What is an eSIM, how to activate it on an Android or iOS device, and more are discussed in detail.

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One of India's most popular cellular service providers, Jio, also sells something called an "eSIM," or "Embedded Subscriber Identity Module." Along with Vodafone Idea and Airtel, it is one of the few telecommunications providers to offer eSIM. Manufacturers of smartphones may gain from the eSIM because it will allow them to reduce the size of their devices, allowing them to include more useful features. Only select smartphone models from companies like Apple, Smartphone, Motorola, and Google are compatible with them.

Many smartphone manufacturers avoid employing this form of connectivity because it requires costly technology and a dedicated space on the motherboard. But that doesn't mean eSIM is without merit. The elimination of the need to physically remove a SIM card from a phone is a major advantage of eSIM, which also allows operators to make changes without customers having to visit a store. Let's take a deeper look into how Jio's eSIM service works.

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Definition of Jio eSIM

With an embedded SIM in your smart communication device, you can activate your Jio prepaid/postpaid subscription service without ever having to swap out physical SIM cards. Digitally downloading the Jio SIM profile can be done remotely on a device that supports eSIM. ESIM compatibility with Jio is currently limited to devices made by Apple, Samsung, Google, and Motorola.

Check out Jio's high-speed 4G internet by configuring your mobile device with the appropriate Access Point Name and Number (APN) settings.

Jio eSIM Activation Requirements

  • Connect your phone to a cellular or Wi-Fi network before proceeding with setup.
  • By erasing the eSIM profile via the 'Remove Data Plan' or 'Erase Plan' option in the device's settings, the eSIM is rendered useless.
  • If you lose your SIM card, you can get a replacement by visiting any Jio Store, Reliance Digital, or Jio retailer with a photo ID and proof of identity.
  • The one-time use Activation Code is only good for one gadget.
  • The methods for turning on each device are different.
  • Choose your phone's manufacturer for eSIM activation guidance.

Jio eSIM Activation Guide

ESIM activation is currently supported by Reliance Jio on a subset of iOS and Android devices. Even though activating a Jio eSIM on a smartphone is a breeze, there are subtle but important differences between how the eSIM is activated on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.  

Set up Jio eSIM on your Android device.

In the case of Android, eSIM activation is currently limited to devices manufactured by Motorola, Samsung, and Google. There are a variety of ways to activate an eSIM on various Android devices. In this piece, we'll use the process of activating Jio eSIM service on a Samsung smartphone as an example.  

  1. Select "Settings" from your Samsung's main menu.
  2. The IMEI can be found in the "About" section of your device's settings.
  3. Then, select Status details to get your EID.
  4. The EID and IMEI can be found by sending an SMS with the command GETESIM to the number 199.
  5. A 32-digit activation code, eSIM numbers with 19 digits, and eSIM user information will then be provided.
  6. The eSIM can then be configured by going to Settings and then Connections.
  7. Choose the SIM card administrator now.
  8. To add a mobile plan to your eSIM, select "Add mobile plan" and then "Scan carrier QR code."
  9. Select Enter code on the subsequent screen.
  10. Upon completion, you will receive a 32-digit activation code via text message.
  11. When you're ready, hit "Connect," and then sit tight while your Jio eSIM is activated.

Enable Jio eSIM in iOS

Apple's iPhone XS, XS Max, iPhone 11 series, iPhone 12 series, and more all support Jio eSIM functionality right now. An iOS 12 device is required for eSIM activation. 1 operating system device  

  1. To begin, select General from the Settings menu.
  2. Select About to see your device's unique EID and IMEI number. Remember to keep those in mind.
  3. Then, along with the EID and IMEI numbers, send the message "SMS GETESIM" to the number 199 from your phone.
  4. You will then be given instructions on how to create an eSIM profile and a 19-digit eSIM number.
  5. In addition, you'll get a notification to complete profile setup.
  6. Then, send the word SIMCHG followed by the 19-digit eSIM code to the number 199.
  7. In two hours, you'll get an update that requires a confirmation text of "1" to number 183.
  8. The next time you get a call, you'll be prompted to enter your 19-digit eSIM number.
  9. You'll get a text message when your confirmation is complete.
  10. When prompted, select "Install data plan" from the profile setting prompt.
  11. To proceed, please select the Continue button.
  12. Choose Jio Data Plan Ready to Install from Settings if you don't get the alert.
  13. Your Jio eSIM should now be active after you click Continue.

