Understanding and Significance of Misogyny

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[ mi-soj-uh-nee, mahy- ]Browse synonyms of misogyny on Thesaurus.comnoun
  • animosity, aversion, or doubt towards women, appearing in various ways like physical intimidation and abuse, sexual harassment and assault, social rejection and exclusion, and more: the underlying misogynistic nature of slut-shaming; Witch hunts in history epitomized the misogyny of that era.
  • deep-rooted and institutionalized bias against women; gender discrimination.
  • First mentioned in 1650–60; New Latin misogynia, from Greek misogynía "hatred of women," equal to miso- gyn- -ia noun suffix; see origin at miso-, gyn-, -y3
    • Sometimes mi·sog·y·nism [mi-soj-uh-niz-uhm, mahy-] /mɪˈsɒdʒ əˌnɪz əm, maɪ-/ .
    Prior to the 1980s, misogyny and sexism had distinct meanings. Misogyny referred to feelings of animosity towards women, while sexism revolved around firmly established gender stereotypes and the resulting discrimination, typically targeted at women. These definitions are still widely utilized today. Based on these definitions, it can be concluded that all misogynists are sexist, but not all individuals holding sexist beliefs or supporting sexist systems are misogynists. However, there has been an increasing tendency to use the terms misogyny and sexism interchangeably. In other words, misogyny is sometimes employed to discuss the societal structures that perpetuate gender-based discrimination, and sexism is sometimes used to describe hatred towards women. Although some critique this apparent merging of meanings and consider it a blending of terms, it is a natural progression. It often takes generations for shifts in the meanings of well-established terms to gain widespread acceptance.

    Note on Terminology: Misogyny vs. Sexism

    Alternative Terminology for Misogyny

    • mi·sog·y·nic, mi·sog·y·nous, mi·sog·y·nis·tic, adjective
    • mi·sog·y·nist, noun

    Words that may be Confused with Misogyny

    • Misandry, Misanthropy, Misogyny

    Words in Proximity to Misogyny

    Dictionary.com Unabridged

    Ways to Utilize Misogyny in a Sentence

    • My firm conviction lies in the belief that misogyny is at play here, and furthermore, I perceive it as being rooted in classism.
    • She maintains a healthy skepticism towards the merging of misogyny, racism, and quackery, which is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the nation.
    • In 2014, when Ellen Pao assumed the position of CEO at Reddit, she spearheaded the platform's first genuine effort to confront and combat the presence of misogyny, racism, and abuse that had become prevalent.
    • It is disheartening to realize that the same system that immerses users in adorable cats and charming baby goats can also subject them to a constant barrage of conspiracy theories, misogyny, and racism.
    • A compelling illustration of the workings of social misogyny can be found in the December 2019 case involving Karen Espíndola.
    • Eminem, not one to be left out, decided to partake in the realm of cruel and demeaning misogyny, openly rapping about committing acts of sexual assault against Iggy.
    • The incident of celebrity hacking, as a whole, appeared to have deep roots in misogyny.
    • Unfortunately, even she is not immune to the everyday instances of misogyny exhibited by certain players.
    • Therefore, the true essence of Stalker resides in the pseudo-intellectual discourse surrounding misogyny.
    • Amongst Seth MacFarlane's extensive repertoire, Family Guy stands out due to its perpetuation of violent misogyny.
    • In his current state of misinformed humor, he pondered why a woman was deemed necessary in every circumstance.
    • He arrogantly strolled down the street, leaving Mr. Watson to contemplate this particular instance of misogyny, a revelation that had, until that moment, remained dormant.
    • Disappointing experiences with love frequently breed misogyny, much like extreme thirst is believed to be the cause of hydrophobia.
    • Minus the despondent misogyny of the Swede, devoid of his pessimistic outlook, Wedekind is just as harsh and impactful.
    • Have you encountered the yet-unseen oracle to guide your intense misogyny?

    Definitions of Misogyny in the British Dictionary

    C17: derived from Greek, from miso- (meaning "hatred") + gunē (meaning "woman")

    Variations of Misogyny

    • Misogynist: a noun or an adjective describing a person who exhibits misogyny
    • Misogynistic or misogynous: adjectives used to characterize or describe attributes associated with misogyny

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