The Indian Bank Balance Enquiry Number, Indian Bank Balance Check Number, and the Indian Bank Missed Call Number

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New Balance Enquiry Service via Missed Call and SMS at Indian Bank Balance Check Number 91 92895 92895 You can check your Indian bank account balance via missed call, SMS, passbook, ATM, IndOASIS mobile app, Indpay mobile app, customer care, UPI, WhatsApp, USSD, and net banking by visiting https://www. indianbank net in…

The Indian Bank is the country's largest government-owned financial institution. Based on regulations set forth by the Reserve Bank of India, the bank offers a full range of banking services to its customers. In addition, customers can use missed call banking and short message service banking to ask a variety of questions via phone banking. People who need immediate access to their account balance can use phone banking services to do so.

Note that customers who switched from Allahabad Bank to Indian Bank can still use the same missed call banking number to check their accounts and use the same Indian Bank services.

Number to Verify Indian Bank Account Balance

The Indian Bank Account Number for Inquiring About Your Balance

The bank introduced universal support numbers (Toll-Free) so that customers could access various enquiries and check their account balances via missed calls. Customers of Indian Banks can check their remaining account balances via a variety of different channels, including Missed Call Banking, SMS Banking, USSD, WhatsApp, and others, by using the Indian Bank Balance Check Number.

  • For free customer service, dial 1800 4250 0000.
  • Bank Call Not Answered? Dial 91 92895 92895
  • To send a banking SMS, dial 94443-94443.
  • USSD Code for Checking a Balance is *99#
  • No Bank Number for WhatsApp:.

Determine Your Indian Bank Account Balance

Customers with Savings or Current Accounts can see their account balance and transaction history at any time. The Indian Bank offers a variety of options for checking the balance of a given account. In India, you can check your bank account balance online or by phone using the methods provided.

  • Printing of ID Cards
  • ATM Center
  • Money Transfer via Text Message
  • Financial Services for Missed Calls
  • Money Transfers Via WhatsApp
  • A Brief Description of the US Short Code Service
  • The Art of Caring For Customers
  • This is the IndOASIS Mobile Application.
  • A Mobile App for Indpay
  • Online Bank Transactions
  • Sending a Bank Email

Toll-Free Missed Call Number for Indian Bank

In less than a minute, you can get your account balance by using missed call banking. If a customer doesn't know their account number, they can still see their balance by giving a missed call. You can use your registered mobile number to access the Phone banking services whenever you like, free of charge. Any regular phone can be used to check a balance via the Indian Bank Missed Call Number 91 92895 92895.

What Number Do I Dial to Get My Indian Bank Balance?

The following are the steps for customers of All Bank to use the missed call feature to check their account balance.

  1. Before making a purchase, customers must provide their phone number to Indian Bank.
  2. The customer should then call 91 92895 92895 to speak with an Indian Bank representative.
  3. An SMS containing the customer's current account balance will be sent to the customer's registered mobile number immediately after the customer places a missed call to the bank.

Your Indian Bank Account Balance, Available for Verification via Telephone

Customers can also check their account balances by calling the toll-free number 1800 4250 0000 and selecting the appropriate IVRS option. Dial 1800 4250 0000 to hear about your account balance. , select your language, and then follow the IVR prompts to submit your question.

After that, you'll be connected to a verified bank server that can give you your account balance right over the phone; if you're unhappy with the automated menu options, you can always speak with a real person.

The Easiest Way to View Your Indian Bank Account Balance Online

Send an email from the address associated with your bank account to [email protected] and ask to be added to the bank's balance-checking mailing list. Call the customer service number if you want to check your account balance.

An SMS Guide to Checking Your Indian Bank Balance

The Indian Bank's SMS banking service allows you to check your balance and view transaction history, among other features. Follow these steps to receive an SMS with your current Indian Bank account balance:

  1. After you have registered, you will receive a message saying whether or not your registration was successful. Indian Bank now supports both sending and receiving SMS messages.
  2. To get your current account balance, send the text message "BALAVL" from your registered phone number to 94443.
    • Use Short Message Service (SMS) Banking to learn more about the Balance Inquiry feature.

The Indian Bank Online Balance Checking Procedure

  1. Any Indian Bank customer can check their account balance by logging in at https://www. indianbank net in
  2. Next, the client must go to the 'net banking' section and enter their login credentials.
  3. After signing into your online banking account, you can check your current balance.
  4. In addition, a net banking feature allows you to view your account activity, print a summary of your transactions, and more.
    • Learn More About Net Banking Balance Checks

Instructions for Checking Your Account Balance Using the IndMobile Mobile App

Indian Bank's mobile banking and UPI apps allow you to view account balances.

