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    You should start taking the pills no later than week 11 of your pregnancy. You should only take mifepristone and misoprostol if your pregnancy is 11 weeks or less (77 days or less). Call your OB/GYN if you're over 11 weeks pregnant to discuss the best and safest options for you and your baby. [1]

    • Determine how many weeks have passed since your last period began.
    • Don't drink alcohol before taking your pills because it will cause you to become dehydrated.
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    Put the mifepristone pill in your mouth and drink the water. Plan on taking this pill at least 24 hours before you take misoprostol. If you take mifepristone, you can go about your day as usual without worrying about any side effects. [2]

    • If you vomit within 30 minutes of taking the pill, it probably won't have any effect and you may need to take it again. See if you need another dose by calling your doctor.


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    After 24-48 hours, you should take 4 misoprostol pills and place them under your tongue. Put off taking the mifepristone pill for at least 24 hours, though you can take it at any time during this window. Make sure you don't accidentally swallow the pills by placing them under your tongue. Instead of swallowing, you should let these pills dissolve in your mouth. [3]

    • Time your misoprostol pill intake so that you can relax at home afterward.
    • There's no need to worry if, after placing the pills under your tongue, you experience a dry mouth or a chalky aftertaste.
    • If the misoprostol in your kit comes in buccal tablets, take them against your cheek or the side of your mouth instead of placing them under your tongue.
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    Let the pills settle for 30 minutes. To keep track of how long it's been without swallowing them, set a timer. Each pill will dissolve in your mouth in about 30 minutes, making them easier for your body to absorb. [4]

    • While waiting 30 minutes for the pills to dissolve, don't consume anything by mouth.
    • It takes only about 3 minutes for the buccal form of the pill to take effect.
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    After waiting 30 minutes, you should swallow the remaining pills with water. After 30 minutes, it's fine if the pills haven't completely dissolved. To ensure that no pill remnants are absorbed into your body through your mouth, drink a glass of water and then swallow the water. [5]

    • You risk them not working if you vomit within the first 30 minutes. However, you will most likely be fine even if you throw up after the pills have already dissolved and entered your system.
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    If you are 9-11 weeks pregnant and you aren't bleeding, wait 3 hours and take 4 more pills. Took 4 extra pills wasn't necessary for everyone. You need to take another dose if it has been several hours since your last dose and you have not experienced any bleeding, or if you are at least 9 weeks pregnant. [6]

    • Setting the four misoprostol pills under your tongue for 30 minutes to dissolve is what constitutes a dose.
    • You should consult your OB/GYN about what to do with the extra four pills if you don't end up using them.


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    If you're experiencing cramps, ibuprofen can be helpful. Make sure you're taking the right amount of ibuprofen by reading the label on the bottle. When taken either before or after misoprostol, ibuprofen can help reduce some of the cramping and pain you might experience afterwards. [7]

    • You should not take aspirin because it can increase bleeding.
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    Keep up with the heavy blood flow by frequently changing your pads. You may experience heavier bleeding than usual, but this is completely normal and nothing to worry about. Every 30 minutes to an hour, you should check to see if your pad needs to be changed. Several hours of bleeding is normal, but if you're concerned that it's going on too long, you should call your OB/GYN.

    • It usually takes between one and three hours after taking misoprostol for bleeding to begin.
    • Your delivery will cause the most bleeding. Don't freak out if you see the embryo or a large clot of blood. Furthermore, this is typical.
    • Tampons make it difficult to gauge your bleeding and can be uncomfortable to use.
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    If you're experiencing cramping, try using a heating pad or a hot water bottle. After taking the pills, you may experience cramping, which may last for a day or two. Heat from a heating pad or a bottle of hot water applied to the stomach can help relieve the discomfort associated with these conditions.

    • As an additional measure, a hot or warm shower can alleviate pain.
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    If you're experiencing nausea, stay hydrated and try to rest at home. The side effects of taking misoprostol include extreme nausea and vomiting. Some diarrhoea is also possible, so there's no need to freak out if that happens. These signs and symptoms will pass in a day or two if you just stay hydrated and rest. To keep yourself hydrated, you should drink 8 glasses of water per day.

    • You can take this in addition to any anti-nausea medication your doctor prescribed.
    • You should not drink alcohol after using the kit because it can further dehydrate you.
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    For three to four days after taking the pills, you should refrain from strenuous activity. When you're on the road to recovery, fatigue and sluggishness are to be expected. Do less strenuous forms of exercise like walking until you feel stronger and more like yourself, then progress to activities like biking, jogging, and swimming. Getting some shut-eye is the most crucial step toward feeling better, and it won't take more than a few days. [8]

    • If you're already in a lot of pain, you shouldn't put yourself through any more by lifting heavy things.
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    Get in touch with your gynecologist if your symptoms persist or cause you concern. Call your doctor if it's been two hours or more and you're still using two or more pads per hour. If your symptoms have not improved after two or three days and you are concerned, you should make an appointment with an OB/GYN. [9]

    • Call your OB/GYN if your fever persists for more than a day, or if you're having severe nausea and vomiting that prevents you from keeping anything down.
    • Don't be shy about making an appointment with your OB/GYN; they want to help you feel better.


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