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Jio SIM to eSIM: A Conversion Guide

You can use an SMS to move your Jio eSIM from one device to another, or you can convert your current physical SIM to an eSIM.

  1. First, from a device equipped with a Jio SIM, send the text message (SMS) 'GETESIM32 Digit EID>15 Digit IMEI>' to 199. You will be prompted to update your email address in order to continue with the process if it has expired.
  2. Second, send an SMS with the word "SIMCHG" and the eSIM number to the number "199." In two hours, you will receive further information regarding eSIM processing.
  3. Third, request an automated call from 91 2235072222 to confirm and activate your eSIM by texting the number "1" to the short code "183." When in doubt, pick up the phone and press 1. Then, activate your eSIM by following the steps below and installing the 'Data plan' app on your device.

Check your Jio balance, talk time, and data usage via SMS, the MyJio app, or USSD codes.

ESIM's Advantages

Compared to traditional SIM cards, eSIMs offer numerous advantages. Some of Jio eSIM's advantages are listed below.

  • The Jio eSIM eliminates the need for a slide-out SIM tray, freeing up a lot of valuable space on the inside of your phone. Unlike a regular SIM card, it can be used in any SIM card slot.
  • Jio eSIM makes it simple to switch your network provider in India by simply calling or making a request online.

  • A single Jio eSIM can hold and activate multiple network profiles that will always connect you to your preferred network. For the frequent flier, this is a great option.
  • Jio eSIMs cannot be misplaced like regular SIM cards. After activation and setup, your Jio eSIM is permanently bound to your device and cannot be removed, unlike traditional SIM cards.

Questions That Were Asked Often

1. If I use a Jio eSIM, what happens if I switch phones or want to transfer my eSIM to a different device?

If your new device has eSIM support, you can use the SMS process to move your eSIM to it; the old phone's eSIM will be deactivated, and the new phone's eSIM will be activated with the same Jio number.

An eSIM's self-care process activation via SMS couldn't be easier, and it can be done whenever it's most convenient for you. To get started with the activation process, please click on one of the supported smart devices below.

2. If I don't have a Jio SIM card, how do I activate a new Jio eSIM account?

Customer must visit a Jio Store with their eSIM-enabled device, complete KYC procedures, and request an eSIM in order to activate their new Jio eSIM connection. You must provide identification and a current address to fulfill KYC needs. Carry the same identification you would for a brand new physical SIM-based connection.

Is the Jio eSIM available at no cost?

There are no extra costs or hidden charges associated with switching from a traditional SIM card to an electronic SIM.

4.Who is eligible to get a Jio eSIM?

Every current and future Jio customer with an eSIM-compatible phone can use Jio eSIM.

5. Can I buy an eSIM from an online retailer?

If your mobile device is eSIM-compatible, you can quickly and easily activate an eSIM card online.

Can we trust eSIM?

Because they can't be removed from their original devices and placed in others, eSIMs are typically very secure. As an added security measure, they can be set to require authentication prior to making any changes to a user's profile.

Activating a Jio eSIM: How Long Does It Take?

It won't take long to activate the Jio eSIM, whether you go to a store or try to do it yourself. The eSIM can be activated instantly if you visit a retail location. On the other hand, if you do it on your own and everything goes smoothly, your eSIM will be activated right away.

8. Can the Jio eSIM be deleted from an iOS or Android device?

The eSIM can be removed from your phone by following the below steps.

As for Apple's iOS:

  • Modify Preferences
  • Pick either Cellular or Mobile Data.
  • Click the tactic that you want to get rid of.
  • Select "Cellular Plan Removal" ”

Concerning Android:

  1. Access the SIM card manager by going to the Settings > Connections menu.
  2. Select the desired plan for cancellation on eSIM.
  3. Position the switch to turn off eSIM functionality.
  4. Just hit the Delete button
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