Where Can I Find Information About Turning Off The Realme Smartphone's Prompt That A Call Is Being Recorded?

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  • Calls and texts on Realme are now handled by Google's app suite.
  • The Google dialer makes it awkward to record a call by alerting the other party that they are being recorded.
  • We've developed a method to silence the reminder that your Realme phone is recording calls.

Realme's smartphone releases previously included the company's proprietary suite of apps. However, as of late, new Realme phones have been preloaded with the full Google app suite. The phone's dialer, messages, and contacts applications fall under this category. While Google's suite of applications is quite robust, they can occasionally prove to be a source of mild irritation. For instance, the Google Dialer app notifies the other party that the call is being recorded before it begins. Although this seems reasonable, there are times when it actually causes problems. The call recording announcement may prevent someone from recording evidence for legal purposes. Since this is the case, we're here to lend a hand. Learn in this piece how to silence the notification that your Realme smartphone is recording calls.

We've also included a clip explaining how to silence Android's call-recording prompts, in case you're curious. This clip will show you how to accomplish this.

Let's jump right in; there's no time to waste.

Concerning the Declaration

This method works for Realme smartphones running Realme UI 1 to silence the call recording notification. 0, 2 0, and 3 0 The other party is not alerted that their call is being recorded when using the call recording feature on other smartphone brands like Samsung and Vivo. Users have actively sought to disable the call recording announcement since Realme switched to the Google app suite.

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The method

Follow these instructions to prevent Realme smartphones from announcing call recording. Let's take a look at them below:

  • Get the TTSLexx app for your Realme smartphone from the Google Play Store.
  • Once the file has downloaded completely, navigate to your phone's settings.
  • To access the Text-to-Speech controls, go to the Settings app and use the search bar to look for "Text to Speech settings."
  • Select the "Preferred engine option" after locating it.
  • Select the "TTSLexx" menu item.
  • Get back to the main screen of your mobile device.
  • The Lost Phone Locator To use, press and hold the icon.
  • There needs to be an "App info" option. Select it
  • Access the "Storage info" section by going there and clicking on it.
  • There needs to be a feature called "Clear data." Just pick one!
  • Last but not least, select "Clear All Data" from the "Clear data" menu.

Calling someone using this method requires pressing the call recording button. If you do this, the call recording alert will start playing even before the call is connected. This prevents the other party from hearing the warning that the call is being recorded.

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Meaningful lessons

It is especially helpful to have a recording of a call to refer back to in tense situations. Call recording is done to protect yourself from their wrongdoings. An unnecessary call recording announcement that informs the call recipient that the call is being recorded defeats the purpose of recording the call in the first place. There may be exceptions, but knowing how to turn off the call recording notification on Realme smartphones is crucial. I pray this article has been enlightening for you. Do tell someone who could benefit from this if that's the case.

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