What You Need to Know About CA Courses After High School

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If you enjoy numbers and statistics but aren't particularly good at computer programming, chartered accounting may be the perfect field for you. Many students take this class, but only a fraction of them pass. It's no surprise that a Chartered Accountant (CA) designation is highly esteemed in India. Let's talk briefly about what happens in the CA program after the 12th.

CA stands for Chartered Accountant and is an accredited professional accounting program that focuses on business financials. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in India (ICAI) is responsible for the course's administration. After finishing the CA program, graduates are qualified for a variety of positions in the tax and financial departments of businesses, including those of consultant, auditor, and financial manager. The fact that it is difficult to master is not a reason to avoid taking the class.

If you are thinking about a career in Chartered Accountancy and need more information after completing your high school education, you have come to the right place.

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For your convenience, we have compiled a comprehensive overview of the CA course for those who are interested in continuing their education beyond the 12th grade.

Newest Information

Is that so?

You can still enroll in the CA program after completing 10th grade.

You read that correctly CA registration is now open to students after they complete the 10th grade.

Class X graduates can now enroll in the foundation CA course offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), shortening the time it takes to become a chartered accountant by six months.

Although students can sign up after Class X, they won't be officially admitted until they've completed Class XII. Previously, students could only enroll in the course after finishing their Class XII exams, and the foundation exam was only available after a four-month study period. Under the new system, students can complete these courses while still enrolled in high school.

Let's take a look at the basics of what Chartered Accountancy (CA) is all about.

The definition of CA: what is it?

If you want to learn everything there is to know about accounting, auditing, and taxes, look no further than the Chartered Accountancy program. It is a globally recognized accounting certification program. The Institute of Chartered Now that you know what a CA is and how to pronounce it, you may be wondering what advantages it may offer. The Benefits of Studying CA

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Justifications for Pursuing a Chartered Accountant Career  

Certified public accounting (CPA) is a demanding and sought-after profession in the United States. It's the dream job for a lot of people, and it pays well too. A career in chartered accounting offers many advantages, including a wide range of opportunities.

Consider these five advantages of a career in CA.

  • A Chartered Accountant can do a wide variety of things.
  • The world of CA is safe and trustworthy.
  • With a degree in chartered accounting, you can work anywhere in the world.
  • The compensation packages in CA are very generous.
  • There is a vast monetary horizon in CA as well.

The 12th Grade CA Pathway Explained

Before discussing post-high-school CA options, let's quickly review who is eligible to participate.

The steps to enroll in a CA course after graduating from high school are as follows:

  • The first step toward becoming a Certified Public Accountant (CA) is to take the foundation course and pass the first-level national exam. This attempt at testing employs an old-fashioned approach. The Chartered Accountant Examination (CAE) is given every two years by the ICAI. The course focuses on the practical, theoretical, and academic aspects of CA. Each exam is 180 minutes long and worth 100 points.
  • Students take the intermediate CA course to bridge the informational divide between the introductory CA course and the advanced CA course. Students will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a CA after completing this course. The intermediate curriculum consists of two tracks. After passing the CA Foundation Exam (subject groups), candidates can either take the CA Intermediate Exam individually or in groups.
  • All subjects in the final CA final course must be completed in one sitting. If they don't pass the tests for that level, they'll have to start over. A total of INR 22,000 (for Indian students) or USD 1100 (for international students) is required to enroll in the CA Final Course.

Please be patient; achieving CA is a lengthy process that necessitates dedication. Isn’t it Now, let's take a look at how long it lasts.

The time commitment for a CA program after 12th grade

After the 12th grade, one of the most common inquiries into CA Course Details is how long it will take to finish the course and training. You need to have finished high school and have at least 4 years of relevant work experience. You should give yourself between five and five years to finish the CA program. Candidates should start by taking CA's foundational course. After nine months, the applicant is qualified to take Intermediate. After Intermediate Group I, you are qualified for an articleship In addition, after finishing high school, students can choose between the intermediate program and the CA program. Everything hinges on the student's choice.

