The Most Recent Information on Switching from Airtel to Jio.

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As India enters the information age, the advantages we reap depend in large part on our choice of telecommunications provider. Furthermore, you may want to switch network providers as almost every month a new plan or benefit is introduced by a different provider. However, why bother with the inconvenience of dialing in new numbers? Number portability makes it possible to switch service providers while keeping existing phone numbers. Jio, like many other telecommunications companies, advertises a variety of plans and offers to potential customers over the course of several years; one of these features is the availability of number porting.

Summary :

If you are currently an Airtel customer and are thinking about switching to Jio, you don't have to worry about losing your mobile number. With mobile number portability, you can switch your network provider without losing your phone number. Find out what you can do to help in the next section!

The meaning of MNP (Mobile Number Portability)

By allowing you to keep your mobile phone number even if you switch carriers, "mobile portability" has become increasingly popular in recent years. Users typically switch using mobile number portability when they are unhappy with their current service provider.

When Switching From Airtel To Jio, Here's What You Need To Know

Mobile number portability requires an active SIM card connection that has been in use for at least 90 days prior to the portability request. If the SIM card has been recently ported to the current network provider, the request will be denied.

To Transfer Your Mobile Phone Number, You Will Need These Documents

  • Aadhar card, driving license, PAN card, or voter ID all suffice as acceptable forms of identification that verify a person's residential address.
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Switch from Airtel to Jio with the MyJio app.

A ported SIM card can be delivered right to your door if you order it online, solving the problem of how to port your number from Airtel to Jio without sending an SMS or visiting a store. However, at this time Jio SIM online booking is only available for post-paid subscribers. Follow these instructions to transfer your mobile number from Airtel to Jio via the MyJio app:

  1. To get started, get the free MyJio app from Google Play or the App Store. Navigate to the "Not a Jio User" section. in the app's settings
  2. A prompt will appear, and you should choose the option to "Port-in to Jio."
  3. The next step is to input your full name and the 10-digit mobile number you wish to port.
  4. Once you have entered both pieces of information, click the "Generate OTP" button.
  5. Another form will appear after you enter your OTP. Your locality, zip code, and home address will all be required. When you are finished with this form, please confirm by clicking the button.
  6. At this point, a Jio representative will call you to verify the information you provided on the form and arrange delivery of the ported SIM card.
  7. You'll need to discuss the MNP feature with them and specify whether you'd prefer a prepaid or postpaid plan.

The Jio Guide to Porting Your Airtel Number com

If you want to switch from Airtel postpaid to Jio through their official website, you can do so by following the steps below.

  1. To activate Jio services, enter your 10-digit mobile number on the company's official website.
  2. Select the option to "Generate OTP."
  3. Then, a six-digit one-time password (OTP) will be sent to your cell phone. Simply key in the OTP and hit the "Validate" button to proceed.
  4. After that, you'll be taken to a page where you can enter your address information (including landmark, full address, PIN, city, etc.).
  5. To send in your request for a replacement SIM card, please click the "confirm" button.
  6. A Jio representative will call you after you submit the form to verify your contact information and arrange delivery of your ported SIM card.

Ask about the MNP service and specify whether you want a postpaid or prepaid SIM card from the agent.

Guide to Offline Airtel to Jio Number Portability

Here are the steps you need to take offline to transfer your Airtel number to a Jio SIM card:

  1. Text the word "Port" to the number 1900. Sending "Port 123456789" to the number 1900 is one example.
  2. After that, you'll get a message containing the UPC and its expiration date starting in 1901.
  3. Stop by a Jio store with identification showing your current address, a photo ID, and your UPC code.

If you're thinking about switching from Airtel to Jio (Prepaid), here's what you need to know.

If you want to keep your remaining data, minutes, and validity on your Airtel SIM card after switching to Jio, you should perform the porting as close to the end of your current Airtel pack as possible. Don't expect any leftover balance to be transferred to your new Jio SIM card.

Transferring Your Number from Airtel to Jio (Postpaid): What You Need to Know

  • Before applying for a Jio SIM card, make sure all outstanding balances on your Airtel SIM card have been paid in full.
  • After you've ported your number to a new SIM, you can pay a small fee to cover any overage charges that may have accrued.

When Switching From Airtel To Jio, How Long Does It Take?

You shouldn't expect to wait longer than three days to activate your new number if you're porting it within the same telecom circle. When moving to a new telecom circle, the process typically takes five business days. You can stay calm, as the continuity of your service and connection will not be affected by this.

It could take up to 15 days for the full procedure to be finalized if you are a resident of Jammu and Kashmir, Assam, or the Northeast. Once again, neither the services nor the connection will be disrupted.

Is It Safe To Assume That Porting Is Done

Your Airtel mobile service will cease to function once the porting process is complete. After this, a text message will be sent to your phone with the porting date and time. A 5-digit PIN for Jio's phone verification service will be sent to your cell phone in this message. To give just one example: "The transfer of your number to Jio will be finalized on April 5th, 2022." You can finish the procedure by entering the OTP 12345. ’

After the porting process is finished and your Airtel SIM is no longer receiving a signal, you can remove it from your device. Switch to the Jio SIM you've likely received by now. The following step is to call 1977 from your Jio SIM and enter the 5-digit PIN you received earlier to complete the phone verification process.

Until Now, Porting Has Been a Pain

Because of the rising level of competition among India's leading network providers, customers in India now have an abundance of options from which to choose. If you're considering switching from Airtel to Jio due to the cheaper plans available through Jio, you can do so quickly and easily by visiting the Jio website, downloading the MyJio app, or going into any of the company's physical locations. Check out our tutorials if you want to learn more tips and tricks about optimizing your network connection for communication.

Changing your service provider from Airtel to Jio could cost you up to INR 19 (about $0.3)

If you're staying within the same telecom circle, your ported number should be active within three business days of validation, per FCC rules. Transitioning to a new telecom circle could take up to five business days. Currently, there will be no interruptions to your services.

Access JioCare through the MyJio app. By selecting the "Track" tab, you can quickly view a history of your requests and their current status.

To find out about the most recent deals, visit your nearest store or download the MyJio app.

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