To what extent can FASTag be utilized?

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The activation of FASTags has become a major topic of discussion ever since the Indian government mandated that every four-wheeled vehicle have one affixed to its windshield.

Discover what a FASTag is and how to activate it with the help of this blog.

FASTag: What Is It

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) and the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) operate FASTag, a tag that is attached to the windshield of a four-wheeled vehicle to facilitate electronic toll collection throughout the country. Eventually reducing the amount of work required to complete a task.

The FASTag was created to alleviate traffic congestion on interstates and highways nationwide. In an effort to reduce the country's reliance on hard currency, the Indian government has introduced the FASTag facility as a cashless model through which all toll tax payments will be made. Since February 16, 2021, all drivers of four-wheeled vehicles are required by law to have the tag installed.

The FASTag utilizes RFID technology, with the end goal of automating the tax collection process at toll booths. The FASTag has many advantages besides the fact that it can save its users time, effort, and money at toll booths across the country. Let's check them out.

How do you turn on FASTag?

Your FASTag can be activated by either of two methods. The specifics of both are elucidated below:

  • When you buy a FASTag from a point-of-sale (POS) terminal or an online platform, you have the option of activating it on your own time. Stick the FASTag on your car's windshield and connect it to the Paytm app. Upon entering, your FASTag will be activated mechanically.

Connecting your FASTag to your Paytm wallet is recommended because of the many advantages it has over other banks and prepaid wallets. This is due to the fact that Paytm removes the need to constantly recharge your FASTag account whenever you pass a toll plaza, in addition to providing many other benefits, such as earning reward points, discount vouchers, and cashback. If you have enough money in your Paytm wallet, the FASTag toll will be deducted from your wallet automatically every time you pass through a toll booth.

  • FASTags can be purchased and activated at any of the thousands of certified banks across the country. When you visit a bank's branch, you can link your FASTag to your account.

You can also get a FASTag by making a payment through Paytm Payments Bank. If you have any more questions, you can call the customer service line at 1800-102-6480 or email them at [email protected].

The FASTag KYC paperwork application process starts at the time of activation. The bank may also require a copy of your vehicle's Registration Certificate (RC) in addition to your FASTag application.

Paytm FASTag administration.

FasTag Paytm Activation Guide

Any time you use your Paytm FASTag, it will be associated with your Paytm Wallet. Therefore, it is not necessary to separately activate your FASTag. Once you've passed the Know Your Customer (KYC) check, your FASTag will be activated immediately. Put it on your car's windshield and you'll be good to go.

The Benefits of a FASTag and Why You Need One

Listed below are just some of the many reasons why the Indian government now requires all drivers of four-wheeled vehicles to have FASTags installed.

  • With the FASTag system, you won't have to slow down for the toll booths. Due to not having to slow down or stop at the toll booths, you can save on both time and gas.
  • Because vehicles do not need to stop or slow down, toll plazas rarely experience delays due to congestion.
  • Toll booths are commonplace when taking a road trip from one city or state to another. Enjoy the convenience of electronic payment and a stress-free trip by using FASTag to pay for all of your tolls before you even leave your driveway.
  • FASTag also facilitates toll expense monitoring. Making FASTag payments through Paytm will allow you to receive in-app notifications and SMSs for each transaction. As an added bonus, your Paytm passbook allows you to keep tabs on your spending.
  • In the long run, the FASTag facility helps the environment because it requires less paper and energy to operate.
  • Passengers who use the system on a regular basis can apply to have their monthly passes upgraded to FASTag passes. Companies and fleet operators can apply online for the same benefits.
  • When using Paytm, you don't have to worry about recharging your FASTag in minutes like you would with other digital wallets. If you have enough money in your Paytm account, the toll tax will be deducted from your account whenever you pass through a toll booth.
  • When you link your FASTag account with the Paytm mobile application, you'll receive real-time alerts about your FASTag's purchases and toll deductions. You can use this to keep tabs on how much you have spent on tolls as you travel.
  • The lifespan of a FASTag is 5 years.
  • Making a FASTag registration is a quick and easy process.

In what ways can I start using FASTag?
Either you or a representative from a nearby certified bank can activate your FASTag. FASTags can be activated independently by downloading the "My FASTag App" and entering the necessary information (Customer ID, RFID Number, Wallet ID, Vehicle ID). As soon as your FASTag is activated, you can connect it to any of your existing financial institutions or prepaid card accounts.
Help! I need to know how to charge my FASTag.
After linking your FASTag to the Paytm mobile app, you can avoid having to reload the card. To use Paytm FASTag recharge, simply add funds to your Paytm wallet, and the toll amount will be automatically deducted from your wallet the next time you pass through a FASTag-enabled toll gate.
Why is the FASTag important, if it's not required?
Yes Installing a FASTag on your motorcycle or scooter is now required by law in India as of February 16, 2021. If the driver does not have a FASTag, the toll will be doubled.
And if I lose my car's FASTag, what then?
Tolls are doubled at all toll booths if you don't have a FASTag.
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