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New customers are required to complete a Registration process, the specifics of which are outlined in the following paragraph, before they can access the policy-related information.

Registering a New User:

All new users are required to visit -> click on Login to Customer portal -> click on New user or visit Customer portal Login Page and -> click on Sign Up option to register into the customer portal to get all information related to their policy (including Online premium payment You can do everything from applying for a loan to updating your contact information, policy, and bonuses online. )


  • Insurance policy serial number (found on the policy bond),
  • Paid-in-Fast Premium (as shown on the bond),
  • The Insured Person's Birth Date (which must be the same as the Policy Bond Insured Person's Birth Date),
  • Identifier for a Mobile Device,
  • Email ID


Individual policyholder enrollment (Sign Up) page

1) Fill Out the Policy Information i e , Tax-free Installment Premium and Policy Number (please see Bond for details). (This date must be the same as the one listed on the policy bond.) *Birth Date 2) Provide your mobile phone number and email address for future correspondence (these must be active and unlinked to any other profiles in the customer portal). Third, if you have them, enter your PAN and passport number. 4) Pick the Correct Gender and Double-Check Your Information

Five) Verify the Declaration stating that

"I hereby attest that the mobile phone number listed above is mine and that I am the owner and primary user of said number." To receive communications from LIC at the mobile number provided above, I hereby give my consent.

Select "Proceed" to continue*

6) An immediate warning will appear as

After registering, "you can re-verify the details by clicking on the verification link sent to Email ID."

To continue, select the OK button. The seventh step is to confirm your email address and phone number. is required to join Premier Services 8) Enter and re-enter your password, making sure to follow the guidelines.

You can now access the customer portal using the credentials you created when you registered.

If the policyholder successfully registers, a confirmation email will be sent automatically.

          Note:* If you don't remember your password after clicking "proceed" in Step 6, you can reset it using the "Forgot Password" link.

Password rules

  • To protect your account, your password needs to be between 6 and 16 characters long. A minimum of one uppercase, one lowercase, one numeric, and one special character is required. Allowing for Non-Latin Characters , @, #, $, %, &, *, (, ),_
  • No part of your first name should be included in your password.
  • Start your password with a letter, number, or symbol at most.
  • One's password is something that should be secret and only known by one person.

Information denoted with an asterisk (*) is required and cannot be left empty.



Advantages (such as Online Loan Request, Online Mode Change, Address Change, Online Ulip Fund Switch, etc.) are available to registered users of the customer portal. (With the aid of top-tier assistance,

Please follow the New user registration guidelines if this is your first time logging into the customer portal.



  • Insurance policies on your life and the lives of your minor children are eligible for our premier services.
  • In order to sign up for Premier Services, you must verify both your email address and phone number.


  • A signed registration form (from Step 2),
  • Personal Identification Number (PAN)/Passport Scan (for KYC)


  • Anyone who wants to use Premier Services must first register for them.
  • To sign up for Premier Services, customers must visit the Customer Portal Login Page and enter their login information.
  • Click "Service Request" on the homepage, then "Premier Service Registration" from the drop-down menu. The following page will detail the terms and conditions of the Premier Service Registration, as well as the steps you must take to complete it. Here are the measures to take:
Method 1: Fill Out An Application
Two: Download or Print the Form
Step 3: Submit and Track Your Form
A. Fill Out An Application
  • On the following page, you'll see your profile info as well as a list of policies that qualify for premier services and a list of policies that do not (and the reasons why).
  • After selecting Generate Registration Form and clicking Ok, a Service Request ID will be generated for all applicable policies.

Phase 2: Form Printing/Saving
  • Please access the Registration Form in the following page by clicking on
Instruction 2: Choose to Print or Save the Form
  • Get a copy of the form to double-check the info and policies that qualify.
  • Put your signature on this registration form, and then scan it. *
  • Check identification by scanning PAN/passport *
        Note: * Allowed file types include PNG, PDF, JPG, JPEG, and GIF, with a maximum 100kb size limit.

Step Three: Submit and Track Your Form

"Third Step: Upload and Submit Files"
  • Please upload the following files in the next page.
2) Choose Identification proof(PAN/PASSPORT) and upload the scanned ID. 1) Select and choose scanned Registration form with signature.

Select the Upload button

  • When files are uploaded successfully, a notification will appear.
  • Please click "view documents" on the following page to double-check your submitted paperwork.
  • Make a submission by pressing the button. Indicating that "Premier services request submitted successfully," the alert will be displayed.
  • To confirm your registration, we'll send an email or text message to the address or number you provided.

Maintain Request Status
  • Service Request > Track Request Status lets you monitor the standing of your request.
  • Premier Service Registration" and "ALL" for the status category.
  • When you select View, the current status and details of your service request will be displayed.
  • To check out the files, you can view the uploads by clicking the view documents button.
        Note: No more than 10 qualifying policies may be included in a single request for our premium service. Please submit a new request if your list of policies is larger than 10.

Experiencing Difficulties Check out the Troubleshooting Guide if you're having issues.

To contact us online if you have any questions that were not addressed in the Troubleshoot Help section, please visit

For more information, please call the LIC Helpline at 91-02268276827.
English, Hindi, and 8 other regional languages are now supported for round-the-clock service.

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