Tips on Eliminating Lizards in Your Home

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Keeping your home clean and pest-free is one way to promote health and reduce the risk of illness. One of the most common pests, lizards can easily find their way inside your home and set up camp anywhere they please. Lizards are, without a doubt, the most common pest in Indian homes. In addition, the mere act of seeing them can trigger a cascade of fearful responses. Common house lizards aren't physically dangerous or poisonous, but they are annoying pests that can compromise sanitation.

In order to safeguard the health of one's family and children, removing lizards from the house is essential. We've put together this article to answer the question, "How do I get rid of lizards?" by exploring a number of easy and effective strategies for doing just that.

What exactly is it about your house that lizards find so appealing?

All efforts should be made to exterminate lizards, as they are unwelcome visitors. Understanding why lizards invade homes is the first step toward successfully eliminating them.

  • Lizards are attracted to the smell of spoiled food. Keep perishable items in the fridge rather than leaving them out on countertops.
  • They enter the home through crevices in the ceiling, open windows, or working exhaust and ventilation systems.
  • Keep the door closed if the room is warm; lizards may be tempted to come inside.
  • Reptiles may be drawn to the household's pollution. In that case, empty any and all closets and cupboards.
  • Also, if you keep some warm water inside, lizards will likely find their way in.

Home remedies for lizard extermination

How to Kill Lizards is a helpful resource for anyone who has ever googled "how to kill lizards." Then, the straightforward advice and tried-and-true strategies presented here should help you successfully eliminate them. While there are some natural methods for removing lizards, other options may require the purchase of a commercial product like lizard repellent.

The following are some simple and efficient strategies for removing lizards from your home:

1) Pepper spray it.

get rid of lizard using pepper spray

If you don't want to turn into a lizard murderer, pepper spray is your best bet. A good home remedy for lizard control would include pepper spray. Spraying a solution of water and black pepper in lizard-infested areas is a tried and true method of control. Lizards avoid areas where pepper spray has been used because they believe the chemical will irritate or even kill them. You can use red chili powder, hot sauce, or red chili flakes as an alternative to pepper spray. Spray it in a dark, empty room if you want to get rid of lizards, but be aware that it may cause eye irritation.

Two, put in the garlic and onions

Get Rid of Lizards using onion and garlic

An effective method for getting rid of lizards without harming them is to use foods with strong odors, such as garlic and onions. This means lizards are less likely to frequent the same area. Place raw garlic cloves or onion slices in strategic locations to deter lizards. Put them in a plastic bottle with water and use it as a lizard repellent for around the house if you don't want to leave them out.

Naphthalene balls, number 3.

get rid of lizards using naphthalene balls

Naphthalene balls are an effective method of eradicating lizards from the home, but they should not be used in homes with children or pets. Because of the foul odor that naphthalene balls emit, lizards steer clear of them. Place the balls in the storage areas of your kitchen, such as the cupboards, shelves, and under the sink, to prevent lizards from taking up residence there. Keeping them away from the food supply is a prudent precaution.

Lower the temperature in the room

get rid of lizard reducing room temperature

Since they can't control their own body temperature and thrive in communities, lizards are best suited to warmer climates. They are uncommon and have a hard time surviving in warmer climates, so residents there don't have to worry about lizard control. Unfortunately, lizards can't be banished from the house by simply opening windows. The air conditioning will keep the area cool, which will discourage the lizards from staying. Cold temperatures are not tolerated by lizards, so fans and air conditioners should be used to bring the temperature down. To keep lizards from scurrying into your house, try this easy trick.

5 Get rid of leftovers

get rid of lizard by disposing unused food

This is more of a preventative measure than a solution to a current issue because lizards often enter a home in search of open leftover food. If you have lizards in your house, try this easy solution. It's important to quickly clean up any accidents, like spills or dropped food. Keep your wet waste bins clean and do regular deep cleaning of your cabinets to recover any food that may have fallen out. There will be no more lizards in your house thanks to this.

6th - Let the kitchen cabinets breathe

get rid of lizard by venting kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are a common hiding spot for lizards because of the moisture they provide. Therefore, it is important to keep the area under the sink free of clutter and dampness in order to deter lizards. Even though you won't learn how to kill lizards here, you will learn how to safely eliminate them from your home. In order to keep lizards out of your house, you must fix any water leaks or damp spots.

Peacock feathers, number 7.

get rid of lizards using peacock feathers

In order to ward off lizards, peacock feathers have been used for centuries. You can keep lizards away from your house by decorating with peacock feathers. The smell of peacock feathers alone is enough to scare away lizards, allowing you to get rid of them without having to kill them. Peacock feathers are not only effective at repelling lizards, but they also add to the aesthetic appeal of your homes.

Other Methods #8.

other ways to get rid of lizards

Several methods exist for warding off lizards from the house, and many of them are low-cost and safe for use indoors. Use one of the following strategies to exterminate lizards from your house:

  • In addition to keeping lizards away, the pleasant aroma of lemongrass in the home is a great bonus. You need only scatter a few pieces of lemongrass around the house in various rooms.
  • There is a powerful odor in eggshells that makes lizards ill. Furthermore, they trick lizards into thinking a bigger predator is on its way.
  • To catch lizards, you can use cold water in a variety of ways. If you slap a lizard with cold water, it will slow down and be easier to catch.
  • Distribute phenyl tablets in and around the home to deter lizards. Reptiles will avoid the area where these tablets have been placed because the smell is offensive to them.
  • You can get rid of the lizards by spraying a solution of two tablespoons of hot sauce and water on the walls or other places they like to hang out. Using this method, you can successfully eradicate lizards.
  • Alternatively, you can use a commercial lizard repellent to avoid encounters. When used properly, electronic lizard repellent devices can spray insecticides and pesticides without harming the user's hands.
  • You can get lizards to abandon your property by using one of several lizard gels that contain an intoxicant. Therefore, put it in a few spots around the kitchen and the house where lizards are likely to be found.


There are some things you can do to prevent a lizard infestation in your home without resorting to extreme measures. In order to prevent lizards from entering the home, it is important to fix any leaks, close any open windows or doors, turn off any lights, and clean on a regular basis. Moreover, if you have a problem with lizards or any other pests, you can hire a pest control service to come and do the job for you. To ensure that only authorized pest control personnel have access to your apartment, install MyGate Apartment Security.

If you don't like lizards, having one in your house is a major turnoff. Use the aforementioned strategies to get rid of them for good and maintain a clean, pest-free home. In addition to the above methods, you can also get a cat to chase the lizards away from the house. If you have lizards in your house, follow the steps in "how to get rid of lizards."

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