By texting "IndMobile" to our mobile banking service number from his phone, users will be directed to the official download link for the app (9444394443). And you can get the J2MEIndian Bank Mobile Banking app via USB/GPRS from the bank's website.

IndOASIS - Indian Bank Mobile Banking and Indpay are both available for download.

Both Google Play and the App Store host the Indian Bank Mobile app, but the desktop version is exclusive to Google Play. There are a total of 12 Indian languages supported by the UPI app offered by Indian banks.

  1. Enter your MPIN or Biomatrics to access the IndPay app.
  2. Enter your debit card details here so we can verify your account.
  3. Both the Master Password and Transaction PIN can be customized by the user.
    • Find out more about Mobile Apps that Allow You to View Your Bank Balance

Indian Bank Passbook Balance Checking Instructions

The account's passbook contains a complete record of all transactions; it should be updated regularly at local branches to reflect the most accurate balance. Learn More about Passbook Bank Balance Checking Here!

Methods for Checking your ATM Balance at an Indian Bank

Users need only visit an ATM to see their current account balance. In order to easily check their balance, users will need to follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Put your ATM or debit card from an Indian bank into the machine.
  2. Put in your four-digit Indian Bank ATM PIN.
  3. To check your account balance, choose that option from the pull-down.
  4. Your Indian Bank account balance will be displayed, and a receipt will be printed out for your convenience by the ATM.
    • Find out more about Automated Teller Machine Account Verification here!

Learn the Ins and Outs of UPI Balance Checks at Your Indian Bank

Unfortunately, at the moment, the Indian Bank UPI app is only available on smartphones. Customers should make sure they meet the minimum prerequisites for registering for an Indian Bank UPI account before beginning the registration process. Clients keep up this practice

  • You can get the BHIM Indian Bank UPI app on your iPhone right now.

Here is Indian Bank's UPI account opening procedure.

  1. The first thing to do is, as was mentioned before, to get the UPI app from the Google Playstore.
  2. Customers will be able to select their language of choice once the program has been downloaded.
  3. After entering the customer's phone number, the system will verify it by pressing the "SEND SMS" button.
  4. A profile registration page will be shown to the customer after their mobile number has been verified.
  5. To create a UPI id, it must be filled out in its entirety with all mandatory fields.
  6. The next thing to do is select a username and password for the UPI account.
  7. The four-digit UPI password must be re-entered for verification.
  8. After that process completes, the user's UPI ID is made.
  9. The following phase entails linking the client's existing bank accounts to the UPI account created earlier.
  10. Customer service representatives will ask for the last six digits of the customer's debit card linked to the bank account associated with their UPI Id.
  11. Customers who have just added the necessary bank accounts will receive an email confirming the transaction.
  12. Upon receiving such a notification, customers are free to conduct any banking transaction enabled by the Indian Bank UPI app.
    • Find out more about UPI's Bank Balance Checking Service here.

The USSD Code Method for Verifying Your Indian Bank Account Balance

  1. Get your bank to recognize your mobile number.
  2. Simply enter *99# into your phone's access code to gain access.
  3. Pick whichever language is easiest for you to understand.
  4. To send money to an overseas account, type the first three letters of the IFSC code, also known as the two-digit bank code, and then click Send.
  5. To do things like view your current balance or a brief summary of your account history, for instance, you can now do so by following the on-screen prompts.
    • To find out more about USSD Codes and How to Check Your Bank Balance,

Indians Can Now Check Their Bank Account Balances on WhatsApp!

Currently, Indian Bank does not support WhatsApp banking. If the Reserve Bank of India implements WhatsApp A customer's bank balance can be accessed in a few easy steps.

  1. You can use the Whatsapp Banking Number 'XXXXXXXXX' by entering it into your contact
  2. Then, fire up WhatsApp and send a simple "Hi" to your friends.
  3. In response, the bank will provide a list of available menu items.
  4. Inquiring about a balance? Choose the appropriate response option and click it.
  5. In that case, your current available balance will be reflected in your WhatsApp reply.

Get the full scoop on How to Check Bank Balance via WhatsApp by calling the bank's toll-free number or stopping by a local branch.

You should check the official website for the most up-to-date information; we cannot be held liable for any errors or omissions in the information provided above.

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