The Basics of Cracking the IAS Exam: An Introduction

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When should you begin studying for the IAS exam? If you want to pass the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE), read this primer.

Millions of Indians have set their sights on a career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). The same holds true for the Indian Foreign Service (IFS), the Indian Police Service (IPS), and so on. The UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) is a single exam used for hiring into 20 different government positions, including the IAS, IPS, IFS, etc.

The entire selection and hiring process is managed by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC).

Frustrated by Not Knowing Where to Begin IAS Study Research the ClearIAS Training Program

There are a variety of classes available through ClearIAS. However, ClearIAS Prelims cum Mains (PCM) Course is the most popular option for freshmen.

The ClearIAS PCM course is an all-encompassing program that compiles all of ClearIAS's tools (video lectures, practice tests, study guides, and more) into one convenient package.

Everything you need to succeed on the UPSC CSE is included in ClearIAS's PCM Course, including:

  • Learn everything you need to know for the UPSC CSE GS Prelims and Mains Exams with instant access to 700 hours of recorded expert classes.
  • Updated (Live or Recorded) Current Events Courses Immediately Available
  • Sessions to Dispel Doubts
  • Tutoring on an Individual Basis
  • Study Guides (PDF) that are Simple to Understand
  • This is the ClearIAS UPSC Online Mock Test Series for the Preliminary Exams.
  • Pass IAS UPSC Exams From Last Year So You Can Advance
  • Help with Interviews and Other Related Topics

For those hopefuls who prefer more modest commitments, we also provide subsets of the PCM Programs. The PMB Program and the PMB Program are two of the most sought-after add-ons.

ClearIAS has conceptualized the TTT Approach to clear IAS - which includes 3 Ts (tools) - textbooks, test series, and techniques - for students who cannot afford the ClearIAS PCM, PMB, or PMB Programs.

For the years 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026, enrollment is now open for the online ClearIAS Prelims and Mains course.

ClearIAS is now accepting students for their online courses, which will be accessible until the end of the UPSC CSE in 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026.

Schedule a Totally Free UPSC Advising Session with a ClearIAS Profession

Have you always wanted to join the Indian Administrative Service, the Indian Police Service, or the Indian Foreign Service?

Do you wish to shock the world by passing the UPSC CSE exam in record time?

Get in touch with a ClearIAS expert mentor today by registering for a free UPSC mentoring session.

Preparing for the IAS: Where to Begin

Step one in UPSC CSE preparation is deciding whether you will study on your own, take practice tests, or enroll in specialized classes.

ClearIAS is useful in every circumstance.

ClearIAS is an online education company that offers courses, practice tests, and other resources to help you prepare for the Civil Service Exam.

If you want to advance in the Government Services (such as IAS, IPS, IFS, etc.), joining the service at a young age is to your advantage.

Time is a valuable commodity, and ClearIAS devotes all of its resources to assisting candidates in achieving their goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

How quickly you want to become an IAS, IPS, or IFS officer will determine which strategy you should use to prepare for the UPSC exam.

Candidates' answers to this question will vary based on their ages, income levels, and how much they place a premium on time.

The Three Best Ways to Study for the UPSC CSE Exam

Aspirants to the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) typically take one of three common approaches.

We'll go over the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

We will then examine ClearIAS's suggestions.

Method 1: Independent Study

Self-study is a viable option for passing the UPSC CSE exam. However, preparing without the aid of expert coaching and adequate resources (the so-called "Text-book based approach") is more time-consuming.

Self-study alone isn't enough to get you a high score on the UPSC CSE exam these days unless you start early.

This is because it takes a very long time - often several years - to completely cover the massive UPSC CSE syllabus through independent study.

Candidates should also have the self-discipline and drive to learn on their own. Most students who study on their own without any sort of supervision lose interest in their studies relatively quickly. Self-study for the UPSC can take a long time, and even those who have been preparing for the exam for three or four years often haven't covered even half of the material.

