The PAN Card Must Be Returned.

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As of the 9th of April, 2022

Possession of multiple PAN cards is now illegal, so anyone with more than one must give them up. As stated in the Income Tax Act, a single PAN card is all that an individual is permitted to possess. In addition, non-resident aliens who are leaving the country and are not obligated to pay taxes should return their PAN card.

It is possible to surrender a PAN card either online or by mail. In this piece, we'll cover the steps required to surrender a PAN card, as well as some helpful hints for doing so, for both individuals and businesses.

Introduction and Table of Contents

Duplicate PAN cards can exist for an individual or business either because of an application's multiple submissions or an administrative oversight. If a person has more than one PAN card, they must turn in all of them immediately.

Tips for Reporting a Lost or Stolen PAN Card Online

In order to cancel your PAN card online, you must do the following:

  • Check out the NSDL's official site!
  • Pick "Changes or Correction in existing PAN Data/Reprint of PAN Card (No changes to existing PAN Data)" from the "Application Type" drop-down menu.
  • Please complete the form below and select the 'Submit' button. The request will be registered once the form is submitted, at which point a token number will be generated. Your email address, which you provided in the form, will be contacted.
  • Make a note of the token number in case you need it. Click the "Continue with PAN Application Form" button to proceed.
  • Next, you'll be taken to a new page. At the top of the page, select the option that reads "Submit scanned images through "E-Sign."
  • Enter your PAN number in the bottom left corner of the form.
  • Please complete the following form with your contact, personal, and other relevant information.
  • Scroll down and enter the PANs you wish to cancel in the spaces provided. Following that, click the "Next" button.
  • Select the form of proof of residence, date of birth, and identity you'd like to submit on the following screen.
  • The next step is to upload scanned copies of your signature, legal documents, and identification. You or your authorized representatives must sign the receipt of acknowledgement upon requesting the return of a PAN card. A director of a corporation and a partner in a limited liability partnership (LLP) are two such examples.
  • The application preview will be available after you have submitted the information. Remember to double-check everything and make any necessary changes. If not, payments should be initiated.
  • You may pay by any of the following methods: demand draft, bank transfer, internet banking, or credit card.
  • You can check out the receipt that can be downloaded after you've paid. Keep and print out the receipt for future use. In addition, it can serve as evidence that payment was made.
  • Send a hard copy of your acknowledgement to NSDL e-Gov with two passport-sized color photos from within the past year attached.
  • Be sure to write "Application for PAN cancellation" and the acknowledgement number clearly on the outside of the envelope before sending it.
  • Include the acknowledgment in your envelope containing the demand draft and all other required materials and send them to the NSDL e-Gov address.

The Conventional Method of Returning a Second PAN Card

  • To apply for a new PAN card or to make any necessary changes or corrections to your existing PAN information, please fill out the "Request For New PAN Card Or Forms are available for download from NSDL's website.
  • Drop off your completed application and copies of supporting documents at your neighborhood NSDL collection center.
  • A confirmation slip will be sent to you after you have submitted the form. The NSDL office requires this slip. Within 15 days of submitting your request, your letter should arrive at the appropriate office.
  • Send a letter to the Assessing Officer explaining the situation with the duplicate PAN and asking for its cancellation. The Assessing Officer can request proof that the taxpayer doesn't have any other PAN cards besides the one currently in use.
  • Another option is to write a letter to the local Income Tax Assessing Officer in your area, outlining the specifics of the duplicate PAN and requesting its cancellation. Submit the letter to your local tax office by hand or mail, and be sure to keep the receipt number.

Due to a government mandate, which states that Aadhaar cards and PAN have to be linked, having multiple PAN cards is likely to result in a penalty. Section 139A of the Income Tax Act of 1961 states that a taxpayer may only hold a single PAN card at any given time. In this subsection, we lay out the criteria for obtaining a PAN card.

If a taxpayer is found to be in possession of more than one PAN card, they will be subject to a 10,000 fine per Section 272B of the Income Tax Act. Through the Protean eGov Technologies Limited portal, a person who has more than one card can fill out the PAN correction form and have their extra cards cancelled. An acknowledgment will be sent to you once the form has been filled out and the payment has been made.

Individuals can also complete the process offline by submitting the form at their local Protean eGov Technologies Limited collection center. Make the payment and submit a letter to the appropriate Assessing Officer in your area.

Returning a Deceased Person's PAN Card

When a PAN cardholder passes away, their surviving loved ones must notify the local Income Tax Officer in writing. There must also be documentation showing the reason for surrender (the holder's death in this case) and the holder's death certificate. A PAN card number, name, birth date, etc., are also required. When a Non-Resident Indian (NRI) dies, their PAN card is surrendered in the same manner as it is for the deaths of Indian nationals.

Company, Partnership, or Firm PAN Card Revocation

  • Visit the NSDL homepage.
  • Please provide the requested information in the online form.
  • Please provide the required PAN details to be cancelled in item 11 of the form.
  • Examine the form carefully to make sure it is error-free. After that, proceed with your payment via net banking or debit/credit card.
  • Get a copy of the form's acknowledgement receipt after you've submitted it.
  • Include the deed of dissolution (if applicable) with your receipt of acknowledgment. In addition to submitting a copy of the PAN card and a covering letter explaining why you are surrendering it, you must also submit the original PAN card.
  • Include all required paperwork and mail it to the "NSDL e-Gov at Income Tax PAN Services Unit"
  • You will be notified once the request has been fulfilled.

Partnership Firm or Company PAN Card Turnover - Offline

  • Write to the Income Tax Officer in the state or province where the company or firm filed its taxes. Clearly state in the letter that the PAN card is being returned because the company is being dissolved.
  • Please submit a copy of the deed stating the company's dissolution, the PAN card, and the acknowledgement of return filing for the cessation of operations.
  • Send the documents and letter to the Income Tax Officer, and make sure you keep a copy of the acknowledgment you get from the tax office.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

You can return your PAN card by going to the NSDL TIN facilitation center or by visiting the TIN-NSDL website.

Due to the uniqueness of the PAN card's 10-digit number, possessing multiple PAN cards is illegal. It is therefore advised that any additional PAN cards be turned in.

Filing a PAN cancellation form through the official NSDL website is the way to voluntarily give up your PAN card.

An individual's identity, address, and photograph must all be submitted with their PAN application, and all of these items must be self-attested.

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