Unleashing the Savage within: A Guide to Harnessing Your Inner Wildness

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Unleashing Your Inner Beast: A Guide to Embracing Your Authentic Self

1. Embrace Indifference!

Embrace your unique individuality and disregard others' opinions and judgments about you. Let your true self shine and don't worry about what others think. A true savage is unapologetically themselves and couldn't care less about the opinions of others, even if they dislike or criticize you. These "haters" thrive on negativity and insults, but they can be found anywhere - among your family, friends, colleagues, or even strangers.

Coping with Haters: Instead of getting defensive, invite them in for dinner and feed their egos. Haters are your personal critics who reveal your weaknesses and shortcomings. Embrace them, as they offer valuable self-awareness and insight. It may be difficult, but we should thank them. Listen to their feedback, as there may be some truth hidden amidst their negativity. By analyzing their comments objectively, we can grow and learn from them. While their words may sting, remember to only accept the truth if it resonates with you. Take note not only of what they say, but also what they don't say and observe their actions. How they behave and their habits can reveal a lot. Always remember: Never internalize or take negative feedback personally. Constantly seeking approval from others can drive you to madness. If dealing with haters becomes challenging, ask yourself why this person bothers you and whether they will have a lasting impact on your life. Depending on your answers, devise a strategy to handle them.

Develop a tough exterior and stay true to your authentic self. While words can be impactful, they can only hurt you if you allow them to.

2. Instincts - The Voice of Your Inner Beast

Listen to the whispers of intuition that your senses are revealing.

What do you sense?

If something feels off in your gut or you get an unsettling feeling about something, take it seriously. Trust the power of your instincts, even if they defy logic or explanation. Body language never lies. Instincts exist for a reason - honor and heed their guidance. Listen to your body.

3. Tap into Your Primal Nature

Engage in play. Train your body. Walk, run, crawl, swim, jump, and dance. Embrace the rawness of life and get your hands dirty. Relish in the delights offered by the Earth. Spend time outdoors. Reflect and socialize with others. Embrace and honor the natural cadence that life flows with.

4. Take Action

Create a strategy. Plan meticulously. Organize efficiently. Execute fearlessly. Your life's quality is determined by your actions in the present moment. There is never a perfect time to start pursuing your goals and desires - waiting for that ideal moment is a trap we often fall into. We deceive ourselves into thinking there is always enough time, but this is a fallacy.

Lacking motivation?

Here's a wakeup call: Remember, we are all mortal. At any given moment, we could depart from this existence, unaware of when or how it will happen.

In light of this, we must seize our limited time here and mark off everything we desire to accomplish. Barbarians take action. It matters not if you stumble...you ACCOMPLISHED something. You can proudly proclaim: "At least I made an effort." You do not want to look back on your final moments in life and have regrets.

4. Stay true to your word

Your WORD is your PROMISE. Be truthful. Have integrity. Follow through. Your reputation and legacy rely on what you say and how you say it. When you make a commitment, honor it. If you break your word, have an alternate plan to make amends for it. And if necessary, rebuild trust...if possible.

5. Express yourself boldly and unapologetically.

Some things just need to be spoken. This should be done sparingly. The right time, the right context. You will know the moment is right if the message you are about to convey can benefit or significantly impact someone's life. If you have a compliment you want to share, share it. Do not suppress what you genuinely feel, you might be surprised by the response you receive. Speak from the depths of your heart. People cannot read minds, so do not assume they know what you are thinking or feeling just because you do. Say it.

6. Surround yourself with other Warriors

Connections are an integral part of life, seek out and spend time with other warriors who talk the talk and walk the walk. Surround yourself with individuals who are passionate about what they do and the lifestyle they lead. Be among those who are grounded and embrace their true essence.

7. Nourish your mind

Feed your mind with valuable content. Observe how other warriors think, listen attentively. The stimuli that you hear, watch, and experience greatly impact the kind of life you live. Listen to music that leaves your mind invigorated with sparks of ambition and drive. Music that makes you feel invincible. Watch content that adds to your character and knowledge base. Have experiences that enrich who you are and offer you a fresh perspective.

8. Embrace the Unconventional

DO something nobody else does, or has done before. EMBRACE IT! Those who are innovative, imaginative, and original pave the way for others to follow. Think of new approaches to tackle challenges.

What has yet to be accomplished? How can something be done better, or in a new and different way?

Technology has created an atmosphere where competition is ubiquitous. Since there is an abundance of noise and chatter, it is common for people's thoughts, ideas, opinions, and actions to get lost amidst the crowd. This means that those who wish to stand out must capture attention by embracing the unconventional. Being unconventional means bringing something fresh to the table, in a distinctive, authentic manner. The way to make an impact is to embrace the unconventional, get creative. Analyze the "what" and "how" behind something and discover ways in which it can be transformed.

What sets me and my ideas apart? What makes them unique compared to the usual?

9. Confront Your Fears

Fear speaks to you. Fear is your guide. Fear reveals your blind spots, your vulnerabilities. Fear points out areas for growth. Fear brings insight. Embrace fear. If you have the chance to face it, it will remove one demon from your burden.

When fear reaches out to you, what do you do? Do you heed its call, ignore it, or pass it along to someone else?

What fears do you harbor? What steps must you take to overcome them?

To transcend fear, one must acknowledge it, accept it, and willingly confront it. If you don't handle fear, it will continuously control you and resurface throughout your life. If you feel that fear is overwhelming and you cannot face it alone, seek assistance. Once you conquer the fear you confront, life opens new doors for you. You will possess the will, wisdom, and inner strength to confront other fears.

Confront. Your. Fear.

10. Embrace Spontaneity

Unpredictable moments often arise when least expected. When they do occur, they reveal someone/something's true essence and the significance of that moment. Cherish and embrace your natural spurts of humor, understanding, daring action, and wildness. Go with the flow and allow life to flow through you. As long as you aren't causing harm to yourself or others, you're in good standing.

11. Heighten Your Senses

Savages are attuned to their surroundings and their inner states. Ground yourself and sharpen your senses to what's happening around you. Observe yourself and others. Detach yourself from the situation and imagine yourself or others in the third person perspective. As if watching a movie or playing a video game.

Observe. Listen. Feel. Taste. Smell

12. Acquire a Primal Skill

Fishing. Archery. Fire-making. Wood Carving (whittling). Woodcutting/Gathering. Hiking. Camping. Outdoor survival. Cooking. Building. The possibilities are endless!

13. Develop Mental Resilience

Military personnel display mental toughness through their rigorous training and customs. Here are some methods to cultivate mental resilience from former Navy Seals:

Strategies for Building Mental Resilience

Four Techniques to Become a Mental Warrior

Where Does Discipline Originate?Conquering the Mind

Ignite your inner savage. It's time to embrace it... Let's GO!

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