Where Can I View My Vi (Idea) Account Balance, Data Usage, Available SMS, and Activation Status?

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One of India's largest telecom operators, Vi (Vodafone Idea) was formed from the merger of Vodafone and Idea. Vi (or Vodafone Idea) has a market share of more than 25% in the telecommunications sector. As a result, Vodafone Idea's customer base in India keeps growing, with prepaid connections dominating the market. Having a prepaid connection comes with the additional responsibility of keeping track of your remaining call and data minutes.

If we told you that you could quickly and easily find out the balance of your prepaid account, as well as the validity of the plans, specials, and more, would you be interested? You can track your actions in a number of ways, including through the use of USSD codes and an accompanying mobile application. Phone number for Vodafone Idea prepayment Because of this, we have put together a comprehensive guide detailing exactly how to check the balance on your Vodafone Idea number.

Vi (Vodafone Concept) Account Verification

Among American telecommunications companies, Vodafone-Idea (Vi) ranks third largest. With the nation's fastest upload speed and new features like Wi-Fi, Vi has finally surpassed its rivals. With both SA and NSA networks ready to go, Vi recently demonstrated its 5G capabilities in Pune. It has always been important to monitor your Vi data balance, but now that the company has raised the price of their 4G prepaid plans, it is even more crucial. While some prepaid Vi plans allow you to carry over data from the previous weekend and stream all night, it is still important to keep track of your usage so that you don't run out of data or minutes when you need them the most.

Vi (Vodafone Idea) Balance Check

Access Your Vodafone Idea (Vi) Account Balance Here!

Learn the Basics of Viewing Your Vodafone Idea (Vi) Main Balance

There are two simple and quick ways to view your primary balance on Vodafone Idea. Use the Vi app or USSD codes to find out everything there is to know about your prepaid phone number. Let's take a closer look.

The Vodafone Idea USSD Code is the first of many quick access options for viewing your account balance.

  • If you want to know what your primary balance is on your Vodafone Idea phone, dial the USSD code *199*2*1#. Information on your account balances and the veracity of your number is also provided via the code.
  • The main account balance can be viewed by entering the code *121#.

By means of the Vi App

The Vi app also allows you to instantly check your account balance and validity. For a detailed breakdown, please refer to this:

  • Launch the Google Play Store and look for the Vi app.
  • A mobile app can be easily downloaded by clicking the Download button and then being installed on the user's
  • Launch the program and enter your Vodafone Idea number to sign in. Then, an OTP (one-time password) will be sent to the mobile device you entered. It's what you'll need to log in.
  • The app's homepage is where you can see your primary balance and the status of your number.

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How to Verify Your Vodafone Idea (Vi) Plan Is Active and View Your Available Text Message Credit

Information about your remaining SMS balance and the length of time your Vi prepaid plan is active is readily available through Vodafone Idea (Vi). Whether or not your prepaid plan and SMS balance have been entered correctly, there is a solution available, provided you know the appropriate USSD code. You can get started with the plan validity data immediately by calling a dedicated specialist. Upon completion of the call, you will be sent a confirmation SMS or flash message containing the primary balance and expiration date of the pack. It's as simple as sending a text message to the intended receiver. The remaining SMS balance and expiration date will then be communicated to you via SMS or flash message from the operator.

Managing Your Vodafone Idea (Vi) Data Balance

In addition to the Vodafone Idea website, USSD codes and the Vi app can be used to view remaining 4G data. As long as you follow these simple steps, you should be able to finish the process and get the expected results.

Incorporating the Universal Mobile Subscriber Disposition Code

  • To check your Vodafone Idea 4G data balance, dial the USSD code *199*2*2#.

Using App

For users to check their account balance, they must launch the Vi app on their mobile device and tap the "Balance" tab. The remaining minutes and data on your phone can be viewed here. The Vi app is the most convenient way to check your Vodafone Idea data balance if you use a prepaid connection on a mobile device.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Viewing Vodafone Idea (Vi) Recharge Deals

Recharge plans from Vodafone Idea feature a wide variety of appealing discounts. The company offers a double data benefit, doubling the amount of data you receive. Then, there are special offers accessible via the app that provide additional benefits. The company offers various plans with additional data for a fee, starting at a low of Rs 149 and going up to an exorbitant of Rs 549. Launch Vi and go to Recharge Offers to find out more.

Interestingly, one can check the most recent recharge deals for their Vodafone Idea number by using USSD codes.

  • For more information on 4G data plans, customers can simply dial *199*1*3#.
  • For the most recent recharge deals, dial *199*1*7#.
  • Voice, text message, and international roaming plans can all be seen by dialing the USSD code *199*1*8#.

Using WhatsApp to Check Your Verizon Prepaid Balance

Vodafone Idea also provides a WhatsApp-based balance check for prepaid Vi mobile numbers. Follow these instructions to check your Vi balance in WhatsApp:

  1. To start, open WhatsApp and add the number 9654297000 to your contacts.
  2. Find the contact and start chatting with them by typing in their number. Communicate by saying "Hello" or "Hi"
  3. The screen will display an automated message. To view your account balance, please use the following link:
  4. A confirmation of the number about which you wish to receive information will be required.
  5. After that, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent to the mobile number on file. The OTP is:

You can use this to view your available credit, data pack details, plan validity, weekend data rollover details, and more.

Where Can I Go to View My Vi Balance Online?

Prepaid Vodafone Idea users can also check their balances on the Vi website. This is how you can verify it:

  1. Go to www myvi , then navigate to the top right of the page where you should see a Sign In button.
  2. Simply enter your Vi mobile number and then log in with the OTP.
  3. If you log in to the site afterward, you'll see your profile. Information about your pack, such as remaining data, validity, and more, is viewable here.
  4. To view the pack's Vi number's primary balance, click on the pack's details.

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Here is a comprehensive list of Vodafone Idea (Vi) USSD codes that can be used to check one's account balance.

S No USSD Codes Features 1 *199*2*1# Primary Account Balance Verification 2 *199*2*2# Balance Check Online 3 *199*1*3# Internet Deals for 4G, 3G, and 2G 4 *199*1*6# Credit Chhota 5 *199*1*7# Offer to Renew 6 *199*1*8# Offerings for Voice Calls, Text Messages, and Roaming 7 *199*3*1# Vodafone Value-Added-Service Activation 8 *199*3*2# Turn off Vodafone Value-Added-Service 9 *199*4# Get Vi 10 *199*2*3# Details of Your Most Recent 3 Calls and Texts 11 *199*2*4# Subtracting the Previous Three Years of VAS 12 *199*3*5# Instantaneous Bad Credit Loan for Telephone Calls 13 *199*3*3# Turn On/Off/Switch Ringtones 14 *199*5*2# Offerings from the Unlimited Recharge Pack 15 *199*5*3# Promotional Bundle Subscriptions 16 *199*5*4# Promotional Data Refills 17 *199*5*5# Price Plan Options for International Roaming 18 *199*5*6# Promotional Text Messages for Recharging

Similarities between Vodafone and Idea

A new company, VI, was formed when Vodafone and Idea merged. As of the 7th of September, 2020, there have been no changes to their official website, app, or any USSD Codes. Whether you're using an Idea or a Vodafone SIM, you can use any USSD Code to reach VI in the same place. Neither of these two SIMs has its own dedicated mobile app or website, either. If you do a search in the Google Play Store or on your browser, the only result you'll see is the VI website or mobile app.

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