"Unlock the Benefits of Flipkart: Reactivate Your Inactive, Deactivated, or Blocked Account Today"

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Are you struggling to log in to your Flipkart account because it's inactive, deactivated, or blocked? If this is the case, you've come to the right place to learn how to activate your Flipkart account!

Flipkart may deactivate or block accounts for various reasons that we will discuss later. When this happens, it becomes impossible to access your account and you're left frustrated.

How to activate flipkart account? Reactivate flipkart account - If account inactive /deactivated or blocked

If you're facing this issue on the Flipkart mobile app, stay with us till the end of this article to learn how to reactivate your Flipkart account in a few simple steps. We'll also explain why this error message occurs and answer other frequently asked questions related to it.

If you're interested in deleting your Flipkart order history, check out this helpful guide.

What is the "account inactive. please contact customer support to activate it" error?

When you enter your mobile number and try to log in by sending an OTP, you may encounter the "account inactive. please contact customer support" or "your Flipkart account has been blocked. please contact our customer support to fix" error. This error prevents you from proceeding with your login attempts as it keeps appearing.

What is

This error indicates that your Flipkart account has been deactivated or blocked due to certain reasons that we will explain later.

Can you reactivate your Flipkart account if it's inactive, deactivated, or blocked?

Yes, you can easily reactivate your Flipkart account even if it's been marked inactive, deactivated, or blocked by the Flipkart system. Previously, you would have needed to contact customer support to fix these issues. However, you can now follow the procedure outlined below using your mobile browser or PC.

How to activate your Flipkart account:

  • To reactivate your Flipkart account, simply open any browser, such as Chrome, on your smartphone or PC and follow the steps below:
click on reactivateclick on reactivate

1. Visit flipkart.com

Open any browser on your smartphone or PC and visit the official Flipkart website. If you're using Chrome on your phone, remember to turn on desktop mode.

how to activate account in flipkart

2. Click on "Login."

Once on the homepage, click on the "Login" option on the dashboard.

Now that you know how easy it is to reactivate your Flipkart account, go ahead and do it right away so you can access your account once again!

login flipkart

Instructions: Activating a Flipkart Account

Step 1: Enter Phone and Email

enter phone and email id

Input your registered phone number or email id, which should not be currently in use.

Step 2: Forgot Option

tap to forgot option

Select the 'Forgot' option to begin reactivation of your Flipkart account.

Step 3: Type OTP

Enter the OTP, which will be sent to your registered mobile number or email.

enter otp

Step 4: Create New Password

Input the new password of your choice to set up your Flipkart account.

enter the password

Step 5: Confirm Reactivation

Finally, click on the 'Reactivate' option to permanently activate and access your Flipkart account.

By following these steps, you can reactivate a blocked or inactive Flipkart account. Once completed, you can log in to the mobile application without any errors and enjoy the full range of features.

How can I delete my search history in Flipkart?

Why is my Flipkart account inactive, deactivated, or blocked?

There are numerous reasons why Flipkart’s systems might detect unusual activity and block your account, including:

  • - Using your Flipkart account on multiple devices.
  • - Entering the wrong password several times while attempting to log in.
  • - Frequently returning products.
  • - Logging in to multiple Flipkart accounts on one device.
  • - Manually deactivating your Flipkart account.
  • If Flipkart's systems detect any unusual activity on your account, they may make it inactive or block it.
Entering many times wrong password while logging your flipkart account.

How can I download my invoice from Flipkart?

FAQs: Reactivating a Flipkart Account

If your account is deemed inactive or blocked, you might assume that contacting Customer Care is necessary. However, you can easily reset your Flipkart account password through your browser instead.

If your Flipkart account is unresponsive, don't worry - it may be possible to solve the issue without reaching out to customer support. Simply attempt to reset your account password, and the reactivation option should appear.

If you find that your Flipkart account has been deactivated, blocked, or is inactive, you'll need to either reactivate that account using your existing details, or create a new account using alternate email or phone information.

We haven't yet come across a situation where a Flipkart account has been deleted, so if you're experiencing this error, it's more likely that your account has been deactivated. In this case, try resetting your password first. If the issue persists, reach out to customer support for assistance.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to reactivate your Flipkart account via the mobile app. Instead, you'll need to reset your password through the Flipkart website using a browser.

In conclusion, your issue should now be resolved, and you should be able to access your reactivated Flipkart account. If you need a quick reminder on the reactivation process: simply forget your Flipkart account on the official website and follow the prompts. We hope you found this information helpful, and invite you to comment below if you have any further issues.

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