Those who have only a few hours per day to devote to preparing for the UPSC CSE, such as college students or working professionals, should not rely solely on self-study. They need to find a method that will allow them to efficiently and quickly cover material.

So, while self-study may save money in the long run, it's not a good option for ambitious people who consider their time to be their most precious resource.

Solution 2: Use UPSC Practice Exams to Prepare

Many hopefuls, wise to the value of rehearsal, include practice exams in their study plans.

There is a time savings associated with this 'Test-based Learning' approach compared to the traditional 'Text-based Learning' approach.

We provide aspirants with 40 practice tests on our website as part of our ClearIAS Test-based method.

In this approach, the student is responsible for his or her own education beyond any preparation for mock exams.

While this strategy is more effective than relying solely on textbooks for preparation, learning is accelerated and concentration is improved if students have the opportunity to learn directly from expert faculties, whether they be online or in person.

Method Three: Obtaining Professional UPSC Coaching for Education and Training

Investing in one's education and professional development is not something to be ashamed of.

Students preparing for the UPSC exam can speed up their education with the assistance of coaching services offered both online and off. Years of your youth will be preserved.

This will equip you with everything you need to succeed, including study materials, sample exams, direction, subject-specific expert classes, and test-taking strategies.

To be sure, not all coaches are created equal.

Only a select few online tutoring services offer truly helpful advice and test-focused instruction. However, despite charging aspirants fees totaling several lakhs of rupees, there are countless platforms/institutions that provide no real benefit.

Many older coaching centers use outdated methods that do not help their students succeed in the current UPSC exam.

It is important for hopefuls to remember this before signing up for any coaching.

Stay away from blindly following what the media is portraying as popular.

See if you can judge the teaching standards and the reliability of the professors on your own.

Before enrolling in a program, you can also read reviews written by past top achievers.

Knowledge + Study Skills = Academic Achievement

Perhaps you're familiar with the adage, "It takes two hands to clap." This is also true with regards to doing well on the UPSC CSE.

A sluggish student cannot be transformed into an IAS, IPS, or IFS officer by any online coaching platform.

Good results won't happen unless the student puts in effort that's on par with what's being taught.

Outstanding performance is the result of a combination of individual effort and proper training.

Successful people in every field agree that proper instruction and ample practice are essential for reaching one's full potential. Especially so in the realms of education and testing.

Classes taught by seasoned professors and advice from well-respected mentors are always beneficial for students preparing for competitive exams.

Alex Andrews George, a well-known author and renowned expert in the field of civil service training, is the man at the helm of ClearIAS. His training and teaching methods are unparalleled.

The ClearIAS Team, which includes Mr. Alex Andrews George and 15 other expert faculties, created the Prelims cum Mains (PCM) Program.

We have seen that aspirants who combine their own independent study with ClearIAS's innovative smart-study training have a lot of success.

Many hopefuls praise the ClearIAS Online Classroom Program because of the equal weighting of Knowledge and Exam Skills.

We guarantee that our intensive training and strategic study methods will help you reach your full potential and pass the UPSC CSE exam in record time.

In addition, you'll be able to save a lot of time, energy, and resources by doing this.

The Wise Course of Action Suggested by ClearIAS

Below you will find a list of the seven steps we believe are necessary for candidates to pass the UPSC Services Examination.

It is important to know that the ClearIAS Online Classroom Program (ClearIAS Classes) provides comprehensive instruction and individual mentoring for all phases of UPSC preparation.

To put it simply, ClearIAS has you covered whether you prefer to study on your own or with a smart study guide.

Since its launch in 2012, ClearIAS has become a go-to online resource for exam prep among top candidates.

Check out these testimonials from former ClearIAS online students who went on to rank in the top tier of the UPSC exam.

Different from conventional practices, our methods are Using our expertise, aspiring UPSC CSE engineers can achieve their goals in record time.

