To what extent is it possible to transfer a mobile phone number to a new carrier?

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Mobile number portability allows you to switch cell phone service providers without having to re-register your phone number. A common misconception is that the individual will be unable to use their phone normally during the porting process. The disadvantages of mobile number portability are eliminated, however, with Airtel postpaid.

Because of mobile number portability (MNP), moving to Airtel postpaid is quick and simple.

There are currently a plethora of choices for Indian mobile users when it comes to selecting a mobile operator. This means that you are no longer tied to your current mobile provider and can, with the aid of Mobile Number Portability, switch providers with relative ease. Prior to the MNP feature's introduction, customers switching mobile service providers were required to obtain a new mobile phone number. Switching to Airtel postpaid allows you to keep your current phone number.

First, almost no paperwork is needed to make the switch to Airtel postpaid, making the process incredibly quick and simple. 2 Second, you don't have to go to an Airtel store to get a new Airtel postpaid SIM card—we'll send one to your house with your existing phone number already transferred over. 3 Day-to-day operations are unaffected, and your current phone number remains active throughout the MNP transfer. 4 You can also easily check your MNP status from the convenience of your own home.

Five.) When you switch to Airtel postpaid service, your prepaid balance will automatically be transferred to your new account.

Airtel Postpaid Allows for Speedy and Simple Number Portability

The exact amount of time it would take to port your mobile number is one of the most frequently unanswered questions regarding mobile number portability. Porting your number to Airtel postpaid is a quick and easy process that can be completed in under 48 hours. During these two days, you can check your MNP status at any time with no fuss. A postpaid switch to Airtel from another state can take up to 4 days. All you have to do to get help from Airtel representatives is approach them during those four days.

Instructions for Switching to Airtel Postpaid

The process of transferring a mobile number to Airtel postpaid is now as easy as clockwork, and the company offers free doorstep delivery of a new SIM card. Here's what you need to know to make a smooth transition from your current mobile provider to Airtel postpaid:

Choose a postpaid plan from Airtel's website. If you need help at any point, you can contact an Airtel representative over the phone or in person.

If you want to check your porting status using the MNP status check facility, you'll need to order a new SIM card from Airtel after choosing your preferred postpaid plan and entering your current phone number and residential address.

In order to transfer your current mobile number to Airtel postpaid, simply send an SMS from your current number to 1900 with the words "PORT." Afterward, 1901 will respond with your Unique Porting Code (UPC).

You can also consult with an Airtel representative for assistance with the porting process. Since your UPC is only good for four days after it's generated, this is essential. As a result, having an Airtel executive come to your house and walk you through the steps of porting your number to Airtel postpaid is your best bet. You can also visit an Airtel store, speak with an employee in person, and get assistance.

After an Airtel representative has assisted you in creating your UPC, they will ask for government-issued identification and an updated address verification that will be entered into the Airtel system so that you can begin taking advantage of mobile network portability with an Airtel postpaid plan.

As to Why You Should Make the Change to Airtel Postpaid

There are a number of advantages to porting to Airtel postpaid beyond the convenience of their MNP status check. The process of porting a mobile number can be a pain due to the time it takes, the money lost on the old SIM card, and the paperwork involved. But if you switch to Airtel postpaid, you won't have any of those problems anymore. Reasons to switch to Airtel postpaid beyond convenient in-person assistance include:

Airtel postpaid customers, in addition to being able to monitor the progress of their number porting from anywhere, are also guaranteed never to experience any service interruptions during business hours. Therefore, your current service provider will never cut you off while mobile number portability is being processed. The only time you'll get to relax is when you're fast asleep at night.

The Airtel Thanks App allows you to monitor the progress of your mobile number porting throughout the entire process. Having the ability to schedule calls and other activities around your MNP status and the brief periods of downtime at night is a major perk of switching to Airtel postpaid.

The prepaid balance on your old SIM card will be transferred to your new Airtel postpaid SIM card during the MNP process, unlike with some other network providers. Many people have been thinking about mobile number portability, but for various reasons, they have been hesitant to take the plunge. Whether or not your current plan has expired, you can switch to Airtel postpaid at any time of the month by simply porting your number.

Unlike with some other carriers, Airtel postpaid will not require you to provide a plethora of paperwork to transfer your number. In order to make the switch to Airtel postpaid, all you need is a valid photo ID from an official agency and a utility bill showing your current address.

With Airtel postpaid, you can switch your mobile number without incurring any additional fees. Airtel does not cost you anything to apply for mobile number portability, receive help from an Airtel executive in your home, check your MNP status, or have your new Airtel postpaid SIM card delivered to your door.

Tips for Switching to Airtel Postpaid Service

You only need to know three things before initiating the mobile number portability process with Airtel.

Settle all past-due accounts.

If you have a postpaid plan with your current provider, the first step is to settle any outstanding balances.

SIM Card Age Requirement: 90 Days Minimum

Second, in order to be eligible for mobile number portability, your mobile number with your current operator must be at least 90 days old.

Non-Binding Contractual Commitments:

To conclude, you shouldn't be bound to your current mobile number by any sort of contract.

Fascinating Information About MNP

  • Singapore pioneered the concept of mobile number portability and introduced it to the rest of the world in 1997.
  • Even though this method was first proposed in 2011, it wasn't fully implemented until 2015.
  • Airtel was the first mobile operator in India to offer its customers an MNP option, and many people in the country have switched to Airtel postpaid since then because of the service's superior coverage and other advantages.


If you're unhappy with your current mobile provider and want to switch to Airtel, you can do so with minimal hassle. Those who opt for Airtel's postpaid service can rest easy knowing their phones will always have access to a reliable signal. Customers with platinum Airtel postpaid plans also receive VIP treatment at Airtel retail and call centers. The advantages of switching to Airtel postpaid service make it an easy choice to make.

Airtel Black allows you to create your own plan by bundling two or more services.

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