The Ultimate Guide for Companies Looking to Sell on Meesho

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One of the largest online marketplaces in the country, Meesho provides a venue for vendors to display their wares for sale. It's a great place to start for anyone interested in establishing an online store.

The platform is user-friendly and gives you access to a large pool of potential clients. The year is 2022, and Meesho com received There were 17.8M users who spent an average of 13:18 per session.  

Here is a detailed guide that explains how to sell on Meesho and lists the many advantages of using the service.

If you're a vendor, what are the benefits of using Meesho?

  • If you're an entrepreneur, Meesho is the place for you. also, housewives who are looking to launch a web-based enterprise on a shoestring budget
  • For those who are selling on Meesho, there is no commission fee.
  • Meesho's product listing and sale process is straightforward.
  • Among online retailers, Meesho has the most affordable shipping rates.
  • Meesho allows inexperienced vendors and small businesses to reach out to a sizable population of buyers

What to do if you want to make money on Meesho

A supplier account on Meesho is the first step in the registration process. meesho com To create an account, you'll need to provide information like:

  • Contact information, including phone and email
  • Number used for GST registration
  • Proof of a current, linked bank account and GST number

If you have an online store, after submitting the above information, you can enter the name of your business and the address where customers can pick up their orders.

Exactly What Is the Meesho Vendor Board

The Meesho Supplier Panel can be accessed at: supplier. meeshosupply After completing the above steps to create an account, you can then access com.  

All the information you need to launch and run your business on Meesho is accessible from the dashboard. You'll need to list your products, manage stock, take orders, and keep tabs on payments.

With Meesho, you can sell to over 700 different categories and over 24,000 different zip codes in India.

Your product catalogs must follow Meesho's policies, so be sure to read over the legal and policies section in the panel.

The Steps to Adding a Catalogue

The items you plan to sell are listed in a catalogue. One or many catalogs can be uploaded at once. However, there needs to be at least one and no more than nine products of the same kind in each catalogue.

You can upload a catalogue containing nine shirts if you're only selling shirts, but if you're also selling pants, you'll need to upload a different catalogue.

After 72 hours of being uploaded, the products become available for purchase.

To upload a catalogue, choose the proper category first, then add the images. Image specifications are detailed in the provider panel.

Details like price, description, and GST must accompany every product listing.  

Better exposure and more orders from prospective buyers are the results of uploading five to seven catalogues, each containing three to four products.

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Methods for obtaining directives from Meesho

With Meesho, you can reach India's staggering 11 crore customers. Learn how to lure in customers by following these suggestions.

Books and other catalogues After posting 5–7 catalogs, you should start receiving orders. The higher the number, the more likely it is that potential customers will take notice of your goods.

Establishing a Rate When determining a fair price, it's important to think about things like product costs and profit margins. For increased sales, it's also a good idea to offer competitive pricing.

By making use of the suggested-price feature: For better product exposure and sales, you can use this resource to set reasonable prices.

For the purpose of product selection: Including products with cutting-edge specs or exclusive selling points in your catalog can attract more shoppers to your business.

Supply Chain Management via Meesho

If a seller has a new order through Meesho, they will receive an email and a notification in their Meesho Supplier Panel.

Meesho uses a logistics partner to handle all of its shipments, and it promises low shipping rates on all of its products.  

The following are the procedures for placing an order via the Meesho Supplier Panel:

  1. Just do what we say
  2. Get the label and the manifest here.
  3. Collect the items, pack them, and label them.
  4. Give these to Meesho's shipping agent.

What does Meesho's pricing look like

Meesho is a lucrative marketplace for merchants because it does not take a cut of their sales from any of its product categories.

The Cost of Registration

You can open a seller account on Meesho at no cost and there is no registration fee.

Fee for Collection

Your total sale price is deposited into your account by Meesho, free of any fees associated with the payment gateway or cash on delivery purchases. No product has a required collection fee.


Meesho does not impose any fees for order modifications or cancellations.

You can track the status of your settlement on the Meesho Supplier Panel, and the money will be deposited into your bank account no later than 7 days after the order has been delivered.

Send it with Meesho!

Meesho boasts the lowest shipping rates in the industry, and it works with a wide variety of logistics providers to guarantee prompt pick-up and delivery for its vendors.

  • In the event that the customer requests a return, the seller will be responsible for paying the cost of shipping the product back to them.
  • If the order cannot be fulfilled and is processed as an RTO, the seller will not be responsible for paying any additional shipping costs.
  • Tools are provided to the sellers to monitor and control the RTO and return costs.

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Yes, Meesho is useful. Internet-based stores to flourish on the system, and to provide a wide range of options for efficient product promotion. Your company can be revolutionized by the tools, services, and customer base that are made available to you through an online marketplace.

If you're going to sell something, even if it's just on Meesho, you should definitely set up a website and start communicating with your customers directly. Having a website allows you to provide customers with more convenient access to your products and services and fosters a deeper emotional connection to your brand.

In addition, with the proper online payment gateway, selling via a website is a breeze. Online Bill Pay with Paytm for instance, is a reliable option with top-tier transactional success rates and cutting-edge technological backbone, guaranteeing that your clients will always be able to complete their purchases without a hitch.  

Brand recognition and sales can benefit from accepting payments online, no matter the size of your company.

The Paytm Payment Gateway Is The Way To Go

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