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The Employee Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is a retirement savings account that is available to all salaried workers in India. Additionally, each EPF account holder must designate a nominee to act on their behalf. In the event of the account holder's untimely demise, the nominee will be able to access the funds in the EPF account.  

If the member's nominee changes, they can make those changes through the online system. Formerly, the employer had to submit Form 2 to EPFO in order to make a change to the nomination. The EPF member portal has made it easier than ever to update a nominee's information.  

Members must meet the following requirements before submitting an EPF Nominee Update:

  • UAN (Universal Account Number) activation with Aadhaar authentication.
  • The Aadhaar-associated mobile phone number
  • Photos and current addresses must be uploaded to your EPF account.
  • Photo of the nominee in digital format
  • Individual's Aadhar number who is being nominated
  • Include the bank account number, IFSC code, and nominee's address.

Required time: 7 minutes

  1. Go to the UAN website.

    Sign into the system with your UAN, password, and captcha code.

  2. Go to the "Manage" menu and then "E-Nomination."

    Right here, the account holder can view the existing nomination for the account. Nominations are required, but if there are none, they must be registered as soon as possible.

  3. Select the "Enter new nomination" tab.

    To submit an additional nomination, select the "new nomination" button.

  4. Details about the nominee should be provided.

    Account holder information including Universal Account Number (UAN), Member ID (ID), date of birth, name of account holder's father and/or spouse, etc. will be displayed on the monitor This information is pre-filled and cannot be changed. Proceed by selecting the "Proceed" option.

  5. Please review the Declaration and Agree to It.

    Check the "Yes" box in the "Family Declaration" section. It's a great way to add a new nominee or change the information for an existing one.

  6. Please describe the nominee.

    Upload a photo of the nominee and include their Aadhar number, name, gender, date of birth, relation, bank account information, guardian (if the nominee is a minor), and other relevant information. Select the "Save Family Details" option. To add multiple candidates, select 'Add Now' and fill out the appropriate fields.

  7. Put away the application and go on

    Share percentages for all nominees should be entered here. Then select "Save EPF Nomination."

  8. Complete the Pending Nomination with an Electronic Signature

    Select "e-Sign" under "Pending Nomination"

  9. In order to finalize the e-signatures, please click the Continue button.

    A dialogue box will appear on the screen if the electronic signature has not been registered; in this case, select the "Proceed" option.

  10. Check your Aadhaar number to ensure that it is a valid digital identifier.

    After clicking the "Verify" button, a new window will open where the member can enter their Aadhar virtual ID.

  11. Selecting this box indicates your agreement.

    By checking this box, you agree that Aadhaar data may be used to provide e-KYC services.

  12. A One-Time Password Will Be Sent To Your Registered Mobile Number.

    To receive an OTP, the member must first enter their Aadhaar or digital ID and then click the "Get OTP" button. The OTP is texted to the mobile device used to sign up. Input the OTP and confirm your acceptance by checking the box. Just hit the "Submit" button.

  13. Please Ensure All Details Regarding the Nominee Are Correct Before Moving Forward

    New nominees for EPF accounts are added after OTP verification. Under the "Manage" menu, they will find an "e-Nomination" option that will allow them to view the nomination log. If a new nominee is added or existing information is updated, the nomination record will reflect that as a successful one.

For the purposes of nomination, only immediate family members (spouse, children, and parents) will be counted. Select "No" under "Having Family" if the member doesn't want to include their parents or children as nominees, but "Yes" if they want to include their siblings.

Electing Members to the EPF

The account holder can update the nominee's information or add a new one at any time through the portal. To nominate someone for the EPF, follow these guidelines:

  • Nominating a beneficiary for your EPF account makes it much simpler to transfer your funds in the event of your death.  
  • Each EPF account holder has the option of designating one or more individuals to receive benefits from their account in their absence.
  • If there is more than one nominee, the account holder must designate a percentage of the shares to be distributed to each nominee. In the event of the account holder's death, the amount will be distributed to the nominee based on the percentage indicated in the beneficiary designation.  
  • Only a member of the account holder's immediate family may be designated as a beneficiary. Aside from that, registering someone who isn't related to you is a waste of time.  
  • Any close relative can be a nominee if the holder does not have any children at the time of nomination. Once a family member is established, however, the nomination must be made in that person's name. In the event the nominee is a minor, a parent or legal guardian should be appointed.  
  • The holder is required to submit new nominations prior to the wedding if he or she has made any nominations prior to the wedding. That's because nominations made prior to a marriage are null and void.  
  • The EPF account maturity amount is paid to the designated beneficiary in the event of the account holder's death. Plus, if there is any compensation, it will be distributed fairly.  
  • If no one is designated as the beneficiary, the maturity proceeds will be split among the heirs equally. Certain terms and conditions apply to the distribution of the funds, however.  

Accordingly, the emphasis of these nomination rules is on designating a beneficiary for the EPF account. The failure to name a nominee for an EPF account can cause tension in the family.  

Questions & Answers

If I have a PF account, can I name more than one beneficiary?

You may name multiple beneficiaries for the PF account and allocate a percentage of the fund to each.

Should I only suggest people who are related to me?

Only immediate family members, such as parents, children, and spouses, need be nominated. In this context, siblings and other relatives are not included.

In the event that I don't put forward a candidate for my PF, what will happen?

If you don't name a beneficiary on your EPF account, the funds will be divided evenly among your surviving relatives.

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