In order to complete the CA course after graduating from high school, students must:

  • After finishing high school, you'll need four months to finish the foundation level (the required study period between registration and the examination date is four months).
  • From registration to the date of the Intermediate Level Examination, it will take 8 months to progress from the Foundation Level.
  • It takes 3 The time it takes to go from having passed Intermediate to having passed Finals is 5 years (assuming a study leave of 5 months in between the two).

Alright, let's move on to the qualifications and eligibility for taking the test.


Acceptance into a CA Course

For those interested in sitting for the CA exam, the following choices are available:

CA Baseline Curriculum

In order to take the exam through this pathway, students must have an overall high school GPA of at least 50%. The CA Foundation Path consists of three distinct stages.

  • To take the first level of the CA Foundation exam, a student only needs to have completed high school and be in good standing academically.

Intermediate Common Assessment (Level 2)

In order to advance to Level 2, students must have earned a minimum aggregate score of 50% on all Level 1 examination sections.

  • To be eligible for Articleship, students must have completed Group 1 of the CA Intermediate Exam.

Level 3 CA Final Exam

After three years of Articleship, students are eligible to take the Level 3 Exam. Students need a 50% passing grade to move on to level 4.

Path CA Direct or CA Intermediate

To take the CA exam, this path is open to non-Communication majors as well. A minimum of 55% is required for business majors, and a minimum of 65% is required for all other majors. The CA Direct Path has two tiers.

CA Level 2 (Intermediate)

All of the above must be met before a student can sit for the CA Intermediate, level-2 exam, which requires a 50% average across eight separate papers to pass.


Articleship participation is restricted to students who have earned a minimum aggregate score of 50% on at least one set of papers from the level 2 exam.

Licensed Accountant Capstone (Highest)

Those who have completed the Articleship program's three-year curriculum are eligible to take the level-three exam. Students can only pass the CA exam with a 50% average score on level 3.

Five Years of Costly CA Training

The cost of the CA program is lower than the cost of many other professional programs in India. Costs associated with completing the requirements for the Chartered Accountant designation in India total no more than Rs 4 lakh

The following is a breakdown of the associated costs.

Paying for a California Foundation

PARTICULARS COSTS (IN RUPEES) The Cost of Joining the CA Foundation 9000 A one-year subscription to the journal 200 Cost of the CA Foundation Exam 1500 The Cost of Hands-On Experience – Payment charges for completing an online form 200 Total 10,900


PARTICULAR Single-Level Intermediate (entry-level) BOTH INTERMEDIATE (ENTRY LEVEL) DIRECT ENTRY INTERMEDIATE COST Access to the Journal – – 200 The Cost of an Exam 1500 2700 2700 Fees for registering 13200 18000 18000 The Cost of Hands-On Experience 6500 7000 ICITS: 650-700 6500 7000 Costs associated with submitting a form online 200 200 200 The Issue with Students' Activity Fees 2000 2000 2000 Total 30,200 36,400 36,600


PARTICULAR ARTICLESHIP FINALS Payments for Registration – 22,000 Membership in a Journal Free Free Costs of Exams – 1800/3300 Costs associated with practical training (7 000 $ 5 000) 2000 14,500 Total 2000 39,800

Students are reminded to regularly visit the ICAI website for news and updates.

Cost of Online CA Training

Several training facilities offer the finest instructional videos and readings on the market. Choose one and trust it implicitly throughout your time in CA. Coaching costs typically range from $0 to $. 5–4 million Indian Rupees ($100,000–$150,000), taking into account CA and scholarships and other variables such as location, medium, and course.

Topics Covered and Course Outline for CA

Now that we know there are three levels of the CA exam, we can prepare accordingly. Now let's take a closer look at the CA test levels, CA test courses, and CA test paper weights.

Questions on the CA Initial, Intermediate, and Capstone Exams:

The first stage, CA Foundation, consists of four papers worth a combined 100 points. Each test paper gives you three hours to answer the questions. For students to pass, they need a 50% overall average and a 40% passing rate on each exam.

