing it if something goes wrong could be tricky.

Ten Easy Pookalam Patterns for Onam

To help you celebrate Onam this year, we've compiled a few easy-to-implement designs for homemade pookalam.

Patterned in a circle

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The most impressive things are sometimes the simplest ones. All future Pookalams should look to this one for inspiration. Put the smallest flowers in the middle of the arrangement and work your way outwards. Use different colors to create a stunning visual effect by separating the rings.

Floral Arrangement

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This Onam Pookalam doesn't take too much time to make, but it looks fantastic. Make the Pookalam into a flower with many different colored petals. You can play around with the flower's petal count in small ways if you'd like.

Simple structure

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Despite its apparent simplicity, this Pookalam was created using only three distinct flower species. If you look closely, you'll notice that the pattern is easy to imitate.    

Leaf pattern

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Flowers are not the only acceptable medium for making pookalams. Green can be added to the design by using leaves, either whole or in pieces. It is believed that including plants in a Pookalam's design will bring financial success, and it also looks great.

3D Pookalam pattern

10 classy & simple Onam Pookalam designs for home 7

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Successfully completing a three-dimensional Pookalam relies on creating a design with depth. Observe the swaths of blooms that have been placed thoughtfully throughout the Pookalam. These supplementary flowers, when stacked, give the impression of a three-dimensional pattern.

Pookalam helical pattern

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At first glance, this Pookalam might not seem very sophisticated. However, the hardest part will be making sure each spiral round is perfectly symmetrical. Incorrect spiral proportions will make the entire Pookalam look off and cluttered.

Om design

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This design's instructions aren't the easiest to follow. If you're willing to put in a little more work and show some tolerance, however, you can finish this Pookalam. Om, specifically the first syllable, is considered a sacred and powerful element of the sound. It symbolizes boundless power. It serves as the Pookalam's focal point and gives the entire Onam Pookalam an air of complexity.

The Vallam kali, a traditional boat race layout

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The traditional boat race, or Vallam kali, is an integral part of the Onam festival. This festival is held in the fall, typically around the time of the Onam harvest festival. This Vallam kali-inspired Pookalam has gained some notoriety and is frequently featured at Pookalam competitions. Pay close attention to the countless details that make up the Pookalam pattern.

Kathakali pattern

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Kathakali is a type of Indian classical dance that originated in the state of Kerala. Making an Onam Pookalam in the style of the Indian dance form kathakali is a great way to celebrate the festival of Onam. This is a difficult undertaking, however, and you'll need experience to pull it off.

Embellished with diyas or lamps, the Pookalam design

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Adding lights or diyas within or around the Onam Pookalam is a great way to make it more festive and visually appealing. Try your hand at making a Pookalam for Onam and show off your artistic abilities.  

We recommend that you not put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect unless you are in a direct competition with another person. After all, Onam is a festival dedicated to mutual aid, kindness, and fellowship. Enjoy the company of those closest to you and some lighthearted moments during this trying time.

Hints and Tips

Put some flowers and leaves at the front door.

Beautiful door decorations include rose garlands and marigold wreaths. The garland can be used to adorn the pillars in the foyer, or it can be hung from the ceiling. Torans and other wall hangings made from mango leaves can be displayed in the entryway.

Turn on the diyos

Diyas are an integral part of many Indian festivals, just as they are in many other cultures' celebrations. Similarly, the diyas would be missing a vital component if the Onam festival were to be held without them. You can set a festive tone by lighting diyas or candles at your front door and on your balconies in the evening. This will be very attractive.

Toss in some clean aroma

The pleasant scent of jasmine, which can be enjoyed from a bowl displayed in the living room, can lift the spirits of everyone in the home. Rose petals in water bowls are another option for spreading fragrance.

Cooperation & endurance

It's not easy work to make a big Pookalam. It's often a laborious task that calls for prolonged, steady effort. How challenging the Pookalam is will determine the answer to that question. In order to make sure that the Onam Pookalam is something that everyone can enjoy, it is traditional for everyone in the family to chip in. You could also ask your close friends to help you out with the Onam Pookalam.

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The flower marigold (or jamanthi) is commonly used in Onam Pookalam. These blooms stand out from the crowd because of the rainbow of colors you can find in a single stem. It's often referred to as "the flowers of happiness and color."

This tiny white flower, known as Thumba or Ceylon Slitwort, plays a significant role in the Onam Pookalam celebration. When celebrating Onam's first day, or Pookalam, only the Thumba flower is worn on Attam.

Only five petals in yellow, saffron, white, red, and violet are required for this pattern.

Keralans celebrate Onam more than any other festival. They hold religious services, make Pookalam (a type of rangoli), decorate their homes, compete in boat races, dance, and cook the traditional meal known as Sadhya. A spread of traditional vegetarian dishes, pickles, and desserts are presented on a banana leaf.

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