Unleash Your Reasoning Skills with Arihant's Test-Cracking PDF [2022 Edition]

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Title: How to Crack Test of Reasoning by Arihant Publications

I. Introduction

A. Explanation of the difficulty of reasoning tests in competitive exams

B. Importance of performing well on the Reasoning Test

C. Overview of the book

how to crack test of reasoning arihant pdf

II. Content of the Book

A. Three key sections: Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, and Nonverbal Reasoning

B. Self-evaluation tests in each chapter at base level and expert level

C. Over 2500 objective problems covering the most recent exam topics

D. More than 2000 solved problems in verbal, logical, and non-verbal reasoning

III. Author/Publisher Information

A. Arihant Publications as a renowned publishing house for competitive exam preparation

B. Objective of the book in preparing students for reasoning tests in highly competitive exams

C. Authors of the book

IV. Book Information

A. Details of the book

B. Language and number of pages

C. PDF downloadable

D. Discount on Amazon

V. Conclusion

A. Recommendation of the book as a comprehensive and useful resource

Table of Content:

Verbal Reasoning

-Definition of verbal reasoning

-Types of verbal reasoning questions: Analogy, Classification, Alphabet Test, Word Formation, Coding-Decoding, Number Series, Letter Series, Logical Order of Words, Inserting the Missing Character, Number, Ranking and Time Sequence Test, Blood Relations, Mathematical Operation, Direction Sense Test, Clock and Calendar, Sitting Arrangement, Puzzles, Matrix coding, Mathematical reasoning, Logical Venn Diagrams, Eligibility Test, Syllogism, Statement and Assumptions, Statement and Conclusions, Statement and Arguments, Statement and Course of Action, Cause and effect, Assertion and reason, Data Sufficiency, Input-Output.

Non-Verbal Reasoning

-Definition of non-verbal reasoning

-Types of non-verbal reasoning questions: Analogy, Classification, Series, Mirror Image, Water Image, Paper Folding and Cutting, Grouping of Identical Figures, Formation of Figures, Counting of Figures, Embedded Figures, Figure Completion, Figure Matrix, Cube and Dice.

Master Reasoning Book Verbal, Non-Verbal - Arihant Hindi PDF

Features of this Book:

- Easy to understand and covers all necessary concepts.

- Natural flow of topics for easy reading.

- Every chapter has a summary and quick reference guide.

- Helpful for competitive exams like LIC AAO, SSC, Bank PO, Railway, etc.

- Contains frequently asked questions in reasoning section and explanation with question bank and shortcut techniques.

How to Crack Reasoning Section in Competitive Exams

- Familiarize yourself with the syllabus and prepare accordingly.

- Practice as many questions as possible.

- Understand the concepts and practice questions on those concepts.

Title: Tips to Crack Reasoning Tests

- Take mock tests and analyze your performance to identify weak areas

- Focus on weak areas and practice more questions on those topics

- Time management is important, practice questions within a time limit to improve speed and accuracy

- Recommended resource for studying reasoning: "Complete PDF] Organic Chemistry by OP Tandon"

- Review of recommended resource: great for beginners, simple language, useful practice questions

- Recommended book for Hindi speakers: "How to Crack Test of Reasoning Hindi Book PDF"

- Other recommended reasoning books to download: "Objective General English by SP Bakshi"


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