Tips for Closing Your Online ICICI Bank Account

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The Industrial Credit and Investment Corporation of India (ICICI Bank) is a private bank in India. The bank is privately held and has its main office in Mumbai. The minimum balance for a regular savings account at an ICICI Bank branch in a city is Rs 10,000. Your ICICI bank account can be closed by downloading the ICICI bank account closure form, which can be done online if the minimum balance is not kept. Unfortunately, there are those who lose money because they don't realize there's a minimum balance requirement. Since further penalties can be avoided by closing the account, it is preferable to do so. ICICI Bank has provided online instructions for closing your account.

Article Account Closing Application for ICICI Bank Bank ICICI Bank Beneficiary Clients of ICICI Bank Language English PDF Files for Forms Click Here to Download

Note that while you can't actually close your ICICI bank account online, you can get the form you need to do so from the bank's website.

close ICICI Bank account online

Steps to Terminate Your ICICI Bank Account

The good news is that you can finally close your ICICI Bank account if you so choose. It is convenient that closing an ICICI account online takes so little time. In this article, we'll show you how to close your ICICI bank account.
The first order of business is to get all of your money out of the ICICI bank. You can do this through the ICICI net banking website by transferring money from your ICICI account to another bank account. This can be done with a mobile phone and internet banking.
When you're ready to close your ICICI Bank account and withdraw your remaining funds, you can do so online or print out the Account closure form and bring it, along with your ID, to any branch. To access the ICICI Bank account closure PDF, please click here.
You can close your ICICI account by obtaining a closure form (which you can get by downloading the appropriate form from the ICICI bank's website). Please provide accurate information by completing the form. Due to the fact that you have already transferred the money from the bank, you can disregard the balance information.
All account holders are required to submit a copy of their KYC documents, including a copy of their PAN, which doubles as identification and an address verification document, along with the ICICI Bank Account Closure Form. Self-attestation of these documents by account holders is also possible.
Send in Your Payment Now Take the form, along with your debit card, passbook, and checkbook, to a bank teller. You should bring identification with you just in case the executive wants to see it.

The steps to close your ICICI Bank account are as described above. Please contact our toll-free customer service line at 1800 102 4242 if you have any questions or concerns. Alternately, you can lodge a formal complaint if your concerns are not being addressed.

You can't cancel your ICICI bank account online, but you also don't have to go to your local branch to do it. To close your ICICI Account instead, please download the account closure form by clicking the link below and submitting it in person at your local ICICI Bank branch.

PDF Account Closure Form for ICICI Bank

Following is a link to the downloadable ICICI bank account application. Leave a comment below if you're having trouble accessing the PDF version of the icici bank account closure form.

For more information on how to terminate your HDFC bank account, visit their website.

ICICI Bank Salary Account: How to Close It

Here's what you need to do to cancel your NRI account with ICICI Bank in a few easy clicks:

  1. Get in touch with your bank today by filling out the "Request to Close a Savings Bank Account for an NRI."
  2. Get a printout, make sure it's completely filled out, and get it notarized.
  3. Please include a self-attested photocopy of a current, valid passport.
  4. For the Mumbai branch of ICICI Bank, please send the completed form.
  • The NRI Trading and Demat Accounts will be severed from the NRI Bank Account per your instructions.
  • It's not possible to cancel a dormant or inactive account without first reviving it.
  • When an NRO Savings account is closed, the money in it cannot be moved to an NRE or any other account.

Can you tell me how to cancel my ICICI Direct Demat account in its entirety?

ICICI Direct Demat accounts cannot be terminated electronically. You need to fill out a form and send it in to the company if you want to cancel your Demat account. When the account is closed, no fees will be assessed. It may take up to seven days for the account to close.

You can print the Account Closure Form after downloading it. You can also request an Account Closure Form by visiting your local ICICI Bank branch.

  1. Include a copy of the ledger and any unused DP slips with your completed account closure form.
  2. Send the completed form back to the local branch.
  3. You can request closure of your account by sending a text message to a specific number.
  4. In as little as two business days, the account can be closed. You'll get a text message as soon as your account is closed to confirm the closure.


The ICICI bank account can be closed by visiting any branch and requesting a closure form. Once you have the form, fill it out completely and return it to the bank teller along with your debit card, passbook, and checkbook. In ten calendar days, your account will be closed.
If the bank executive asks for proof of identity, be sure to bring it with you.
An ICICI bank account cannot be closed online at this time. You can, however, close your ICICI account by downloading the necessary form from the bank's website and bringing it in person to your local branch.
There will be no penalties if the account is closed within the first 14 days. There will be a Rs If you close your icici bank account between the ages of 14 and 6, you'll have to pay a fee of Rs. After 6 months, there will be a Rs Rs. 500/- is the standard Clearing fee, while Rs. 150/-
An icici bank account can be closed at any icici bank branch.  
Regular Savings Account with ICICI Bank requires a minimum deposit of Rs. Usually around Rs. 10,000 in larger cities. 5,000 in more populated areas, Rs Two thousand in the countryside
If you have no activity in your account, most financial institutions will close it. Close your ICICI bank account by withdrawing funds, transferring them to a new account, and then closing the account.


That's why I titled this entry "How to Close Your ICICI Bank Account." If you want to know how to close your ICICI Bank account, we have all the information you need. On the other hand, if you have any questions about anything, feel free to ask them below, and we will do our best to respond. If you need more info, you can always call ICICI Bank's customer service.

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