ClearIAS's ultimate goal is to ensure that no student is financially unable to compete for an UPSC position.

A fraction of the price of other, more traditional coaching institutes, ClearIAS provides high-quality preparation for the UPSC exam while also improving upon its offerings in several key areas.

In addition to our premium resources that aid in strategic study, ClearIAS offers a wealth of free materials that can be used for independent study.

Essential Resources for the Novice

There are three phases to the UPSC Civil Services Exam.

The UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) consists of three parts.

There is a preliminary (objective) exam, a main (written) exam, and a final (personality) interview.

UPSC CSE Study Plan, as Recommended by ClearIAS

Road map to clear IAS: How should I start UPSC Preparation

1. Enroll in the ClearIAS Virtual Classroom (ClearIAS Classes)

If you want to improve your chances of passing the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE), getting expert advice and training is essential.

Our recommendation for those who are committed to succeeding in the UPSC CSE exam is to supplement their independent study with the cutting-edge instruction offered by ClearIAS.

The Preliminary Exam and the Main Exam have separate schedules.

ClearIAS's Prelims cum Mains (PCM) Integrated Programs are designed for students who want to spend a year preparing for the exam and who want to have a solid foundation in both the Prelims and the Mains.

Almost everything you need to pass the UPSC CSE is included in the ClearIAS Prelims cum Mains (PCM) package.

A combination of live instruction and on-demand video, this is ClearIAS's premier course.

With the ClearIAS Online Classroom Program (ClearIAS Classes), you'll have access to nearly all of the resources you need to succeed in the UPSC CSE, including

  • In-Person Trainings
  • Lectures are Being Videotaped
  • Individualized Guidance from an Experienced Mentor
  • Course Packet (Portable Document Format)
  • Online Mock Exams for the ClearIAS UPSC Preliminary Exam
  • Free UPSC Mains Practice Tests from ClearIAS
  • Answer Writing Exercises for the ClearIAS UPSC Mains Exam
  • Help with Interviews and Other Related Topics

Sign Up for ClearIAS Courses

Make Notes from ClearIAS Courses, Step 2

The ClearIAS Online Courses are conversational discussions.

Please remind your students to use their subject notebooks to record pertinent information presented in class.

Not only does this keep them more engaged in their online courses, but it also aids them greatly when it comes time to learn and review.

Daily review of lecture notes is highly encouraged.

Third, educate oneself independently by reading books (including ClearIAS Notes, NCERT books, and Standard texts).

Aspirants can save a lot of time and effort with ClearIAS, and their preparation is much more laser-focused as a result. On the other hand, relying on one's own research and preparation is, in the end, pivotal to achievement.

We advise aspiring professionals on how to focus their efforts and maintain greater efficiency and self-discipline in our roles as mentors.

Daily ClearIAS Live Classes typically run for 2 hours. If a hopeful devotes eight hours per day to study, he or she will have six hours of free time. In this case, we suggest that aspiring professionals use it for self-study, albeit focused study.

Self-study for the Civil Service Exam requires reading (1) ClearIAS Notes, (2) NCERT Textbooks, and (3) Standard Textbooks.

We advise candidates to follow the ClearIAS Timetable and attend classes Monday through Friday, then take the ClearIAS Mock Exams on the weekends of April and May. Yet, we have a fairly adaptable study schedule. Classes and exams can be attended at the convenience of the student.

Take the ClearIAS Online Mock Exams for the Preliminary Level

Despite popular belief, practice does not lead to mastery. Acquiring expertise requires extensive practice. Coach Vince Lombardi

In order to become acclimated to the standards set by UPSC, aspirants need extensive practice with UPSC CSE Prelims model exams. In this regard, ClearIAS offers four distinct practice test bundles.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you sign up for the ClearIAS Online Classroom Program (Ultimate Plan), you will gain access to all four packages in the ClearIAS Prelims Test Series (worth more than Rs. 10000)

Take ClearIAS Mains Practice Exams 5th Step Hone your ability to compose answers

In order to help students prepare for the UPSC CSE Mains exam, ClearIAS offers Answer Writing Practice (AWP) sessions as part of the ClearIAS Ultimate Plan. Quality enhancement is achieved through instruction and critique from subject matter experts.

