"Unlock Premium Entertainment on Tata Sky DTH: Add Channels with Ease via SMS, Online, and Mobile App!"

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According to records, there are approximately 22.25 million Tata Sky users (now known as Tata Play) in India. This platform is the country's top provider of content distribution and OTT services, allowing users to enjoy a budget-friendly and portable viewing experience on any screen at any time.

In addition, users are highly satisfied with the service's vast array of features, including the ability to customize their channel packages. This blog will explore various ways to add channels to Tata Play App, so let's dive in!

Different Methods for Adding Channels to Tata Sky App

1. Adding Channels to Tata Sky via SMS

To add channels to Tata Sky DTH, you can simply request it via SMS by knowing the Tata Sky Channel List, particularly the channel number and name. Once you have this info, follow these steps to activate the channel via SMS:

    1. Open your message box.

    2. Type "ADD" (e.g., ADD<115> for StarPlus HD).

    3. Send to 56633.

    Important Note: Only send this SMS from your registered phone number.

    2. Adding Tata Sky Channels Online via TataSky.Com

    If you're already a Tata Sky package user, subscribe to the best plan to suit your needs, such as the Tata Sky 220 Pack, which includes major channels. However, if you prefer to add Tata Sky add-on channels, follow these steps:

      1. Visit the website https://www.tatasky.com/.

      2. Select 'Existing Customer.'

      3. Click on 'Go to My Account.'

      4. Enter your registered mobile or subscriber ID.

      5. Choose the picture quality (SD or HD).

      6. Browse through the list of channels.

      7. Select the channels you wish to add.

      8. Pay the monthly cost for the selected channels.

      Important Note: Check the charges for each added channel and see if your device supports SD or HD channels before making the final payment.

      3. Adding Channels to Tata Sky via Mobile App

      If you're wondering how to add a channel through the Tata Sky app, we've got you covered. First, you need to download the Tata Sky Mobile App to access various services and view DTH packages for recharge. Here's how to add new channels to the Tata Play package through the app:

        1. Open the Tata Sky App (Android or iOS).

        2. Login or register with the app.

        3. Click on 'Profile' on the top right corner.

        4. Select 'My Tata Sky.'

        5. Choose 'Manage Packs.'

        6. Go to 'Your Subscription.'

        7. Click on 'Modify Packs.'

        8. Browse the list of active channel subscriptions.

        9. Select 'Tata Sky Packs.'

        10. Choose the add-on channels.

        11. Click on 'Select & Proceed.'

        12. Check the total amount and make the payment.

        4. Adding Channels to Tata Play via Customer Care

        Maximize your DTH experience by exploring various pack options when recharging. We highly recommend checking out Tata Sky Packs 2022 and never miss the chance to choose your favorite channels through Tata Sky DTH. If you need to add a channel to Tata Play, you can do so by calling a customer care executive.

        To add an add-on channel to your existing Tata Sky subscription pack, reach out to the customer care team at 1800-208-6633. Provide them with your subscriber ID and specify the region. Then, share the name and number of the channel you wish to add. The team will either send you a payment link or guide you to complete the payment through the Tata Sky app.

        Another way to add the Tata Play pack is through WhatsApp. Give a missed call to 9229692296 from your registered mobile number. Register your account on WhatsApp and send "Add (Space) EPG Number" to confirm. Make sure that both your registered mobile number and WhatsApp number match.

        You can also give a missed call to 080 6858(EPG number) to add a Tata Sky Pack.

        While you pay for manually added channels, Tata Sky offers customized packages and complimentary FTA add-ons at no cost. The subscribers have complete control over their package and pay only for what they watch.

        To add a channel without RMN, follow any of these methods. For more information, refer to the FAQs below.


          1. Can I add a channel to Tata Sky without a registered mobile number? Use your Tata Sky subscriber ID instead.

          2. Can I choose channels in Tata Sky? Yes, you have the freedom to select channels.

          3. How do I add channels to my Tata Sky DTH? Refer to the four methods listed above.

          4. What is an add-on pack in Tata Sky? It's a bundle of 21 channels at a reduced price.

          5. How can I recharge my single channel in Tata Sky? Explore the four ways listed above.

          6. Which plan is best in Tata Sky? Check out the Dhamaka Pack, Hindi HD pack, and other offerings.

          7. How to add channel in Tata Sky by missed call? Dial missed call to 9229692296 and send "Add (Space) EPG Number."

          8. How to subscribe channel in Tata Sky? Visit the official website and select your preferred pack.

          9. What is the Tata Sky customer care number? Call 1800 208 6633 for assistance.

          10. What is the activation number for Tata Sky channels? Activating Tata Sky channels is a breeze with your registered mobile number. All you have to do is give a missed call to the number displayed on your television screen.

          11. How can I add channels to my Tata Sky account using my registered mobile number? It's as easy as 1-2-3! Open your SMS inbox, type ADD, and send the text message to 56633. Voilà! Your new channel has been added.

          12. Can I recharge my Tata Sky account without using my registered mobile number? Absolutely! Adding a new channel to your Tata Sky account is as simple as using your Subscriber ID.

          13. How can I tune in to the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 on Tata Sky? Get in on the action by subscribing to a package that includes the Sports 18 channel. You won't want to miss a moment of the FIFA World Cup 2022, which will be broadcast live on Tata Sky Sports 18 channels 487 and 488.

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