CA Level 1 Foundational Writings

  • Auditing and Accounting Theory (100 Points)
  • Legal Aspects of Business and Written Communication in the Workplace (100 Points)
  • Exam Topics: (100 Points) Business Math, Logic, and Statistics
  • Knowledge of Business and Commercial Economics (100 Points Total)

Exams for the CA Intermediate Level

Two groups at the intermediate level each have four papers. Each group of four papers has a total of 12 hours to be completed. Each paper on Level 2 is worth 100 points, for a total possible score of 800. To pass this level, students need a 40% on each paper in group 1, with a 50% average for the full set of four papers, and a 40% on each paper in group 2, with a 50% average for the full set of four papers after that.


  • Money Management (100 Points)
  • Corporations and Other Laws (total of 100 points)
  • Accounting for Costs and Management (100 Points)
  • Revenue Collection (100 Points)


  • Complicated Accounting (For a Total of 100 Points)
  • Assurance and Auditing (100 Points)
  • Information Technology Strategy and Administration (100 Points)
  • Economics and Management of Finance and Finances (100 Points Total)

Documents Submitted in Completion of the Third Level of the CA Program

The last step is the CA Final Exam, which is divided into two parts. The CA Final consists of eight papers, four from each section. Each paper given to the students has a three-hour deadline. There are a total of eight papers on the CA Final Exam, each worth 100 points for a possible total of 800. In order to pass the CA Final exam, students need an overall average of 50% and a minimum of 40% on each paper in both groups.


  • Statistical Analysis (100 Points)
  • Financial Planning and Management (for a Grade of 100)
  • Professional Ethics and Auditing Specialization (100 Points)
  • Laws of Commerce and Corporations (100 Points)


  • Strategic Resource Allocation and Performance Analysis (for a total of 100 points)
  • In-Depth Management Accounting (For a Total of 100 Points)
  • International Taxation and Domestic Direct Tax Laws (100 Points)
  • Taxes imposed indirectly (100 points)

A Chartered Accountant (CA) Career.

Now that you know everything there is to know about CA Course Details after the 12th grade, let's take a look at some of the best career options and possibilities after CA.

The following positions are open to those who have passed the CA exam;

  • Expert in Financial Statements
  • Manager of Finances
  • Consultant in Finances
  • Analyst of Finances
  • Auditor
  • Accountability Officer
  • Auditor in the Open
  • Budget Analyst
  • State Comptroller
  • Finance Professional
  • Manager of an Accounting Firm

Pay Rate for CAs

The average salary for a Chartered Accountant is between INR 5 LPA and INR 8 LPA. With additional education and experience, however, that number could rise to INR 28 LPA.

However, given the variety of people who live in CA, we can examine the average salaries of those who manage some of the most well-known portfolios.

RESPONSIBILITY POSITIONS ANNUAL SALARY AVERAGE (INR) Certified Public Accountant 7 LPA Manager, Financial 12 LPA Consultant in Finances 4 LPA Analyst of Finances 4 LPA Auditor 5.5 LPA Accountability Officer 6.3 LPA Accountant in the Open 9.5 LPA Price Auditor 5.0 LPA Auditor for the Government 4.2 LPA Specialist in Taxes 6.9 LPA Manager of an Accounting Firm 7.3 LPA


Everything you needed to know about CA courses after high school is included in this article.

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Details on the CA Course for High School Graduates (Frequently Asked Questions)

To what extent does CA

There is no required high school curriculum for CA, but students who take commerce classes will have a head start in understanding subjects like Accountancy.

Do we need math for CA?

The allure of CA lies in the fact that it can be pursued without the need to master mathematics.

Can we do CA after October 10th?

The newly established standards allow for CA to be done after the tenth grade.

After finishing 12th grade, what do you recommend for CA?

Although there are no degree requirements for taking CA, students are strongly encouraged to pursue a BA or BS in the subject for a more thorough understanding of the material. Com or an Economics major in college after high school

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