Where Can I Use My Paytm Cashback Points?

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Have Paytm Cashback Points you'd like to redeem? Don't fret, here's how to cash in those Paytm Cashback Points: To that end, commence gainful employment

It's a nice bonus to have rewards on all of your purchases. Paytm's initial incentive for longtime customers,

One such perk is the opportunity to earn rewards through Paytm's unique reward program whenever users reduce their financial burden.

When you use Paytm, you can earn cashback, or "cashback points."

Cashback points, formerly called Paytm First Points, are awarded to users whenever they complete a transaction in their Paytm wallets, including bill payments, mobile recharges, and money transfers.

They can be exchanged for Paytm cash or used to purchase e-vouchers for popular brands.

Methods for Redeeming Paytm Cashback Points

Paytm cashback can be redeemed in the following ways:

  • Fire up Paytm on your mobile device.
  • Enter your login details to access your account.
  • The Cashback & Offers tab is where you want to be.
  • Select "Cashback Points" from the pull-down menu.

Paytm points

Paytm points 2

Paytm points 3

  • Here you can view your available cashback points balance.
  • You can view a complete record of your point earnings and the associated purchases in the "Points History."
  • Scroll down to find different categories, like "Shopping and Gifting," "Travel and Infotainment," "Gaming," "Food and Grocery," etc., where you can redeem your paytm first points. deals and electronic vouchers
  • If you go to the section and click "View All," you can see all the current deals and use your points on those. As points are accumulated, special deals tailored to your point total are made available.

Points history

Points history 1

Points history 2

  • Select the "How to Redeem" section after deciding on an offer, and then follow the instructions meticulously. Find out the specifics of the offer's cashback point redemption process.
  • You can use the cashback points for anything you'd normally pay with Paytm: bus tickets, plane tickets, bill payments, etc.
  • Check out the 'Best Offers to Earn More Points' section before making a purchase to maximize your point earnings.
  • Your "Paytm Cashback Points" can be converted to "Paytm Balance" and used like real money when making purchases. Those with a Paytm wallet can use this just like cash for things like bill payments, phone recharges, and online purchases. Any remaining points can be redeemed for a Paytm Gift Voucher.

A user wants to know how many of their Paytm First points they can cash in.

Paytm First Points redeem has many benefits, and the good news is that users can earn reward points for every transaction they make, no matter how many there are.

The Paytm Business App also makes it easier for companies to track their reward points and make timely redemptions. These bonus points accrue immediately after a purchase is made by the retailer.

As a result, a user can rack up Paytm First Points on an infinite number of transactions. The reliability of these points as a reward is an important factor to consider. Typically, Paytm First Points have a one-year shelf life.

Therefore, it's important to regularly redeem your accumulated First Points for things like mobile recharge, bill payments, shopping, or even Paytm cash.

Guide to Getting Your First Paytm Point

The idea behind Paytm First Point is straightforward. Every time a user makes a purchase using their Paytm account, the user will receive one First Point.

The rewards you receive are essentially just cash in exchange for your efforts. Every time a customer pays a business, the shop owner can accumulate First Points in their business account.

They will earn 6 points for every 100 INR paid with a Paytm wallet, and 1 point for every 100 INR paid with an UPI. To put it another way, every transaction the merchants accept nets them more First Points.


Do you find these benefits to be a pleasant surprise Why not In exchange for your hard-earned cash, you will be rewarded with "Paytm First Points," which can be redeemed for various goods and services.

These rewards are available for regular purchases of any size. In general, the procedure is straightforward, available, and simple to comprehend.

Customers can put these rewards toward anything they want, including future purchases, presents, bill payments, etc. by exchanging them for the best deals of the day on the most popular brands across many different product categories

You can use the points as they are, but you also have the option of converting them into cash and adding the funds to your Paytm wallet. Please let us know what you think of our article on using Paytm cashback points if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.  

Question and Answers

The Indian Rupee equivalent of one Paytm First Point is 0. 10, i e One point is worth ten Indian rupees. Merchants can earn Paytm First Points in the same way that customers can by accepting payments through Paytm.

Six points are awarded for every one hundred rupees spent, and one point is awarded for each rupee paid using the Unified Payments Interface.

Can I use my Paytm First Points after they have expired?

Sadly, Paytm First Points do not carry over from year to year. Users and businesses alike are responsible for keeping track of point balances and making timely redemptions. Unlimited point accrual, but only good for one year.

Third, how to redeem Paytm cashback points

Check out the Paytm app, and select "Cashback and Offers" from the menu. To view your cashback points and their current redemption value, select "Cashback Points." Choose from a long list of deals and offers and find out how to redeem them by clicking "How to Redeem." ’

Thus, convert the payback points into digital currency and save the wallet for later use to get the best deals on brands, bill payments, recharge, shopping, and more.

In what increments are Paytm Points redeemable?

That is subject to the terms and conditions of any applicable Offers and deals displayed within the Paytm app. The remaining Paytm first points, however, can be exchanged for Paytm currency and added to the wallet or used to purchase e-vouchers.

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