Tips for taking a screenshot on a Samsung mobile device

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A screenshot taken on Galaxy S22 Ultra

Whether you've just unlocked a new game level or need to save a crucial document, your Galaxy phone or tablet makes it easy to take a screenshot. The process of taking a screenshot can vary slightly from device to device. Saving pictures to your device can be done quickly and easily either way.

Wireless service provider, software version, and device model can affect which screens and settings are accessible. While in Secure Folder, you might not be able to take screenshots.

The process for taking a screenshot on a Galaxy phone or tablet is consistent across models with some minor variations. You'll need to find the Power and Volume down buttons before you take one.

Typically, the Power button (or Side key) will be on the right side of the device, and the Volume controls will be on the left. However, the positions of the keys may be switched on some models. Also, maybe the keys are all on the same side.

To take a screenshot, press and hold the volume-down button and the power button (side button) at the same time. When a screenshot is taken, the screen will flash briefly to let you know.

Volume down and Power key highlighted on the S21 Ultra

The Home button may be physical on some tablets. To take a screenshot, press and hold the Power and Home buttons at the same time.

Please be aware that not all Galaxy devices support this feature. Unfortunately, the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite's hardware prevents it from supporting Palm swipe to capture. Alternatively, you can use the screenshot keys on your tablet or the Air command menu. Your screenshot will then be available in the Gallery app for viewing and sharing.

Hold on, there's yet another method of screen capture It is possible to take a screenshot with a Palm swipe on some devices.

The Palm swipe to capture option can be found in the configurations menu. Then, select Palm swipe to capture by toggling its associated switch. The edge of your hand can now be used to capture a screenshot on your mobile device.

Switch highlighted next to Palm swipe to capture

You can use voice commands to snap a screenshot with services like Bixby Voice or Google Assistant. Simply commanding "Hey Bixby, take a screenshot" will cause Bixby to do just that. It's possible to issue elaborate commands such as "Hey Bixby, snap a pic and post it to Twitter." ”

Say "Hey Google, take a screenshot" to instruct Google Assistant to capture a snapshot. ”

"Take a screenshot" displayed in a pop-up bubble

If you're already using an S Pen with your Galaxy phone or tablet, you might as well use it to capture a screenshot. The S Pen's Screen write function makes it simple to take a screenshot of your current screen.

Please be aware that only devices that ship with an S Pen or are compatible with the S Pen Fold edition or S Pen Pro can take screenshots with an S Pen.

First, find the screen you want to capture, then put your S Pen away. Select Screen write from the Air command menu by tapping the icon with your S Pen. A screenshot of the current page you're viewing will be taken automatically. If you want, you can use the controls to annotate the screenshot. To save the screenshot to Gallery, tap the Save button when you're done.

The S Pen's Smart Select feature allows you to selectively capture images.

Screen write icon highlighted on the Air command menu

When taking a screenshot, you can also use your device's edge panel. All that's needed is the addition of a Tasks Edge panel and a keyboard shortcut for taking a screenshot.

  1. To access the menu, swipe left on the Edge panel's right-hand navigation bar.

  2. Select the Tasks panel by tapping its icon in the bottom-right corner and then tapping the Settings icon.

  3. Choose Panel > Edit from the menu The shortcuts you use most frequently will appear on the right; to add "Take screenshots," swipe to the left and tap the corresponding icon.

    Keep in mind that the option to quickly snap screenshots might pop up by default.

    List of tasks with icons on a Galaxy phone
  4. You can pick and choose which shortcuts to use. Use the minus sign (red) to get rid of a quick access.

    Please note that a maximum of 12 shortcuts can be added.

  5. The next step is to find the screen you want to record.  

  6. To access it, swipe left once more on the Edge panel's pull tab. The Tasks panel can be accessed by swiping left a second time.

    List of tasks on the Tasks panel with a Galaxy phone
  7. Select Take screenshot after that. The current screen will be captured as a screenshot on your device. This shortcut can be used whenever you need a screenshot.

Is it possible to take a screenshot of the entire page? With scroll capture, you can take multiple screenshots of a single page and merge them into a single image. In this way, the big picture can be grasped. It is compatible with other methods of screen capture as well. That is to say, you can still access scroll capture whether you prefer to use the button combinations, palm swipe, or S Pen.  

  1. Get to the part of the display you want to record

  2. Use any of the aforementioned techniques to capture the screenshot.

  3. Select the Scroll capture icon (it resembles a downward pointing arrow and will bounce up and down) from the Smart capture menu.

    Scroll capture options displayed on a Galaxy phone
  4. When you're ready to start recording the scroll, tap the icon again.

  5. Tap the icon repeatedly until it reaches the bottom of the page or the location you want to go to.

  6. In the Smart capture menu, you can tag your screenshots by selecting the hashtag icon.

  7. You can use the suggested tags or come up with your own. Select "Save" to keep your label.

    Save highlighted next to a list of Tags
  8. When you're done, you can dismiss the Smart capture window by tapping anywhere outside of it. You can check out the screenshot by tapping the preview or going to Gallery.

Keep in mind that the smart capture icon won't show up unless you're viewing a particularly long web page, app screen, or image that necessitates scrolling. Some sites may be incompatible. You can't disable Smart capture on most modern phones. Invariably enabled

Your screenshots will be accessible in the same location across all devices. Simply go to your Gallery and open it. The screenshot notification can also be accessed from the Notifications panel, which can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen.

The Gallery app on some devices has an Albums subtab where you can view a compilation of all your screenshots in one place.

These snapshots, as well as your videos, documents, and downloads, can all be accessed through My Files. To see your screenshots, open the My Files app and select Images from the list of categories.

To avoid having an overwhelming number of photos in Gallery, you may want to take the extra step of saving your screenshots to a microSD card, an OTG flash drive, or a PC. Transferring screenshots to a microSD card, for example, is just one of many photo-moving options.

Album 1 and Group 1 Albums displayed on a Galaxy phone

Take a screenshot to show off your newfound gaming prowess when you finally conquer that last, challenging level.

Immediately after taking a screenshot, you can share it with others by bringing up the Notifications menu by swiping down from the screen's top. Then, select the screenshot alert and press the down arrow. Select the Share button, and then choose how to distribute the screenshot.

Launch the Gallery app whenever you want to show it off. Go to the Albums menu and then the Screenshots option. To share a screenshot, simply touch and hold on the image until the Share menu appears. Choose a sharing method from those provided.

Share highlighted on a Galaxy phone

Taking a screenshot is just the beginning; you can edit it to make it more unique.

Once you've captured a screenshot, a context menu will appear at the screen's bottom. To annotate a screenshot with text or drawings, or to remove parts of it that won't be immediately useful, choose Edit (the pencil icon). Gallery will store the trimmed version.

Galaxy Tab S6 showing Additional options from screenshot

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