Tips and Tricks to Achieve High Scores in CBSE Class 10 Board Examinations.

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Students who are getting ready for the CBSE Class-10 board exams often ask for advice to create a successful study plan that will ensure they excel in the examination. Given that the marks they score in these tests determine the category or stream they will study for Class 12, it’s a legitimate concern.

To do well in the board exams, students need to study tirelessly for long hours. But they should also use some intelligent study tips to improve their overall preparation strategies. If you're looking to prep for the Class 10 board exam, this article will assist you in doing so. So, keep reading to learn:

  • Tips To Boost Scores in CBSE Class 10 Board Exams:

Maximizing Your Scores: Tips and Tricks for CBSE Class 10 Board Exams

With board exams approaching, students may feel anxious and stressed. They must complete the CBSE Class 10 syllabus promptly and reserve a month for revisions while also understanding the exam format.

Here are some tips and tricks that CBSE exam candidates can use to improve their exam scores. Take a look:

  • 1. Give Extra Attention to Challenging Subjects:

Knowing the subjects and the level of preparation required to complete the syllabus promptly is one of the most critical CBSE board exam tips. Establishing a smart study plan and designating a beneficial number of hours for each subject/topic/chapter to be completed within a specific time frame can help you stay on track, focus on each element equally, and achieve your targets in time.

2. Rely on NCERT Books:

Candidates for CBSE Board exams often refer to various study materials and other books to leave no stone unturned for their preparations. Although seeking additional sources can be beneficial, relying heavily on NCERT books should not be ignored during board exam preparation. Don't overburden yourself with every material available on the internet; just refer to the NCERT books - the maximum number of questions for CBSE exams are asked from NCERT textbooks.

3. Make Notes or Use Flashcards:

One of the best Class 10 board exam preparation tips is to make crisp, brief and keyword-rich notes. Such notes assist you in learning and memorising complicated concepts better. Whenever you read a chapter, try to note down the essential details, such as formulas, rules, equations or dates, in a separate book. This way, you can avoid reading the entire content and save time by revising the notes instead.

4. Identify Your Weaknesses with Mock Tests and Sample Papers

Mock tests and previous years' question papers are essential tools for preparing for board exams. These resources enable you to analyze the exam pattern, identify the types of questions, understand the weighting of chapters, and determine the overall level of difficulty. They also reveal your weak spots and help you calculate the time it takes to solve a problem. By pinpointing areas that require more preparation and improving your speed and accuracy, you can increase your chances of success.

5. Focus on High-Weightage Topics

If you want to excel in CBSE class 10, organizing topics according to their weightage and prioritizing them is essential. After familiarizing yourself with the entire syllabus, create a list of topics with their point values and allocate study hours accordingly. This approach will undoubtedly improve your performance as it allows you to secure maximum marks in the exam.

6. Don't Forget Revision

As crucial as creating a study timetable and putting in long hours are, all your efforts will go to waste unless you go through regular revisions. Start by establishing conceptual clarity in your subjects and sticking to a revision schedule. Often, students are focused only on completing the schedule, forgetting the necessity of consolidating what they've learned. Frequent revisions keep the concepts fresh and aid recollection during the exam.

7. Write Quality Answers

To secure top marks, it is essential to focus on crafting concise, articulate, and relevant answers to exam questions. Avoid using slang or jargon, and strive to communicate your thoughts accurately. Maintaining cleanliness across the answer sheet is crucial, so avoid overwriting or cutting through words or lines. A clear and well-presented answer sheet demonstrates a professional approach, improving the examiner's experience.

8. Conceptual Clarity is Key

While it may seem tempting to cram information, the most effective path to success is to build strong conceptual foundations. Understanding the topic and concepts will enable you to retain information better and for more extended periods. Better retention improves problem-solving abilities, regardless of the question's difficulty level.

9. Take Short Breaks While Studying

Studying for long hours without breaks can be frustrating, often leading to mental fatigue and a decline in concentration. To keep you focused and energized, take small breaks between study sessions. Small breaks provide an opportunity to recharge and stimulate a renewed interest in the subject.


In a student's academic life, board exams are critical milestones, and it is common to feel anxious. However, by following these CBSE board exam tips and tricks, you can ease your anxiety and prepare diligently. Good preparation strategies will undoubtedly help you perform well during the exams and achieve excellent marks.

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