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Manufacturer: Pharmaceuticals of Torrent, Limited
Ingredients in a Med: Medroxyprogesterone
As opposed to over-the-counter remedies, prescription drugs No medical prescription needed.

The progestin in Deviry 10mg Tablet is effective in controlling bleeding and ovulation in women. The drug mimics the action of progesterone in the body. Treatment of amenorrhea, abnormal uterine bleeding, and irregular periods. This medication is useful for preventing uterine hyperplasia as well.

You can take Deviry 10mg Tablet by mouth, once daily or as needed. To find out how to use and how much, you should see a doctor. The menopause symptoms can be treated with the help of Deviry 10mg Tablet by using hormone replacement therapy. Because it inhibits endometrial hyperplasia, this medication also lowers uterine cancer risk.

If you experience any signs of an allergic reaction, such as a rash, hives, itching, trouble breathing, or swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat, you should seek medical attention right away. etc Among the potentially fatal side effects of the Deviry 10Mg Tablet are:

Insomnia, altered appetite or weight loss, breast tenderness and discharge, hair loss on the scalp, acne, rashes, itching, spotting, and changes in menstrual periods are among the less serious side effects.

Don't skip doses and stick to the prescribed schedule. Sun sensitivity (use sunblock, protective clothing, and avoid extensive exposure to direct sunlight); dizziness, anxiety, depression (use caution when driving or engaging in tasks requiring alertness until response to drug is known); sun sensitivity (use sunblock, protective clothing, and avoid extensive exposure to direct sunlight).

Reduced libido or increased body hair (both reversible when drug is discontinued); hot flashes (cool clothes and environment may help) are all possible side effects of this medication.

Green feces have been reported in some patients taking a devry 10mg tablet. Send help if you experience any of the following symptoms: swelling of the face, lips, or mouth; irregular or absent menstruation; abdominal pain; vaginal itching, irritation, or discharge; fever, chills, redness, or swelling of the extremities; or a sudden, severe change in vision.

Also, please see: How to Use and Deal with Side Effects of Veltam Plus Tablets.

Treatment of the aforementioned issues is facilitated by the Deviry 10 MG Tablet.

Individuals have different health concerns.

Common Deviry 10 MG Tablet adverse effects

  • Gaining Weight

  • Depression

  • Difficulty Moving Or Having Pain In The Joints Or Bones

  • Sore Breasts

  • Blindness or severely impaired vision

  • Rash Or Itching

  • Amenorrhoea

  • Male Breast Cancer

  • To what extent does alcohol pose a threat

    There is no known interaction with alcohol. Seek medical advice, please.
  • Warnings for Pregnancy?

    If you are pregnant, tell your doctor. Do not conceive during therapy or for one month afterward. You should ask your doctor about the best barrier contraceptive methods for you. Potentially Serious Birth Defects Caused by This Drug
  • Do they have any cautions about breastfeeding?

    Unknown There are no available studies on humans or animals. If you are breastfeeding, you should see a doctor.
  • Can I drive safely while taking this medication?

    It is safe to drive after taking this medication. Dose modification is thus unnecessary.
  • Do the kidneys suffer because of this?

    Simply put, no information is readily available. Before taking this medication, please check with your doctor.
  • Will this have any effect on the liver's ability to function?

    Patients with alcoholic cirrhosis require a reduced dosage. Before taking this medication, please check with your doctor.
  • To what extent does this effect last?

    The duration of this drug's effects has not yet been calculated.
  • When does something start happening?

    There is currently no known estimate for how long this medication will take to start working.
  • Do you think it could become addictive?

    There were no reports of this medication causing addiction.

A drug interaction can occur if you take multiple medications at once or if you consume the medication with a specific food or drink.