We will hold Mains Mock Exams after candidates have had a chance to practice using proper essay format.

The UPSC CSE Mains are modeled after the ClearIAS Mains Mock Test Series, which includes expert commentary on your performance.

The Sixth Step: Study the Supplemental Material

For the CSE Mains exam, UPSC gives students the opportunity to choose one of about fifty optional subjects from the UPSC Syllabus. Examples of such fields are the humanities and social sciences, such as history, geography, politics, anthropology, public administration, etc.

Optional topics differ from candidate to candidate, so ClearIAS does not include them in their Ultimate Plan. Everything is included in the ClearIAS Ultimate Plan except for any optional paper (i.e. tests (CSAT in Prelims, Essay in Mains, and the General Studies section of both) Goal-seekers should focus solely on elective courses. They can choose to take ClearIAS Optional Coaching or study on their own.

ClearIAS Interview Program Participation (Step 7)

Personality development courses are included in ClearIAS Interview Program in order to increase success in the UPSC interview. The ClearIAS Online Classroom Program (Ultimate Plan) includes this as well.

Your bio-data (Detailed Application Form or DAF) is the most crucial part of the interview process for the UPSC. It's best to anticipate the DAF's most pressing concerns. Help with DAF analysis is available from the ClearIAS Team. A list of the 30 most likely questions based on your DAF will be sent to you once you have registered for the ClearIAS Interview program.

Practice your presentation and communication skills with ClearIAS's mock interviews.

Thank you and best wishes

Exam Preparation for the UPSC CSE Exam: Recommended Reading, Practice Exams, and Strategies

ClearIAS TTT Approach to clear UPSC Civil Services Examination

Achieving a passing score on the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) requires an equal amount of knowledge and skills (strategies).

If you are preparing for the UPSC and need a self-study smart-study online portal, check out ClearIAS. Equal weight has been given to both the knowledge and skill components. The ClearIAS Online Classroom Program and the ClearIAS Prelims Online Test Series are two of our most popular and innovative products, and they teach students not only what they need to know, but also how to learn it in the context of an exam.

Joining ClearIAS's online classroom grants you access to all of our recommended products, such as Test Series, textbooks, techniques, and individual guidance.

Top 3 ClearIAS Tips for the UPSC Civil Services Exam

When preparing for the UPSC, we advise aspirants to use the three strategies developed by ClearIAS.

  1. With the ClearIAS Prelims-cum-Main Integrated Approach, we hope to help candidates prepare for both the Preliminary Examination and the Main Examination in a unified fashion. Combine subjects that overlap It is important to identify and learn independently any topics that do not overlap (subject only for Mains). Candidates who use this strategy will have a leg up on those who study the Prelims material alone and will be better prepared for the Main exam.
  2. To get the most out of ClearIAS, we suggest taking a "T-T-T" approach, using 'Textbooks,' 'Testseries,' and 'Techniques' as the backbone of your study plan
  3. Mock exams form the backbone of the ClearIAS preparation program, which is based on the results of actual exams. Aspirants are able to practice for real exams through our training program. With the ClearIAS Test-series, students can study and prepare for the exam at the same time.

Get the (FREE) ClearIAS Mobile Apps Right Now!

Download the ClearIAS Study Guide and ClearIAS Practice Exam Apps App for ClearIAS Courses These three apps provide a wealth of free resources, including study guides and other instructional content. The apps will make your studying very streamlined and efficient.

U.S. Public Service Commission Exam Schedules

The UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exam is typically held in June. Most students take the big test in September. To complete the Personality Test will take nearly three months. February–April is when UPSC holds the CSE interview (or personality test).

