The Airtel Wonk Music Caller Tune Setup Guide

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The focus of today's entry is Airtel: How to Change the Ringtone

For those who are interested in If you're curious about how to set caller tune in airtel wynk, how to set caller tune in airtel app, or any other options, this article will help you out.

You can use the information provided here to set the ringtone for your Airtel calls.

how to copy caller tune in airtel In order to duplicate an Airtel caller's ringtone, you must first learn how to do so.

The Airtel Prepaid Caller Tune Configuration Guide

Free Caller Tunes for Airtel Sim Cards and How to Set Them In this article, we will explain everything there is to know about it. This article will teach you in a short amount of time how to activate a free caller tune on your Airtel sim. In order to customize your mobile phone with a custom ringtone when a certain person calls you. To learn your Airtel sim number, check out this article.

When discussing telecommunications in India, everyone knows that Airtel is the most well-known brand. Airtel is the most popular mobile network provider in India.

Nonetheless, at the moment, this business has to contend with intense rivalry. For this reason, the firm's clientele (who employ Airtel SIMs) are being showered with a plethora of special deals. As part of this promotion, it is providing Airtel Hello Tune at no cost to its customers. However, there are restrictions attached to this.

Let us be clear, friends: Hello Tune Service is not without cost. If you use the conventional method of activation Your bank account will be automatically debited on a monthly basis. In the range of thirty rupees per month, etc.

However, if you meet Airtel's requirements This means that the Airtel ringtone is completely free to use. Here, we will share with you five methods Which allows you to change your airtel's default "hello" song The first option allows you to freely customize the ringer music. What follows are the five methods that can be used

Airtel Wynk: How to Change the Ringtone

It's only possible to unlock the caller tune feature on an Airtel number with an Android phone. There's an app for that, and you can find it in the Google Play Store. Following the instructions below will enable your caller tune at no cost.

  • Just click the link up top to get this app for your phone.
  • Launch it on your mobile device after installation. Will, if granted, seek your permission to do something.
  • Click to the next page and pick your language of preference. Next, hit the DONE button down here.
  • A switch to nighttime mode can be found in the Just hit the "Go Dark" button.
  • To customize Airtel's Hello Tune further, select Hello Tune from the menu at the top right of your screen.
  • Get in touch with us by entering your phone number here. A one-time password (OTP) will be sent to you; once you've entered it, you can continue.
  • There will be a plethora of musical performances available to you. Find any tune you like by using the search bar.
  • Following that, you choose the "Hello, music" option.
  • When you click, the entire song will play out in its various forms.
  • Choose whichever of these appeals to you. Select the segment you want to use and then hit the Activate For Free button. This will set it as your Airtel caller tune. Greetings, your selection of Tune has been activated.

Consequently, this is how you can activate a free Airtel ringtone.

Calling in to change your caller ringtone.

Smartphones are the only devices that can benefit from the aforementioned technique. Unfortunately, this won't work unless you have an Android phone or a phone that can access a keypad. Thus, the second strategy, which is also the simplest, must be employed. Here are the measures to activate the caller's tune number:

  • First, from your Airtel phone, dial the toll-free number 5787809.
  • A female's voice will now be heard.
  • Press the appropriate buttons to play your preferred or preferred caller tune. Select the appropriate option by pressing the number read aloud
  • You'll soon be given a long list of songs to choose from and the corresponding numerical criteria by which to do so. You can choose any song you want by pressing the corresponding number.

This will activate the Airtel ringtone for your mobile phone.

In Airtel, how do I change the ringtone if I don't have the Wynk Music package?

Friends, this method works for both smart and keypad phones when setting the Airtel Hello Tune.

  • Now, open your phone's messaging app and navigate to the section where you can enter a new text message.
  • In addition, SET    or  Send it as a text message to 54321
  • Which means you'll finally hear back from them after sending that text. The film or music selection that you Greetings in a variety of musical styles can be found in this text message.
  • Send your phone's serial number again to activate the desired ringtone.

After doing so, your Airtel SIM card's ringtone will be activated.

Airtel USSD code for changing the ringtone of a phone call

The fourth option involves using an USSD code to change the ringtone on an Airtel SIM card. Smartphones and mobile phones with keypads can both use this method.

  • To begin, enter the *678# code into your phone's keypad.
  • Thus, from now on, well-known tunes will play in order. Choose any tune you like to play when a call comes in. His serial number is attached.
  • The callers to your number will now be serenaded by this song.

Is There a Way to Record Caller Music on Airtel?

This technique can also be used with both touchscreen and numeric keypad mobile devices. However, if you enjoy listening to someone else's mobile phone's caller tune, You can use that song as your ringtone if you like.

However, whenever you dial his number and hear his caller tune, you should hang up immediately. Simply enter *9 into your phone's keypad to hear the emoji joke. Once you've done that, your phone will begin playing that person's custom tune.


In this article, we address a wide variety of frequently asked questions, including If you've ever googled "how to set caller tune in airtel without wynk music," "how to copy caller tune in airtel," or any variation thereof, then you owe it to yourself to read this post in its entirety.

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