  • Alcohol and this medication may interact in ways that are currently unknown.
  • Thyroid and liver function tests, as well as blood clotting time, may show false positives if you take this medication. Therefore, the patient should consult his doctor before undergoing any blood testing, as the results could be misleading.
  • Aminoglutethimide may have a diminished effect by increasing hepatic metabolism.
    • Caution should be exercised when treating patients who are depressed, diabetic, epileptic, asthmatic, have frequent migraines, or who have renal or cardiac dysfunction.
    • Cholesterol, low-density lipoprotein (LDL), and triglyceride levels in the blood may rise.
    • It is not advised to take any form of progestin in the first four months of pregnancy, and if this is done, the patient should be closely monitored for vision loss, sudden proptosis, diplopia, migraine, and signs of thromboembolic disorders.
Ans: Female hormone modulator Deviry 10 mg is used for controlling ovulation.
Ans: In the medical world, the Deviry tablet is employed for the treatment and prevention of endometriosis, endometrial hyperplasia, and the prevention of pregnancy.
Ans: Headache, sickness, weight gain, breast pain, and abnormal vaginal bleeding or spotting are some of the possible negative reactions.
Ans: Paracetamol and devry 10 mg are compatible.
Ans: Until the disease has been completely eradicated, the Deviry 10 MG Tablet must be taken regularly. If your doctor prescribes a specific dosage or duration of use, that's how long you should stick with it.
Ans: The severity of the patient's condition is a major factor in how long this medication will be effective.
Ans: The salts in this medication work regardless of whether it is taken before or after food.
Ans: The salts in Deviry 10 MG Tablet are stable only at room temperature, so storing it in a refrigerator or freezer will not preserve its effectiveness. Keep it out of the sun and the rain.
Ans: This medication is not a birth control method.
Ans: Functionally, it's very close to the body's own progesterone hormone. This medication is useful for treating amenorrhea (the abnormal cessation of menstrual periods) because it regulates periods, stops irregular bleeding, and manages withdrawal bleeding.
Ans: Conjugated estrogens can cause a thickening of the uterine lining called endometrial hyperplasia, which this medication can prevent.
Ans: This medication should be taken exactly as prescribed. It's fine to take with or without food, but taking it at the same time every day will help keep the medicine's concentration in your blood steady.
Ans: No missed doses are tolerated during treatment. The risk of breakthrough vaginal bleeding or spotting (blood stain) may be increased if a dose is missed. A missed dose should be taken as soon as it is remembered. If it is almost time for your next dose, however, you should not take the missed dose and should go back to your regular dosing schedule.
Disclaimer: Even though we have made every effort to ensure that the information provided here is correct and up-to-date, we insist that it not be used in place of getting a professional opinion, diagnosis, or treatment. As a platform, Lybrate offers the general public access to information about pharmaceuticals, but we make no claims about the reliability or completeness of this data. There is no implied guarantee of safety for any drug or drug combination merely because a warning is not listed.

Lybrate is not liable for any medical or therapeutic decisions. We advise that you see a doctor immediately if you have any concerns about the medication you are taking.

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Is it possible to be pregnant after taking deviry. Because no periods after taking deviry.
Dear user In order for a pregnancy to occur, sperm must be ejaculated or inseminated into the uterine lining of a fertile woman. In a nutshell, there are a lot of things that can affect if and when you get You s
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Why is my period delayed? It has not come even after taking primolut n for 3 days so after that I took deviry 10 mg t...
If no pregnancy is present, withdrawal bleeding will start 4–8 days after the last tablet is taken; otherwise, a treatment adjustment will be necessary.
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Dr. Girish Dani |
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Is it save to take deviry after I pill? I have pcod. And have irregular periods problem. So I take deviry for 10 days.
For those who have used the I-pill as a form of emergency contraception, the only way to prevent withdrawal bleeding is to wait. If you take a high-hormone emergency pill like the I pill, you will experience withdrawal bleeding 5-10 days later, followed by a new period.
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I had intercourse while running on deviry 10 mg. Will I get pregnant .i have thyroid so deviry was given to induce pe...
the likelihood of something happening is lower However, this can change depending on the day of the cycle in question.
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Dr. Girish Dani |
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I have taken deviry 10 mg for 5 days for getting periods but its over 5 days from the day I stopped taking deviry but...
Keep waiting for another 3–4 days and consider switching treatments if you don’t get your period.
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