UPSC 2022

On February 2, 2022, the UPSC will announce the date and location of the upcoming 2022 Civil Services Exam. From February 02, 2022, to February 22, 2022, you can submit your application to the UPSC CSE 2022.

  • Date of the UPSC CSE 2022 Preliminaries is Sunday, June 5, 2022.
  • The date for the UPSC CSE 2022 Main Exam is set for September 16 (in five days' time).
  • The expected UPSC CSE 2022 interview dates are January-March 2023.
  • To be announced in April 2023, the official date for the UPSC CSE 2022 results.

See the UPSC Examination Schedule for 2022 for more information.

UPSC 2023

There will be a public announcement of the 2023 UPSC Civil Services Exam on February 1, 2023. The application period for UPSC CSE 2023 is from February 1st, 2023, to the 21st, 2023.

  • The UPSC CSE 2023 preliminary examination will be held on Sunday, May 28, 2023.
  • The date for the main exam for the UPSC CSE in 2023 is set for Friday, September 15th.
  • The expected UPSC CSE 2023 interview dates are January-March 2024.
  • The anticipated date for the release of the UPSC CSE 2023 final results is April 2024.

Please refer to the UPSC Examination Schedule 2023 for further information.

A first-time user of ClearIAS com Learn more about the tried-and-true methods of self-study and online preparation that we employ to help our clients pass the IAS.

You've found the perfect place to further your education.

One of the most user-friendly websites is ClearIAS. There are more than a million aspiring civil servants visiting the ClearIAS website every single month.

Our homepage features direct links to the vast majority of our available resources, including study guides, PDFs, practice tests, and tutorials. They're conveniently located in the top and bottom menu bars, as well as as homepage icons.

These are some of our most frequently visited pages:

Success on the UPSC Civil Services Exam: A Primer (PDF)

UPSC Civil Services Exam - The Beginner's Guide to Clear IAS Exam (PDF)

In addition to the aforementioned materials, ClearIAS also offers the downloadable PDF "UPSC Civil Services Exam - The Beginner's Guide to Success." This ebook is available for free download right now.

You can find answers to nearly all of your questions about the UPSC Civil Services Exam (CSE) in the ClearIAS Beginner's Guide ebook (PDF). These include the following:

  • The UPSC Exam Format for Civil Services
  • Prepare for the IAS Exam: Where to Begin
  • Tips for passing UPSC CSE with Only Self-Study and Online Preparation
  • Success-Proven Methods
  • Plan of Attack for Victory
  • Combined and Integrated Strategy for the Preliminary and Final Exams
  • Eligibility for the IAS Exam
  • Guidelines for the UPSC Physical Exam
  • Important Updates Regarding the Upcoming UPSC Civil Services Exam

The ClearIAS PDF ebook "UPSC Civil Services Exam - The Beginner's Guide to Success" can be a major turning point in your preparation for the exam.

The PDF is available for free download here.

How to Pass the IAS Preliminary Exam (Selected Posts): A Comprehensive Overview for Newcomers by the Union Public Service Commission

Follow the category Civil Services Prelims for updates on the latest analysis and articles related to the Preliminary Exam.

Exam (Selected Posts) from the Union Public Service Commission: A Primer for First-Time Takers

Follow the category Civil Services Mains for more analysis and articles on the Main Exam.

How to Pass the Personality Test for Selective Service Positions (UPSC CSE): A Primer for Aspiring Civil Servants

Main Exam Analysis and Articles - Civil Services Interview is where you should go to get your fix.

Simply give us a call or send us an email, we're here to assist you in any way we can.

Feel free to rely on us for assistance.

To get in touch with our guides, feel free to dial one of the following numbers or send them a "ping" (WhatsApp):

  1. 9656621000
  2. 9656731000
  3. 9656061000

Send an email to [email protected] if you'd like to get in touch.

We promise to return as soon as humanly possible.

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