Upstox Account Deletion Instructions

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There are many fees associated with having a broker account, including the annual maintenance charge (AMC) and trading/transaction fees. A membership with Upstox but you rarely use it, so you might want to shut it down Knowing how to cancel your Upstox subscription will help you save money.

No matter how infrequently you access your account, the monthly maintenance fee for your trading or demat account will add up. Therefore, shutting it down prevents any further confusion. Upstox AMC chargesPremium AMC Fees

Instructions on how to terminate your "Upstox Account" are provided below.

Methods for Deactivating Your Upstox Account

Our society as a whole has been profoundly affected by the rise of digitalization, to the point where we prefer to do everything online rather than using older, more laborious methods.  

Considering a digital closure of the Upstox account. Okay, so the service doesn't provide this feature.

For the time being, Upstox does not permit "online" account cancellation. You can cancel your Upstox account at any time by submitting a cancellation request form to the company's headquarters or a local branch.  

Closing Your Upstox Account

Since we've established that closing an Upstox account necessitates going through the traditional, offline channels, let's talk about what that entails.

Take into account that the following must occur before the Upstox account closure process can be initiated:

  • Your Upstox balance must always be positive. All outstanding balances must be paid in full before the closure form can be submitted.
  • Don't let your money sit in the bank. You should submit a request for a wire transfer to your bank account in case there are any remaining funds.
  • All open F&O positions must be closed.
  • Holdings in your Demat accountHolding a Depository Receipt (Demat) If any arise, you can easily cash them in.
  • Provide the depository participant ID and the Client ID of the receiving Demat account if you wish to transfer your holdings. Additionally, the DIS (deliver instruction slip) is required.

When these steps have been completed, you can close the deal. If any of the aforementioned conditions are not met, we reserve the right to reject your account closure request.


Learn About Upstox Account Deletion Offline

Learn the proper way to end your Upstox Demat accountAn Upstox Demat Account

  • The "account closure" form can be found on the Upstox website and should be downloaded immediately. To contact customer service, please scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Support." There is a "Forms Download" tab there.
  • Get a copy of the form and carefully fill in the fields.
  • Initial and date the appropriate sections of the closure form. A "joint account" requires the signatures of all account holders.
  • Include any relevant documentation, such as unused DP slips, with your form.  
  • Send the completed form to Upstox via courier.

Upstox accounts are permanently deactivated 15-30 days after the cancellation request form is received. The company will notify you and provide a "final statement" once your request has been processed.

One week after submitting your form, you should at least try to get in touch with customer support.

Note: Upstox NRI trading accountNon-Resident Indian Account on Upstox account, and the process for closing it, varies from that of a standard account.

Upstox Account Deletion Instructions

If you don't plan on using Upstox much, you should close your account to save money on the annual maintenance fee.

Upstox only levies annual maintenance fees (AMC) on demat accounts; trading accounts are free. When you sign up for Upstox Free Demat, they will also create a trading account for you.

Here are the procedures for completing the Using an Upstox trading account1Upstox trading account corresponds to what was already covered You can reach Upstox's helpful support staff by email or phone if you need any help. You can also stop by the local division office if one is conveniently located near you.

Fees for Deactivating Your Upstox Account

It won't cost you a dime to cancel your Upstox subscription.  

You read that correctly When you close your Demat/Trading account at our firm, you will not be charged any fees. It's imperative that you settle any outstanding fees and move any securities held in your Upstox Demat account.

Your request to close your Upstox account will likely be denied if there is a negative balance, open positions, or securities still held in your account.

Document for Closing Upstox

If you need to close your Upstox account, you can do so by downloading the appropriate form from the company's website or picking one up at your local branch.

For immediate access to the Upstox closure pdf, click here. Click Here


Upstox tradingBuying and selling on the NASDAQ be excellent for one person while falling flat for another What matters is how one feels in the moment. If you no longer wish to use Upstox, you can cancel your account at any time. Making a decision is the only remaining step.  

In order to successfully close your Upstox account, simply follow the on-screen instructions. For the company to verify and act on your request, 15-30 business days is typical.  

Every facet of closing an account has been covered in this article. If you're still having trouble after reading this, please contact the Upstox team for assistance. I sincerely hope this was helpful. Have a prosperous exchange!

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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