What If I Don't Want to Use Wynk Music but Want to Use Airtel's Built-in Caller Tune?

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Is there a way to change the Airtel caller ringtone without using the Wynk Music app? If so, you've found the right article.

With coverage in 20 countries across Asia and Africa, Bharti Airtel Limited is a major player in the telecommunications industry.

Customers love the newfound convenience of caller tune numbers. Instead of always hearing the same boring ring, they can customize their service experience by selecting what the caller hears. Hello Tunes, a similar service, has been released by Airtel.  

The ringtone service is a no-cost addition. The "Hello Tune" is the ringtone that plays while the caller waits to be picked up.

With Airtel Hello Tunes, your calls will always have a catchy tune. Rather than the standard ringtone, you can select from a variety of musical options. You can set your own ringtone based on who's calling, the season, your current mood, the time of day, and more.

To easily set a wynk caller tune, users can download the Wynk music app from Airtel. There are millions of songs available for you to choose from.

This article will show you how to set caller tune in airtel without any app if you are an Airtel customer who would like to use a different caller tune service than Wynk music.

Changing the Airtel Ringtone Without the Wynk Music App

Instructions for Changing Your Airtel Caller Id Message Using USSD Code

Read on to learn how to use a USSD code to change your phone's ringtone manually, without downloading an app:

First, access the phone's dial pad.

The second stage is to enter *678#. This is the ussd code for the Airtel hello tune  

Third, a pop-up window displays a list of recommended ringtones and their corresponding serial numbers. Pick a ringtone and give its identifier when you get a call.

Fourth, make sure your caller ringtone is turned on. When a call comes in, your ringtone will play. Once the caller tune is activated, you will get a confirmation message.

What Short Code Should Be Used To Set The Ringtone For A Caller

Here's how to use a text message to change your Airtel call tune:

First, launch your phone's messaging program.

Second, start a new message by clicking in the text box.  

Third, send the text "SET" to the number 543211.

Song IDs can be found on Airtel's Hello Tune's official site. Song identifier 028 represents the'senorita' song, and its message is-

SET 028

The fourth step is to look for a confirmation message. If you agree, the caller tune activation process will proceed smoothly.  

Those who use Airtel but do not have a smartphone typically resort to this method. To be clear, this is not required. This technique is also accessible to those who own smartphones.

Learn the Tricks to Steal Someone's Airtel Ringtone

If you heard a caller tune and liked it so much that you want it for yourself, here's how to do it:

Call the Airtel customer whose ringtone you want to steal and ask for it.

Second, while the phone is ringing and the greeting music is playing, open the phone's dial pad. Dial *9

A song of your choosing will play as callers wait for you to answer.

Here, remember that only Airtel customers' caller ringtones are copyable, not those of customers of any other service. If you want to talk to someone, make sure to dial an airtel number.

The Process of Turning Off the Airtel Hello Tune

Caller music can be disabled at any time if you'd prefer not to hear it.

Remove the Airtel caller tune by doing the following:

1. By SMS-

Launch your preferred messaging program and access the compose window.

Send a text message with the word "STOP" to the number 543211 (free of charge).

You will get a confirmation text once the ringtone has been turned off.

The second way is to dial the toll-free number:

To do this, launch your phone's dialer.

Dial (844) 532-1180 for free.

In a moment, you'll get confirmation that you've successfully disabled the ringtone for incoming calls.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with our support team.

Contacting Airtel's Customer Service

Airtel, or Bharti Airtel Limited, is India's third largest multinational corporation. Its primary focus is on expanding the country's telecommunications infrastructure.

Airtel's Hello Tune service is very well-liked by its clientele. To help pass the time while waiting for a customer to answer, it plays music of the caller's choosing.

The service is free for Airtel customers regardless of whether or not they use the Wynk music app. While the Wynk music app is the quickest and best option for setting a ringtone, there are other methods for users to activate the caller tune on their phone numbers without incurring any costs.

Infinite ringtone variations are available for user selection. Their caller ringback music can be turned off or deleted at any time. However, a ringtone cannot be made or selected from the phone's internal storage.

Please let us know what you think about our article on how to set a caller tune in Airtel without using Wynk music by leaving a comment down below.

The FAQs

Q1 How do I change my Airtel caller ringtone?

Using the hello tune option, the free Wynk music app can be used to set up an Airtel caller tune.

Alternatives include:

Send a text message to the 543211 (toll-free) number or dial the Airtel USSD code *678#.

Calling another Airtel user and pressing *9 will allow you to replicate their caller ringtone.  

Q2 How about if we put a Gaana song on the ringer?

With the Gaana app, Airtel customers can select their preferred ringtone by following these simple instructions:

To begin, launch the Gaana app.

Second, put on your jam of choice.

Step 3: After that, click the three dots and pick "set as caller tune." ’

The fourth step is to enter the song's name into the messaging app's typing box. Go ahead and relay the message

When you reach Step 5, your caller ringtone will be successfully activated.

Q3 Is there a way to make a custom ringtone for incoming calls?

The Wynk music app is free for both iOS and Android users, and it includes ringtones that can be used during phone calls.  

First, download the app and enter your phone number.

Step 2: Select the Airtel hello tunes icon.

Third, once you've located your preferred track, tap on it to listen to it.

You can activate and change your caller tune at no cost to you, and you can do so as often as you like.

Q4 Please tell me how I can transfer the Airtel welcome ringtone to the Jio system.

Users of Airtel are unable to mimic Jio's ringtone selection for their calls. However, by dialing *9 while the phone is ringing, an Airtel customer can mimic the caller tune of another Airtel customer.

Q5 Although it is possible to do so in Wynk, I cannot find any instructions for setting the hello tune in Airtel.

Users can change their caller ringtone via text message by mimicking another person's ringtone. Put the hello song on Wynk Music if you dare!

Get the Wynk music app and sign in.

Visit the "My Account" page as the first step.

Click the "Help and Support" tab in Step 2.  

Third, head on over to the page labeled "Contact Us."

Fourth, put in writing your desire to have your chosen song featured in the section devoted to "hello tunes."

In a matter of days, your request will be fulfilled, and your song will replace the default "hello" sound.  

Use the Airtel "hello" ringtone to greet your pals.

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